When I was thirty, I have to admit that there is really a genius in this world.
  In the fifth grade of elementary school, our class transferred a male student and became my new table, named Chen Mohan. I can't remember his appearance. Deeply imprinted in my mind is that he has the legendary ability to remember.
  At that time, all the new texts in the language documents, he only read it again, silent for a few seconds, you can completely recite it. After this skill was discovered by the language teacher, he was happy to dance and let him teach the headmaster to perform. When he came back, Chen Mohan’s face was slightly red, and he gasped in a sigh of relief. He was so nervous that he never looked up. I quietly sent him a note to congratulate him, but he was so scared that he couldn't open it in his hand.
  However, the results of the silent cold are not so good. All those who need to remember the horse, he is hand-to-hand, but the logical thinking is not outstanding. At the beginning of Xiaosheng, our school promoted excellence. He obeyed the assignment to a middle school that was not too top-notch, and then he lost his news. Later, some people regretted that the cold has already disappeared.
  The second genius is my high school classmate Wei Wei, less than 1 meter 6, people are huge, it seems that there is no strength forever. She never participates in sports activities or fitness. The first section of physical education in the first year of high school, 800 meters. The physical education teacher said that it is enough to run seven or eight successes . A whistle sounded, Wei Wei and the dislocated horses in general, slammed out, this speed is so fast that the audience is blind.
  When she ran to the second lap, we just passed 200 meters. In the end, Wei Wei ran the whole course in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. I heard that it was almost the level of the athletes. And we are still screaming at the girls, working for a 3 minute 50 second pass.
  Later, I became a good friend with Wei Wei. I was very curious about how amazing energy was in her little body. I also tried to find out if there was any adventure in her growth.
  At that time, my mind was much more mature than when I was a child, and I would not easily let go of the opportunity to study genius in close quarters. However, Wei Wei's diet is less than ordinary people, in addition to eating shrimp does not spit skin, she can not be ordinary.
  Finally, Wei Wei did not choose to be an athlete. I heard that she went to the big state to be an accountant. Today's most beautiful time is the group's annual spring games. For the entire decade, she represented the finance office and took the first place in all kinds of running projects.
  I often wonder why God is so unfair, it seems that genius is always others, ordinary people are always themselves. I also love music and want to sing a moving melody, but I have never been able to listen to the scales; the 800-meter physical examination of the senior high school entrance examination is even more unbearable in life . I ran a sandbag for three months and just ran into the passing. line. It also means that the memory is still sloppy, and it can't be remembered, but the ability to remember instantly is stronger. I remember going to college to test modern literature. I missed Yu Dafu’s writing style. Three minutes before the exam, I made up five big pages of notes. The last big question actually took this test. I sneaked a big piece and finally became the highest score in our class.
  When I think about it, God is not bad for me. Although there is no one on the other side, I am not particularly bad at it. The brain is not too stupid, the movement is also agile, growing up without wind and waves, but the ordinary is also stable.
  I know that most of the people in this world are like me, envious of a glamorous idol around them, surprised by a classmate who is a talented person in the class, and then squinting at the corner of the clothes in the envious expression of the crowd, gradually dimming his gaze. .
  People will encounter thousands of people in their lifetime, and I have only met two or three geniuses. I have seen more ordinary people who have no amazing talents and only have cold and blood. They fly against the wind and work harder than anyone. Compared to those who are arrogant and cool on the first floor, I appreciate the ordinary people who are super hard to stick to the end.
  We have no customs clearance, so we can regain peace and defeat, and we will continue to grow. Without a few easy gains and a natural success, life is not going to happen.
  I remember once I went to see a small art exhibition by a young painter. She smiled and stood at the door and talked with everyone. A reporter-like person praised her paintings as vivid and profound, and she was a rare talented painter. . The young painter smiled and said: Genius painter? When I was a child, I used to paint, and I was often punished by my teacher. Because I am a mediocre person, I always have no way to go. Later, my desk began to ridicule me, isolate me, and let the children in the studio give me a nickname. At that time, I blamed God, why can't I give me a little more talent.
  Later, everyone was fascinated and anxious to know where the fate of the painter was turning.
  She squinted and said, then I told myself that I could practice harder and harder. Later, just like reading a book, the book is read a hundred times, and its meaning is self-evident. I worked hard day and night, and finally entered the art hall of painting. The more I paint, the more comfortable I am, the more I paint, the more confident I am , and finally I successfully held the exhibition. Talent is really important, but it just helps us to be more successful, not a straightforward path to life.
  Talent is like a New Year gift that is held in the hands of others on the road. They are packed in exquisite and meticulous, but you just don't get it. Instead of being disappointed and resentful, it is better to accept it openly, to be an ordinary person, to work hard and to fight for it , to accept all the ordinary things that fate gives us, not to rely on chance or rely on luck, to make a beautiful counterattack on your own. .
  What can really touch us? It’s not a fascinating smile in the corner of the genius, but your face is full of sweat and tears, but still running with your teeth.