A young woman went to work on the job and picked up the paper in the hallway and put it in the trash can. She was seen by the passing examiner and he got the job.
  It’s easy to get appreciation.
  It’s okay to develop good habits.
  One store is often brightly lit. Someone asks: "What kind of lamp is used in your store, so durable?" The owner replied: "Our lamps are often bad, as long as they are replaced frequently."
  The way to keep it bright is simple.
  As long as it is updated frequently.
  There is a younger brother who is an apprentice in a bicycle shop. Someone sent a broken bicycle. In addition to repairing the car, the younger brother also wiped the car as beautiful as new. Other apprentices laughed at him. The next day the owner took the bicycle back, the younger brother was dug into his company to work.
  It’s very simple to get out of the way.
  Just be diligent.
  A child said to his mother, "Mom, you are beautiful today." The mother asked: "Why?" The child said: "Because my mother is not angry today."
  It’s beautiful and simple,
  As long as you are not angry, you will do.
  There is a ranch owner who asks his children to work hard in the ranch every day. Friends say to him: "You don't need to make the children so hard, the crops will grow very well." The ranch owner replied: "I am not cultivating crops. I am training my child."
  It’s very simple to train children.
  Let him eat a little bit of it.
  The frog who lives in the field: "You are too dangerous here. Come and live with me." The frog on the side of the road said, "I am used to it, too lazy to move." A few days later, the frog in the field went to visit the road. The frog on the side found that he had been killed by the car on the side of the road.
  The original method of mastering fate is very simple.
  Stay away from laziness.
  When a chicken broke out of the shell, there was just one turtle passing by, and since then the chicken has been carrying the eggshell for a lifetime!
  In fact, it is very simple to get rid of the heavy load.
  Don't simply imitate,
  Give up stubbornness and prejudice.
  A tennis coach said to the students: "If a tennis ball falls into the haystack, how should it be found?" Someone said: "Start from the centerline of the haystack." Someone said: "Start from the most concave part of the haystack." The coach said: "Step by step from the end of the grass and search for the other side of the grass."
  The original way to find success is simple.
  From one to ten,
  Don't try to find shortcuts.
  There is a gold rushing team walking in the desert. Everyone is heavy and painful. Only one person walks happily. Others ask: "Why are you so comfortable?" He said with a smile: "Because I have the least amount of things."
  It turns out that happiness is very simple.
  It’s fine to have a little less.