In the past few years, the unit also burned boilers. Once, a few people went out to eat, I said, let's scream the master Wang who burned the boiler. The people who went with him were a little eye-catching. I went to call Master Wang. Master Wang was also a little surprised. At that time, he was sending a shovel of coal into the furnace, and the shovel stopped in the air and expressed black horror. Master Wang thought that I was teasing him, but it was not like it because we were not familiar with it. He said, who are all, I said that most of them are teachers. He said, then I brought a bottle of bar and I nodded.
  He took a bottle of Erguotou. On the wine table, he looked very uncomfortable, his eyebrows lowered, and without saying a word, one hand kept licking the back of the other hand. On our topic, he is not good at plugging his mouth, only to respond to a few words when he toasted to him. Instead, he brought the bottle of wine. He drank half of it. Others gave him other wines. He didn't want to explain it. He just said that I would drink the Erguotou.
  When I went back, I didn't see him drunk, but I was blushing. In a leeward, I grabbed me and said, Teacher Ma, thank you. Still want to say something, suddenly swallowed. Master Wang is a little younger than me, but it seems that I have not studied for a few years. When I was in the water, I often put a block of drawing in his dormitory. He often painted and painted, and he felt that he was a storyteller.
  I went out later, I still called him. Master Wang is always embarrassed, but I insisted on inviting him to go with the wine. After he went, he still didn't talk, or he almost drank a bottle of wine.
  Once, I washed the car and he ran over to help. He said, Teacher Ma, let me come. I said no. He said, you see that this is mud and water, dirty. I did not let him take the water pipe from my hand. He was on the side and told me to talk for a while and then walked away. When he spoke, he unnaturally used one hand to rub the back of the other hand. The autumn sky is high, and he looks like he is under the tree, small and mournful.
  He seems to have left in the unit for two or three years. It is said that he left because another person "topped" him. I didn't know when he left. My contact with him was that I had had a few drinks and had eaten a few times. I didn’t talk long and didn’t talk deeply. In one impression, he seemed to have drunk a bottle of Erguotou. Something was high. On the way back, I pulled it and didn't let go, and went back and forth to say a word.
  He said, Teacher Ma, you are different from others.
  I don't know how different I am from others. When I went to the countryside to catch up with the big collection, I often went to a stall with spikes, and it was half a day. It’s an old acquaintance, but I don’t know each other’s names. He spiked his shoes and slammed a line from the other side of the shoe to the other side. I followed his slap in the air for a long time. “哗” a group of people came and brought shoes; “哗” a group of people walked away and took away their shoes. I was sitting there, chatting with him without a ride. He talked to me about family children, talked about the bitterness of the widowed aging mother, to the emotional situation, a big man, whimpered to cry at me.
  He sang the old tune to me. He said, you are a foreigner, do not understand this kind of local drama, Bao Guan old sing the best is Wang Guanying. He said that when he was young, he had sang a few years of play with a small troupe. He also said that the most famous of the old tune is "Pan Yang Litigation" and "Lord of Martyrs". "Long live the golden temple passed down the purpose, he wants me to break Pan Hong..." He often sings this sing and sings to the estrus, he tells me that he was in a troupe with a female actor. Better.
  I have special treatment. Every time he goes, he will take a mat from the wooden box and give it to me. He said that the stool is dirty and cool. You will have a cushion and it will be better. I just sat down. I know that this kind of peace of mind comes from the closeness of each other. Between people, if you say a lot of hot words, you may not agree with each other. Sometimes, if you don’t say a word , sitting face to face for a long time is a confidant. As long as he doesn't go for a while, he sees me far away. The first sentence is: This time, you are busy again.
  Then, it’s a laugh. When you smile, you still have to work hard to carry the meat on your cheeks.
  He once had a fight with a stall owner on the set. The reason is that when the aging mother buys things, she takes a little more, and the stall owner does not do it, pushing the aging mother. He whispered to find the theory of the past, and the words were not up to three sentences, and they were beaten up. As a result, he hung up and kept his gauze on his head for several months. The person who nailed the shoe asked him about the situation, and he told the truth. At the end, come to one sentence: I can be bullied, my aging mother can't.
  I later mobilized my work and seldom went to catch the big episode. When I returned to the old place, it was a winter. The set was still bustling, but it was just a spiked shoe stall. It was empty and there was no more. I squatted there for a while, and for a long time, my mind was tumbling in what might happen to his life. On the way back, in front of a row of neat door faces, someone shouted at me far away: Haha, Teacher Ma, I saw you again, I changed my line and repaired the electric bicycle.
  Turning back, it is him. The smile on his face seemed to be rushing out, still laughing, while carrying the meat on his cheeks. He waved his wrench and pointed to the inside of the house. Inside the house are messy accessories, and there is a bed inside. The quilt on the bed was also messy, and the old man sitting in the middle was his mother. So cold days, the room is very warm.
  I think that the success of his life is about fulfilling his previous promises. He wants to make his mother live as warm as spring.