One afternoon more than 100 years ago, a poor farmer was working in a rural country in the UK.
  Suddenly, he heard the sound of crying for help in the distance. It turned out that a teenager was unfortunately falling into the water.
  The peasants did not hesitate to think about it and jumped into the water to save people. The child is saved.
  Later, everyone realized that the rescued child was a nobleman.
  A few days later, the old nobles personally came to the door with a gift and thanked the peasants for rejecting the gift.
  In his view, it was only because of his own conscience that he was saved. He could not be greedy for the property of others because he was born noble.
  The story is not over here.
  The old nobles, because they admire the goodness and nobleness of the peasants, and feel his grace, decided to support the sons of the peasants to go to London for higher education.
  The peasants accepted this gift and it is his dream for many years to get a good education for his children .
  The peasant is very happy, because his son finally has the opportunity to go into the outside world and change his own destiny; the old aristocrat is also very happy, because he finally fulfilled his dream for his benefactor.
  Years later, the son of the peasant graduated from the St. Mary's School of Medicine in London. He was a good student and was later awarded the Royal Bolton Award and won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1945.
  He is Alexander Fleming, the inventor of penicillin.
  The nobleman also grew up and suffered from severe pneumonia during the Second World War, but fortunately, he relied on penicillin and he quickly recovered.
  This nobleman is the British Prime Minister Churchill.
  Both the peasants and the nobility have extended their help when others need help, but they have planted good seeds for their own descendants and even the country.
  There are often many incredible things happening in a person's life. Sometimes, we help others or grateful to others, but there may be reincarnation in the midst of it.