The time of the year has passed 27 years, and the time to truly give time to good times is only 10 years.
  Xiaoya, female, only 3 pounds at the time of birth.
  In the 90-year-old countryside, although it is not so poor, there are many “ten thousand households” in the village, but each life is passively chosen. Xiaoya was born in a family that could not be satisfied even with food and clothing, and was a patriarchal family.
  At that time, Xiaoya’s mother relied on the fritters sent by her family to soak up the water and sit on the moon. Grandparents liked the grandson and gave the family’s food to the son’s second uncle’s house.
  Therefore, Xiaoya is thin from a young age, and she is so distressed. Every time I go to my neighbor's house, my neighbor will kindly give her a gimmick, or a pound of corn, or the old clothes that my sister passed through. Every time I take over these things, Xiaoya is very upset.
  There is a kind of inferiority, called poor.
  When I was in elementary school, Xiaoya’s performance was surprisingly good, but it was surprisingly silent. Because only she does not have pocket money, no butterfly should have a butterfly card, no long twists, even the tuition fees are owed for half a year. The little girl was sensitive, nervous, and constantly laughed at by her classmates. She lost her smile that she should have had in her childhood. The girl in the class is very jealous of her, because the parents always compare the results of Xiaoya with themselves, so they don’t play with her. Xiaoya is more silent.
  One day, Qing Qing came to Xiaoya, Xiaoya, I will play with you, you teach me to study mathematics, I will send you my card! Therefore, Qingqing became the first friend of Xiaoya. At that time, "Huanzhugege" was on fire. Qingqing told her that her big eyes were like a little swallow, but Xiaoya didn't have a TV at home and she didn't know who the little swallow was, but she knew that people like TV must be one. A wonderful thing.
  Only with Qingqing, Xiaoya is laughing, dare to look up and walk, can smell the flowers. Qingqing, let Xiaoya's world have a little more color. And this color is the whole childhood of Xiaoya.
  There is a kind of inferiority, because there are fewer friends because of poverty.
  To take a junior high school, Xiaoya was admitted to the junior high school. Qing Qing was unable to pass a grade and went to the sixth grade to read junior high school. So, Xiaoya entered a junior high school.
  Although Xiaoya is poor, but she wears clean and neat, the teenage girl inherits the excellent genes of beautiful mothers, the bigger the eyes are, the smaller the dimples are more and more obvious, and the more beautiful. The age of the beginning of the sinus, received a seal like a boat, like a plane, like a butterfly love letter , but Xiaoya did not open. Because she has a boy she likes
  However, one day, the boy she liked, bought her a long-awaited Santa Claus and let Xiaoya stay with him. Although Xiaoya is excited to jump, she never accepts the boy’s confession because she knows that Santa Claus wants more than 100 pieces, the boy has money at home, and she is too poor, she can’t afford a valuable gift. He, she can't afford beautiful clothes, she has no conditions to be with him.
  There is a kind of inferiority, which is because of poverty and not dare to love.
  My mother has always told Xiaoya that you are so small, you have to study hard to get out of the countryside. Otherwise, you stay in the countryside like us, facing the loess and facing the natural but not a few dollars, this life will be ruined!
  Xiaoya is not afraid to fall in love, and concentrates on studying. After graduation in junior high school, Xiaoya scored 4 points higher than the score and took the best high school in the county. That year, Xiaoya became famous. Even the villagers who were five miles away, I saw Xiaoya boasting that this girl is awesome! Xiaoyaben thought that he finally got out of the countryside, but for the first time, he came to the county town, the lively streets in the city, the vehicles that he had never seen before, the names that the students couldn’t understand, Jolin Tsai, SHE... Let Xiaoya get scared more and more, the city’s people Guan Xiaoya called: village
  There is a kind of inferiority, called the village
  Xiaoya, 16 years old, is caught in a deep contradiction
  For example, a lot of classmates in the class don’t come in by scores. They buy money by buying points.
  For example, the junior high school teacher said that when you enter high school, you are equal to one foot and step into the university's school gate. But the high school teacher said that the battle has not yet begun. If you want to go to college, you should start to learn self-study, repeat drills, and continue to do simulations. Because you are playing with hundreds of thousands of candidates.
  For example, classmate A seems to be playing every time, but the exam can take the top three. She is studying every day, but she always has 10 names.
  For example, why are they discussing what Dolphin Bay lovers are, what the hell is it?
  Because she is poor, she can't afford books. Because she is poor, she doesn't have a TV at home, she has no friends, and she knows nothing about the contents of the textbook.
  At this time, Xiaoya is not a low self-esteem, but autistic! In one semester, there are only one dormitory girl in a class of more than 100 people who know her, just knowing it! Eating alone, buying things by one person, reviewing one person, never seeing her talking to someone.
  There is a kind of inferiority, so there is too little knowledge!
  In the past 16 years, Xiaoya has carried such a psychological burden, and the poor self-esteem. Because of poverty, no food, relying on others to give. Because of poverty, no one plays with her, so the heart is fragile and sensitive. Because of poverty, not being equal to each other, I dare not fall in love and suppress my heart. Because of poverty, lack of knowledge, feeling that she is incompatible with others, all this makes her inferior to lift her head!
  If 16 is the flower season, 17 is the rainy season.
  That little flower season is full of smog
  In the rainy season of Xiaoya, slowly open the flowers.
  At the age of 17, the school's library was open, from classics to prose to novels to magazines. The magazine was updated once a week, and other categories could be borrowed for a long time. Like the discovery of the New World, Xiaoya is curious to read the world in the book. She started out in her spare time and later watched her self-study. Later, some lessons that were not of interest to historical geography were also secretly watched.
  Sahara story under the three- writing brush
  Zhang Ailing's sad love
  If Lin Wei is in the pen, if you are well, it will be sunny.
  Super girl champion Li Yuchun
  Taiwan's popular idol group SHE
  Jay Chou, who is famous for singing nunchakus
  Xiaoya seems to have found a little answer here. The excerpts from the manuscript are all good lyrics, some beautiful sentences, and all the new things she has never heard of.
  When I was 17 years old, my childhood playmate Qing Qing also got a small school. I was very happy to meet again. Qing Qing and Xiaoya talked about those idol stories, those hot TV series, and those good songs.
  Xiaoya and Qingqing complained about the little affair that had passed, Qingqing encouraged Xiaoya to communicate with the students, slowly and slowly, because the information I saw in those books made Xiaoya have a topic because of Qingqing’s Encourage Xiaoya to have the courage. Xiaoya seems to be a true 16-year-old girl in the flower season. She has a bright smile, some passionate hearts, and some sincere friendship. The heart seems to be opened. These books and these people let Xiaoya see a different world. Happy, excited, happy, and dreaming will laugh. At the age of 17, the beauty of Xiaoya has just begun.
  This year, Xiaoya knows that poverty is not the main reason why others look down on you. Your sincerity, your insights, your vision, and how many friends you can have.
  Xiaoya, 19, was suddenly confused at the university campus. When I was a professional, I chose a subject with the highest score, applying chemistry, because I didn’t understand anything. However, after I arrived at the school, I found out that it was completely different from what I understood. After I went through the chemical industry, I went to the laboratory to do research. This is a torment for the beautiful Xiaoya. There are so many professions in the world, there are so many good things in life, why is the choice is such a boring industry? What should I do if I have finished my career?
  Later, Xiaoya saw in the book that she should do the work that she is interested in so that she can keep her enthusiasm for work. The question is coming, what is she interested in?
  As a result, the library has become a place where Xiaoya often goes. From the first floor to the fourth floor, from natural sciences, successful studies, to nutrition, career planning, after flipping through each category of books, Xiaoya finally found the category he was interested in: health and wellness.
  In the next two years, in addition to the regular professional examinations, computer exams, Xiaoya also took the English six (non-English majors can be four), nutritionist qualifications, senior beautician qualifications, Mandarin qualifications, these Are preparing for the post career
  At the senior recruitment meeting, Xiaoya finally entered the beauty training industry in Guangdong Province with the first place in the non-professional category. She became the first girl in the class to praise her career.
  An excellent training instructor, who wants to give lectures, has clear ideas, must have a gas field, be confident, and constantly output high-quality content. In order not to be vacated by the interns in the same period, Xiaoya only sleeps three hours a night during the internship. And dreaming are practicing how to yin and yang, practicing the course framework... I finally passed the internship period and became a qualified lecturer.
  Three years later, Xiaoya became the company's training manager. Who knew that she had been inferior for 17 years? The girl who once had a self-esteem and couldn’t lift her head, after changing her cognition and increasing her own knowledge and determined to work hard, eventually grew up to be a girl on the stage!
  Xiaoya clearly knows that he has grown to the present.
  I want to thank the library in high school, which gave her insight.
  I want to thank the library at the university level, which has opened her eyes.
  I want to thank her childhood friend, she gave her a laughing childhood and a flowering rainy season.
  The most important thing to thank is yourself! The one who is eager to change, the one who focuses on the interest and the goal, the one who has been begging for himself! There is always someone who wants to become beautiful and rich, why not you?