When I went to a stove fish to eat, Gong accounting fell in love with the pickled radish in the self-service small pickles. He decided to ask the boss for something. Ask me in advance: Do you think she will give it? I shook my head.
  Obviously, my estimate is wrong. After the accounting of the accountant, he successfully returned with the pickled radish. The chef was very excited to tell him that you can really eat it. This is the special feature of our store. Give you more.
  I actually forgot, Gong accounting is such a magical physique. He suggested that what I said when I did a certain job would make me feel apologetic, and it would not be enough to complete the trust of the people. Of course, there is encouragement contained in trust, so that people don't give up halfway because of self-loathing.
  Gong accounting is not an accountant. When a colleague said these three words with ridicule many years ago, I first knew that he was an accounting major. Everyone did not expect that this title would become popular. After 90, his colleague also gave him the nickname "Children's Mad Devil", which was too big for two yuan and was not popular. The baby face is not easy to be old, but the accounting method is very sorrowful. The only way to make up is that he has unique photo skills. Every time you take a group photo, you can always find the most prominent face, such as hiding. Behind the bigger person. That person is usually me.
  I know the Gong accounting is a very particular person, some clean, go out to eat to use tea to wash tableware, travel hotels will bring their own bath towels, pillow towels, sheets. There was a swimming short-lived Mickey bath towel that was not seen. When I found it, I was very disgusted and downgraded it to a towel.
  It's hard to imagine that he used to work in a dusty environment and moved bricks into a huge warehouse. He had just worked as an accountant in the tile factory when he graduated, and often had to unload the goods with the workers in the middle of the night. If the content of his lecture is his own counter-attack story, I can't know it at all. The past is like a smoke, and the heavyness of the past has become distant and embarrassing.
  While moving bricks, he read and wrote, and achieved counter-attacks. He became a writer and had a best-selling book about childhood. In the book, he has been selling Meng, but I can always read the real sadness from the lines of the words. Like listening to Yue Yunpeng’s talks in the security team, the half-truthful paragraph shows the sadness of comedy , which is like the sand in the porridge. Grain, it is cold.
  Gong accounting said that he was often beaten when he was a child. When he was giving lectures, some middle school students asked him: Is there any adverse effect on being beaten often? He admits that there are negative factors in the character, those inferiority that took many years to overcome. Communication with parents has not been smooth so far. In private, he has repeatedly said that his emotional intelligence is low and he will not speak.
  The people around him don't look at it like this. He is humble and courteous, and the middle-aged and old women in the unit like him very much. When traveling together, when the train station needs to pick up the trolley case up and down the stairs, he always takes the initiative and skillfully pick up the luggage of the female colleague. He said that when the whole family went out, things were held by him. So, you can give me the package. We don't have such expectations. I am flattered and wondered how he has become so well trained. There must be many stories behind it.
  When doing campus activities, Gong accounting stood on the playground of two thousand people to tell his own story. His rhythm was well controlled. When the microphone was broken, he would sell the cute rescue field, which made people feel at ease. I found that when he stood, he would have a slightly chest, maybe this is the only trace that he often beats when he was a child.
  I want to remind him that he can stretch more and suddenly remember the scene where he stood very straight. It was the moment when he held his two-year-old daughter with one hand, and his daughter's petite lining his tall, like Beckham holding Bei Xiaoqi Street. Being a father is his most comfortable moment. Perhaps after having a daughter, he really got rid of the influence of the original family and started another self-redemption.