Squirrels especially love pine nuts. When they can't finish eating, they dig a hole in the ground and bury the pine nuts, so that they can eat later. It buried a grain here, buried one grain there, and buried nearly a hundred grains in a few days. Who knows that it has been buried for a long time, and many places where the pine nuts were buried have been forgotten by the squirrels and can no longer be found. These pine nuts sprouted and grew into a tall pine tree under the nourishment of rain.
  The squirrel was originally greedy for pine nuts, but did not expect to unwittingly make a pine tree.
  It turns out that everything in the world is not independent. Sometimes it is for others and for others, for others to be able to fulfill others.
  The world's largest animal whale is more than 30 meters long, and the blue whale weighs nearly 200 tons. But their main food is the world's smallest animal, krill. “Can this fill my stomach?” I asked my daughter. The daughter said: "The rice we eat every day is also very small, how do you fill your stomach?" I am speechless.
  After reviewing the information , some of the world's most powerful animals often rely on some of the tiniest animals to survive, such as a blue whale eating 4 million krill a day.
  I suddenly understood: a small is small, but 100 million small or small?
  In the harsh winter, seals often dig a hole in the ice to breathe out the water. The white bear discovered this secret. In order to catch the seal, he quietly waited at the hole and caught a quasi. Later, in order to guard against white bears, the seals dug a lot of holes in the ice. In this way, true and false, fake and true, the white bear can not figure out which hole the seal will come out from, but also guards, but sometimes it will not be harvested.
  The things in the world are strange, one is true, it is easy to find; the more fake, it is hard to find real.
  The egg cells of the mouse and the egg cells of the whale are almost the same size, weigh about 1 mg, barely visible to the naked eye, and the offspring of their egg cells are different by a hundred thousand miles. The fertilized eggs of whales can increase to 30 billion times in two years, grow to more than 30 tons, and can grow up to nearly 200 tons, with a body length of more than 30 meters, and the mice's offspring are still so small. .
  Like the starting point, the end point is a world apart, not just in the animal world.
  Flies often come into dirty places such as septic pits and garbage dumps, but they are not sick. The secret is that flies work extremely efficiently: from feeding, processing to absorbing nutrients until they discharge waste, only 7-11 Seconds. The germ has just entered the fly, and it has not been able to multiply in a large amount, and it has been quickly expelled from the body.
  Don't let the germs have a breathing time, drain it as soon as it enters; don't let corruption have a chance to breed, and eliminate it when it comes out. The fly may bring us some inspiration.
  The wasp's wings are short, only 1 cm long, and only about half of their body is long. In theory, such wings are not more than twice as large. But the Hornets did not know this cruel reality. In order to survive, it still desperately vibrated the wings and flew upwards, and flew miraculously.
  If it knows, maybe it won't fly.
  If the leader mistakenly enters the river, the other sheep will jump into the water without asking the reason; if the leader accidentally falls into the cliff, the other sheep will jump one by one; even if it is In the slaughterhouse, as long as the leader is lying under the butcher's knife, the other sheep will lie down and lie down under the knife...
  The sheep is docile and kind, but what a blind obedience!
  The weapon of the bee sting is the acupuncture of the tail. The acupuncture is to inject the venom into the human body through the venom gland. However, because the acupuncture, the venom gland and a part of the internal organs are closely connected, once the bees are pulled out, the internal organs will be pulled out together, so that the bees will not survive.
  If the acupuncture is only connected to the venom gland, the bee can swear unrestrictedly. This arrangement of nature is truly unique: if you marry someone else, you will be jealous of yourself.
  The peacock not only opens the screen when courting in the spring, but also opens the feather screen when encountering enemies and being frightened. At this time, its body has expanded many times. The more than 100 gorgeous "eyes" on the tail feathers make it a multi-eyed monster. The enemy will be confused by those "eyes" immediately. And I dare not act rashly.
  The same kind of thing is beautiful in the eyes of friends, but it has become a deterrent in the eyes of the enemy.
  The eagle only enjoys the hard-earned loot. Even if it is starved to death, it will never pounce on other animals to eat the remaining carrion stinky meat; the vultures, on the other hand, eat the rest of the remaining bones and carrion Stinky meat is not abandoned, even the bones are not let go.
  Great and small, don't have to look at the big, all in the details.
  In order to conceal oneself, the dead leaf butterfly never dare to wear beautiful clothes, only wearing a "dry leaf" dress, but who knows it is even more causing people to catch and catch; when the octopus encounters the enemy, he hurriedly casts a smoke-like smoke bomb, but I don't know. Some animals are looking for octopus, just as the best goal to catch octopus...
  Fear of exposure requires camouflage, but sometimes camouflage is easier to expose.
  The chicken was originally a bird, and its ancestors were originally flying. Later, people introduced chickens to their homes so that they could not eat and drink. They no longer had to fly around for food. Their wings gradually degenerate, and their bodies became more and more fat. As a result, they had a pair of wings.
  The heart does not want to fly, the wings can only become a kind of display.
  The giraffe is 6 meters high and its head can get three floors. The animal community has given it the honor of "the champion of height". But the height of the tall man also brought a lot of trouble to it: drinking water is very inconvenient, lowering the head is still not enough water, often have to drink it; do not dare to sleep and sleep, because lying down, if the enemy suddenly comes, it It was too late to stand up, so I had to stand and sleep.
  Honor brings not necessarily happiness, and sometimes there are many unspeakable distress.
  The reason why the rabbit runs fast is because it is too weak, it is almost impossible to defeat any opponent that is stronger than it, so you can only protect yourself with speed. If the rabbit loses speed, will there be rabbits in the world?
  Not afraid of your weakness, I am afraid that you will not do anything, that is fatal weakness.
  The rhinoceros is often bitten by the mosquitoes and flies, and it is rolled in the mud to wear a layer of mud. The mosquitoes and flies can't bite, but the sludge on the rhinoceros will breed some parasites, and bite the rhinoceros. It has to go to the mud pond to roll, and then put on a layer of mud to suffocate the parasite. However, these dirty and smelly sludge will breed new parasites, and the rhinoceros will have to go to the mud pond to roll it... Repeatedly, the rhinoceros often covers a layer of two or three inches of mud. The mud will fall off as soon as it is dry, it has to start rolling back in the mud...
  Some of us, do something, are they a bit like a rhinoceros?