Recently, many readers to me from a petroleum engineer, crossover to a full-time freelance writer curious, ask me what is the secret;More some people see the public platform can make money, to ask me how to accumulate to a large number of fans in the short term, quick cash?
To be honest, I really no secret, no fast cash tips.If you know me more than a decade, will see to do one thing really need to how much effort, for ordinary people like us, what shortcuts.
I know there are many such courses, to teach you how to write a month hot style article, fans do many orders of magnitude.A chicken soupsuccessfulStudy author, almost every piece of push is to teach you how to become a "bad", speak truth, you finish listen to read as injected a dose of steroids, whole body every pore was lit, but then?
It is important that you really act?Early can't see anything in return, you canAdhere to theGo down?
1, not successful, but to follow
Do a freelance writer is when I was a childdream30 years old this year, came true at last.Although use words like "finally", for me, actually still came earlier than expected it would be a lot of, I am very surprise.
If we say that success is free to do what you like, and can exchange for income, maintain a good standard of living, so I with his present condition satisfied.
However, success is planning to?Once I also believe in how many years old must, before the planned every stage in life, busy to complete in accordance with the schedule, is the most efficient and successful life.
Now I find that it isn't completely.Success is not planning to, but after every day insist on autopilot.
Many years ago, like to play with a single small game called "gold miners", each level has corresponding scores, dig the gold over the score to pass.At first, I always nervously stared at the score, the in the mind to quickly calculate how many points the worse, we'll need to dig much gold, but usually can't play a few close "game over".
Then simply don't want to score, not to think about what is the goal, but each time the focus aimed at gold, surprisingly good results.
Do things the same way.If you're always staring at the target, thinking about returns, could not hold out much longer just gave up.Because any one area, there is no long-term practice and accumulation, is not a leap from quantitative change to qualitative change.
In terms of writing about it, how long will I wrote?
Since 2003 in school BBS original literature of writing articles, basically keep the rhythm of the article 2-3 days.Began in 2007 in sohu blog, update an article is also an average of 2-3 days.Accumulated, it should be almost 1 million words.
So I first through writing can be converted into cash, is what time?
In June of 2015.At that time my public number to open the function of appreciation, can receive the reader's appreciation.
I remember, received the first $5 reward yourself a can of coke, determined to keep writing on public.
From 2003 to 2015, the middle long 12 years, I have not the writing is a penny of revenue.When blogging friends together, now live basically all into a state of stability, more than 90% have stopped writing.
2, is more important than dream, is to act
Why did you listen to so much, see so many chicken soup, still no progress?
Not truth is wrong, or there is something wrong with the chicken soup, but most people stay in touch, not really to take action.
In fact many people have a dream, a dream so sharp so s-curve, is uslifeThe CLS, let us to tears.
But how many people can't even speak out their dream, like a "spring" cai-ling wang, she is so ordinary and humble, her dream is to sing the Italian opera, this how ridiculous, how silly.
So, most people chose to flee in panic, fled to fame fortune, fled to marry and have children a sense of security, fled to like everyone, in the office to talk about the house, shares, baby diapers.
Over the years, whenever I say my dream is to become a writer, the harvest of scorn.
With my colleagues on a business trip, reading in the airport lounge, irony is got, "yo, really hard."
Rarely participate in collective activity, alone, go to the dining hall, as a "monster of a loner."
Lunch break, the office of turning off the lamp, people have rolled out the cot, take a nap in a snore, I finally had a free moment, start code word, so stick to more, a day, the public gradually on track.
If you really had that experience, one thing every day, you will understand the real meaning of "action" onlookers, - 500 days for the same thing, they will like pull the fast-forward button, see you stick to the results of the 500 days.
, but you live in is true every day, every day doing you can't predict what happens after 500 days, or even a lot of time will you be doubted whether this is wrong.Just like in 3 months ago, I didn't think I can now do a freelance writer.
This is the charm of action.
If not to do, you'll never know, where is the day, which moment, you suddenly came to materialise, be suddenly enlightened.
If you don't to do it, you don't always go to quantitative change to qualitative leap that day.
3, ambition can't achievement you, but love can be
Some time ago, there was an engineer working in the state-owned enterprises, is also engineer, before he knows I'm consulting me how to do since the number of public money.I asked him, writing how long?He says, never wrote.I ask again, going to do about it?He said, no idea, so ask you.
I was curious about a people who do not write articles, why think of make public, he said, because now see the public to make money fast.
I answer him rudely, that you don't try to do the public.
When you see others do one thing to make money, want to follow suit, basically, it's already late.And, most important is that you really know about it?Do you really like it?You are really good at?
You should go to do?Not seem to make money right now, it's something you really love.
Ambition cannot accomplish you, but love can be.
My side a lot of successful people across borders, all because of love one thing in particular, start from scratch, and more to do more in-depth to explore, the exploration is done the better, become the "opinion leader" in the field.
When you really do something special love, to get all of your potential, summoned all the strength of your heart to do it well.
Like my friend to talk, she is a furniture designer in Beijing, shortly before back to guiyangentrepreneurship, do is balloon business, is to give the wedding, birthday party, decorate the balloon.After a few months business is done are flawed.
What one thing called love?Is to want to you every dream.Talk about chung says she even in the dream in the arrangement of the balloon, and I have a dream in writing, do topic, editor of the public.
However, although now "resignation", "crossover", "freelance" is very fashionable words, but I don't advice to the young blind resignation conversion runway, freelancing or resign.
Because true love do not suddenly find, but you need to continue to try;Way of doing things, in different industries can all go to worklearningThousands and accumulation, a method of general principles of law.
Let's just do our job, think of the job is what interests you, you also want to do even if there is no return?And then began to action, steadfastly to work every day, a little bit of progress every day, you will find that one day you will have a huge accumulation of energy, returns to give you incredible career.
So how do you ask me, from a petroleum engineer crossover to freelance writer?My biggest secret, is action, it is clumsy insist on every single day.