Unconsciously, I have graduated for 6 years. From college to graduation, in the city of Beijing, 10 years have passed. The day before yesterday, I and the company applied for a compensatory time to go home early for the New Year and took the suitcase back to my hometown. I once saw a sentence on this public number : "I think those who are dragging their suitcases on the road, both men and women, are people with stories." For me, there are so many stories, but It’s all right.
  On the township road, I met some of my elementary school classmates and childhood playmates. I greeted them. Some of them didn’t recognize me. Some of them hurriedly nodded to me and then walked quickly. Some of them chilled with me. But they are all Adele. When they were young, they loved the girl. They had already been a woman. They had a daughter. I wanted to chat with them, but they chose to refuse. They didn’t want to have too many intersections with me. They might think Between us, we have not been a world.
  I opened the dusty drawer, took out the graduation photo of the elementary school, carefully recognized the name of each classmate, and recalled what happened in this village. Later, I was shocked to find that a class of 63 students took a group photo and finally took the test. I was the only one who went to college, but I finally escaped from the mountain and only a few people.
  The story begins with the grandfather’s generation. Grandpa is a scholar and likes to write. At that time, he prepared a pen and paper basket at home, and a table of mahogany. At that time, any child in the village wanted to learn to read the words. Going to the grandfather's home, too grandfather relies on the power of the scholars to make good life. When I arrived at the grandfather generation, I went to the Cultural Revolution. Because I had a pen and ink and a red wooden table, I was beaten into a landlord. My grandfather was admitted to the university. Before the train, I was pulled down by the Red Guards for three days and three nights. If you get on the train, it is the right wing, and your family members will be implicated.
  Grandpa began to return to the village to eat a big pot of rice, joined the group activities, and was arrested every other week to write a big word to fight. Later, Grandpa Xiaoping returned to Beijing, reform and opening up, the county cadres invited grandfather to go to education to work, Grandpa chose Refused, Grandpa and I said: "At that time we were all a chess piece. This day we still don't know whether it is left or right. In case there is another Cultural Revolution," my parents got married, and then I got it. I started raising chickens and raising ducks at home. I was in the village. I was in the same class in the first, second and third grades. I was in another class in the fourth, fifth and sixth grades. There are only two classes. The first-grade homework is the second-grade teaching. The second-grade homework is the third-grade teaching. At that time, the Chinese teacher taught an imperfect Mandarin. The math teacher started to swear in less than two sentences. 40 minutes in a class, I spent the X-X X X X X under the edification of the X-X, X, I am sorry, no English teacher. At that time, I couldn't tell what was called a public teacher and a substitute teacher. Later, I learned that there is only one public teacher in the whole school, that is, the principal, the principal is the principal of the next-door village, or the principal of the next-door village next door.
  When I got home from school, my grandfather stood behind me with a stick. When I was lazy, he hit me. On weekends, Grandpa took out the green skin book bitten by the mouse and taught me to recognize the ancient text. I said, Grandpa. I don’t take this exam, I can’t get a junior high school. Grandpa said, "How come, we used to look at this." Later, Grandpa sold his bicycle and went to the county bookstore to buy me a supplementary book. I failed the exam and it wasn’t me who was crying. It was Grandpa.
  Later, I went to the town to study junior high school. The teaching environment was much better. Most of the teachers came out of the normal vocational school. At that time, there were only 7 places for junior high school in elementary school. I and the other 6 playmates went to the town together. Going to school, and the rest, most of them go back to help the family to do farm work and help harvest the rice. Then, I went to the county to attend high school, and finally, went to Beijing to go to college. This is my reading career.
  I still remember the time when I was admitted to the university. My dad invited a meal from the whole village to a meal in the village. Many villagers and my elementary school students came to participate and cast envious eyes. The village head asked me to mix in Beijing, and I will not forget all of you in the future. If you can, bring a few elementary school students out of here.
  Later, I realized that my elementary school students and my childhood playmates were not that they were not smart, but that they did not have a chance. I am just a stick more than them.
  I thought that when I went to Beijing to study at university, I could change the world.
  When I first went to college, the teacher asked us why I wanted to apply for this school (my school is not Tsinghua, nor is it Peking University). My classmates have more than half of the answers: "The college entrance examination has failed. "The school", most of them have a Beijing hukou, and the enrollment score is nearly 100 points lower than ours. My answer is: I spent 20 years and used all my strength to come to this school.
  When they talked about where Hong Kong and Macao are cheap to buy, Australia or France is fun, I have never even visited Tiananmen and the Great Wall. I came to Beijing. My dream is the same as Cheng Dongqing in the movie - go to Tiananmen .
  One year after graduation, I lived in a ten-square-meter rental house in the Sixth Ring Road. The traffic here is quite convenient. It takes only 30 minutes to go to work, but this has been 6 years, and one minute and one second has not been shortened. Minutes of distance, I am afraid that the efforts of several generations will break through. After four years of higher education, my vision, insights, and tastes are no different from those of Beijing youth. From the abused white intern, to the head of the IT department, then I jumped to another company to be the head of the program department. I was wearing a smart suit, a pair of shiny leather shoes, an apple notebook in my hand, and then brushed the bus card - squeezed into a bus.
  Later, I learned that Beishang Guangshen is not what you want to change. You are a supervisor. Others have long been tired in Beijing, and then go abroad to Singapore, London, and Canada. Your goal is probably the starting point for many people. . There are more than 8,000 provincial and ministerial leaders and generals in Beijing. The number of departures is tens of thousands. These leaders will have many children. In Beijing, there are more than 100,000 cadres at the bureau level. The number, how many children do these people have, and how many grandchildren?
  However, I am not saying that these rich second generations and the second generation are not good. Some of my classmates studying in Beijing are actually very kind, some have become my confidant for ten years, but there are things you can't explain. Their growing environment and teaching resources can make every trait in them have a stage bearing, which makes them shine. You need to know IQ, emotional intelligence and diligence. This thing can be "inherited" congenitally or acquired. Their vision, insight, and ability may be something that we can't reach in our lifetime.
  The grassroots counterattack sometimes recalls, or is a spring dream, can only accept life, but accept the fate, but not reconciled. I spent 6 years, using the willpower of bread every day, handing over the down payment of a suite in the 6th ring, barely convinced the girlfriend that her parents married her daughter, these are natural choices, you are willing Things are starting to get out of reach. In the next step, from the Sixth Ring to the Third Ring, it may take several generations of people to spend hundreds of years of hard work.
  There were no more than a hundred thoughts, let go of all this, go back to the big mountain, open a small shop, this damn class flows, I don’t do it, love who does it, but when I think about the next generation, I don’t want them to repeat this. Destiny can only be hard on the scalp.
  There are countless sand grains in the desert. The most fortunate sands are only occasionally able to float to the surface. Enjoy a sun, enjoy a spring breeze, and have a lot of sand. You may have never seen any sunshine in your life, and have been buried below. Everyone is like a grain of sand in the desert, but I am more fortunate and have a stick.
  A lot of things, in fact, I thought about it early in the morning. If you can't change the world, it's very simple. It's right to be changed by the world. The four levels of solidification have already caused countless people to cry, only chew, and then swallowed into the stomach, afraid to face, once faced, see the sun rising at the beginning of tomorrow, may not smile.
  These, I believe that not only me, but also thousands of me. My childhood playmates, not only them, but also thousands of them. The grassroots counterattack is actually not hard, and the hardship is that you can't see the hope after hard work. Disappointment is not terrible. The terrible thing is that disappointment will become despair, and the solidification of the class is not terrible. The horror is the solidification of the class. A deep sense of powerlessness.