Good friend Lynn, working in a nationally renowned 985 college.
  Many people admire Lin, work decent, simple environment, fixed cold and heat. Even the temperament and conversation of the whole person is nourished by the work.
  Kelin’s job is the secretary of the dean, and God knows how hard the job is.
  The dean usually arrives at the office around 8:00, and Lin will arrive on time at 7:30 every day. Simply organize, brush and boil water, soak a pot of warm Zhengshan race, and then put the instruments, glasses, and medicines that will be used that day to the director's table.
  The dean is on a business trip, and Lin wants to follow; the president meets, Lin wants to wait; the dean is entertained, and Lin wants to accompany him... Even when the dean takes a break, Lin is also responsible for the visit and the stop. With.
  The heavy schedule of the day is often ninety o'clock in the evening. When Lin returns home, she must not only be ready to respond to emergencies or SMS summons; she must work overtime for two or three hours, sort out the day's records and ticketing data, and arrange the next day's itinerary and data reserve.
  Although working in colleges and universities, there are fixed weekends and cold summers; but as the secretary of the dean, Lin’s workday breaks never exceed seven hours a day.
  But every time she meets Lin on any occasion, she is always full of energy, makeup and smile.
  I have been particularly curious about how Lin is able to pack up his life in such a job. I chatted with her some time to know her habits.
  Lin gets up at 5:30 every day and wakes her up. It is not the noise ringing sound that comes with the mobile phone, but the melodious piano music that is not repeated for five days. After Lin got up, she cooked a carrot and corn soup with a cup of nourishing skin and then went to the bathroom to wash the shower from head to toe to protect the spirit of the secretary as a whole day.
  Wait until the dressing is ready, and the soup is fine. Lin can also calmly taste a pot of "red love yellow" on the table, with the energy and warmth from the bottom of my heart, shining brightly...
  Lin said that when she first joined the job five years ago, she faced the work that had come to the forefront. She also fled and lost her hands. She thought about fleeing several times. Later, when she thought about which line is not easy, she tried to take the lead. The secretary and senior experts learned.
  The secret of the secretary’s work is to take care of and organize. So she gradually learned to "draw" in the "intermediately tangled" affairs, to turn the "wind and rain" situation into "the moon and the wind clear" ... and want to find exports in a thousand ways, first learn Take care of your emotions and yourself in a complex environment.
  Lin learned to make a cup of black tea to the dean in the morning, and also boiled a cup of rose lemon tea. I will even stop for a minute or two, watching the purple flower buds in the blue-and-white porcelain cup, a little fainting and blooming...
  When the dean is in a meeting, she will stand in the clear window and appreciate the ginkgo and phoenix trees in different universities in different cities. She will also exchange ideas and work with the secretaries who are already familiar with them. surface……
  When working overtime at night, Lin put on her mask and lit a sacred sandalwood... I listened to the sound of keyboard typing in a quiet night and enjoyed an indescribable work happiness.
  Therefore, Lin's skin color always looks rosy, the color is always superior, the spirit is still high, the wear is always elegant, and more importantly, she always has a high degree of passion for work and life.
  Lin, five years later, is more passionate about this job. Not only because she can go to see the mountains and the sea during the summer and winter vacations, but also because the work itself brings her achievements, rise and fun.
  Can not challenge the people who have difficulties in life, and there is no blessing to enjoy the beauty of life.
  People who can truly control their lives and work can often control themselves and their lives.
  Take care of yourself, life, family, work around you, everything will follow.
  Everything around you is good, and you can be really good.
  A few months ago, I went to another city to visit my grandmother in my 80s.
  Because she brought some special products from Xiangnan, the grandmother separated 1/2 from the box. Zhang Luo was going to give her a girlfriend who lived in a yard. She said that Grandma Qiao lived in Hunan and must like the taste from her hometown. .
  I took my grandmother through a long uphill and came to a house with a garden. Grandma Joe lives on the first floor. She has a row of small daisies and sunflowers in her yard, a large patio umbrella and a comfortable recliner.
  We pressed the doorbell for a long time, and the host family came to open the door late. Joe's grandmother's ears are not very good. We repeated the sound several times. She only understood that it was the friend's granddaughter who came from Hunan and gave her some refreshing taste and rice cake.
  Joe's grandmother's ears are not very good, but her spirits are awkward. She wears a hollow black shawl, gold-rimmed glasses, and a micro-volume of silver hair. It has a graceful style of the Republic of China.
  She invited us to walk through her house in the Sunshine Courtyard. I realized that this large 100-plus-flat house and yard had only lived in his eighty-year-old grandmother Joe.
  Later, listening to my grandmother, Joe’s wife’s wife passed away more than 30 years ago. Because the three children are scattered in different parts of the country, Joe is too strong to live with her children; she does not let her children move from another city to accompany her.
  Grandma Joe can indeed live a good life alone. She loves planting flowers, and many old ladies in the yard ask for flowers from her; she is good at singing, and when the party opens in the courtyard, the old lady always presents a nostalgic old Soviet song.
  But when more family is happy and the smoke rises, the old lady is a small person who takes a small step and goes out to buy food, go home to cook, wipe the table and sweep the floor, and one person follows the tag box. medicine.
  It's hard to say that life like Joe's grandmother is not good. There are about 10,000 views in 10,000 people's eyes.
  But I do believe that this must be the best way for Joe to understand the situation in his current situation: neither dragging the child nor grievances; letting the child feel at ease and make himself happy.
  Since life is like this, I always have a way to make myself better.
  I used to think that those women who lived beautifully and elegantly and bleak were mostly the darlings of fate. Because of the stability of the world and the wealth of life, they were comfortable and full of spring breeze.
  Later, I gradually discovered that when the noble life is full of sadness...
  Our lives are more of the same in essence: sorrows and sorrows, high and low tolerance.
  The difference is.
  Some people can also bloom flowers from suffering in relatively difficult days ;
  And some people are living in a relatively harmonious day, they can live full of anger.
  A clever woman always gives an exit to the bitterness, leaving an entrance to the sweet...
  The women who are bathed in the good times are just learning how to take care of themselves.