I think of the experience of my own study and just graduated to find a job, I can only use a "courage" to describe.
  At that time, in order to practice oral English, I had to take the courage to participate in various English salons. I also tried every means to talk to foreigners and chat with them in English. Slowly, my lame English spoken language became fluent.
  My experience in finding a job is better. Someone told me that there is an office building in Guangzhou, which is full of foreigners' local offices. So I went to the office building and knocked at the door and asked if they wanted to ask someone.
  When I knocked on the tenth home, I just met their boss, so I told me to go in for an interview. After fifteen minutes, I got the first English translation job in my life, and the salary was not bad.
  Looking back now, I still feel lucky that I can have courage and courage when I was young. The significance of this work is extraordinary. It makes my English study useful. It has exposed me to many suppliers and opened up a broad road for my foreign trade career.
  I have always liked the song of Hong Kong singer Yang Qianxi called "Yong". As its lyrics sing: "I am not afraid, I am not afraid of death, but before the romantic kiss, how to risk cliffs, for you to be flat."
  There are so many people in their lives. Because of this, courage is important, and often it is often the key to success .
  In the first two years of entering the sales industry, it was also the most reckless and courageous two years of my career.
  At a regular meeting of the department, the boss asked us to go to the business trip to see the customer. My mind was hot and I immediately applied for a business trip to Hong Kong. After making an appointment with the customer, I hurried on the road the next morning.
  It was the first time I went to Hong Kong. It was also the first time I went out to the door. No one was a companion. So I went to the strange international metropolis. I had a hint of panic, but I thought it would be no big deal, so I asked the passers-by to come to the subway and enter the labyrinth of the Hong Kong subway. I came out all the way to the subway, and I walked through the streets, from Wanchai to Central, and then from Mong Kok to Kwai Chung. I saw four customers one day.
  However, after coming out of the client company, I was filled with frustration, because this trip was basically nothing. Although Hong Kong customers praised me when I said goodbye, I had the courage to talk to them about business, but I think, what is the use of courage? There is no courage, but it is a waste of time.
  Back to the company, I was upset and feared that my boss would scold. Unexpectedly, the boss not only did not criticize me, but also praised me in front of all colleagues, praised me brave. I only know that before me, there was never a colleague who dared to go so far and see so many customers. I still have a precedent, it is really courageous.
  At that time, the boss said to us: "When you are young, sometimes you don't need to be too smart. If you have the courage, you can open a mountain rock and walk out of your own path."
  It’s also amazing. After returning from a business trip in Hong Kong, I was so lucky that I quickly won a small customer and then another customer. In the fourth month, I won another big customer. my career career just like hanging open in general. Perhaps as the Secretary said, when a person is full of courage, he will be fearless, and even difficulties will make way for you.
  I was a high school classmate Ling looks ordinary girl, the left leg is not very flexible, a limping walk, learning achievement is very general. To this end, she is very inferior, never dare to speak loudly, even walking is also head down.
  When I was in class, I heard her singing in a low voice, just like Huang Hao’s out of the valley. I said, "Ling, you sing so well, if you go to the game, it will definitely make a big splash."
  Ling smiled shyly and said: "I am so ugly, I will definitely scare others when I go to power."
  Soon, New Year's Day is here, the school is going to have a party, and our class has reported a big chorus program. We have to choose a classmate to come out to lead the singer. The class teacher will let the classmates recommend themselves. There are several students who have auditioned, but they are not satisfactory. I look at Ling, her eyes are bright and bright, her hands are hidden in the desk, her fists are clenched, and she looks forward to it, but she is very scared. I know that she really wants to try, but not enough courage.
  I decided to help her. I told her not to pay attention, and unexpectedly pulled her hand from the bottom of the table and lifted it up high. Ling was shocked and struggling to put her hand down, but the teacher had already seen her and let her sing for a short time.
  Ling had to sing. At the beginning, she was still a little scared, and even her voice was shaking. But after singing the first sentence, the classroom suddenly became silent, and everyone was shocked.
  At the New Year's party, Ling used her voice to conquer the teachers and students of the school. The teacher arranged her to be our cultural and entertainment committee and let her teach us to sing.
  The tempering and letting go of the voice of the lingering slowly became cheerful and lively, although the walk was still abrupt, but no longer bowed. Her look with a smile is really beautiful, and the classmates kindly called her "Huang Wei" as if she had forgotten her inflexible left leg and ordinary appearance.
  Who is born with a "leopard gallbladder"? Many people have already cultivated their skills in those inferior and introverted times, but because of lack of courage and self-confidence , their talents have become good wines in the deep alleys, missed many opportunities and wasted a lot of time.
  If you can be brave, everything may be different.
  Not long ago, Wang Jianlin said this sentence : "What Tsinghua University Beijing, not as bold."
  Deeply thought. When others are still afraid of fear, then the courageous people have bravely taken steps and ate crabs. It’s better to read thousands of books than to travel thousands of miles. It’s not as good as starting to do it. Sometimes, seemingly difficult things, once we have the courage to start doing it, all difficulties will be solved.
  Not smart enough, as long as you have the courage to try; failure does not matter, as long as you have the courage to try. When we are young, many people lack wisdom. It doesn't matter. If we have the courage to try, we will have the possibility of success.