"By nature, it will reduce the expectations of others, and then win the beautiful." This is the sister of the language, the boss of the past gave me an evaluation.
  Why is she saying this? Because at the beginning I was too humble, and even people felt that there was nothing to do. But after a while, I found that this person is really good, and then look at it.
  In the first 2 days, I was preparing for the interview outline of Wei Sen. "King Kong: Yeouido" is about to be released soon. He came to China to promote. I got a chance to have a round table, the so-called group visit, and everyone asked questions.
  Such an opportunity, I cherish very much, not only to contact the stars, but to understand an industry, learn more things, expand their possibilities. I also specifically made up for English and asked my friends to help me translate the outline.
  The organizer reminded me: "Millet, do you know that it is a group visit?" I understand, she is particularly afraid of my disappointment, because I am prepared to be too full, and I may expect it to be very high. In fact, I have no expectations at all, even if I don't have a chance to ask questions, I will be prepared. Only when I am fully prepared can I get more. I don't allow myself to treat a possible opportunity, so don't worry.
  I told the assistant Qi He: "I climbed up from the bottom. I am used to being neglected. Everything is prepared. I may only get a chance, not even, but I am growing."
  Time returned to 2007, I just read freshman. After entering the university, everyone generally chooses to join the student union and some associations. I am very ordinary, and I have never had an interview with the Student Union and the Student Union. After the interview of the community, I did not enter a good department at the end, and I was not eligible to participate in some activities.
  I am very frustrated, but the Outreach Department is pulling sponsorship. Everyone is not willing to do it. On my own Saturday and Sunday, I ran all the shops around the school and the city, and it was a small event for an event. Sponsorship. In this way, I caught the attention of the person in charge. Later, the senior took me to the Challenge Cup and the undergraduate research plan.
  Our school has a mental health center. If you go in, you will not only get a lot of exercise opportunities, but also a little subsidy every month. This center, Naxin is particularly strict, 1 round of written test, 2 rounds of interviews, a total of only 7 places.
  At that time, the next semester, the first time from our psychological department, as long as three, my written test and the first round of interviews have passed, the second round did not. I especially want to get this opportunity, because in this, I can get a good person from the freshman to the fourth year.
  After the election, I started to study this exam. First, I will write a test. I will prepare for it. If I have an interview, I will give you a high score for people who are familiar with it. I asked the seniors who participated in the interview. When they were doing activities, I actively helped and volunteered.
  Also, I went to listen to their class and occasionally ask questions. This exam is fair and each scores. In any case, if they are impressed with me, giving me a little more points will increase my competitiveness.
  I passed the second exam and I was admitted to the Mental Health Center. In this way, my entire university has been very fulfilled and has the opportunity to get it. When I graduated from the senior year, my ability is much stronger than that of the freshman.
  At all times, thinking must be positive, don't be afraid to be embarrassed, because when you walk through that stupid age, look back at yourself, you can laugh at yourself. Others have forgotten the original you, remembering you now.
  Back to the starting point, I am almost the lowest, along the way, other people's cold eyes, not enthusiasm, or even not see, I have been used to it. I know that I will eventually get everything I want. You can hate me, but you can't ignore me, because if we fight for the same thing, I am definitely a strong competitor.
  I graduated from college in 2011, and I am not going well at all. I went to the biggest counseling institution in my hometown to make sales. I started to call and stuttered, and the supervisor was not optimistic. I am sober, my goal is to achieve TOP1, and it is only a matter of time.
  Big Boss opened a business training, let me write a summary, I wrote nearly 6,000 words, he told the school principal that I have great potential, let him cultivate. Our company requires a work summary every week. I am almost 6,000-10,000 words per year. The year-end summary is an 18-page word document.
  This is the only time I can show my ability to Big Boss. Why not do it?
  In each work summary, I will write a lot of cases, tell stories, write summaries, and speak with numbers. Naturally, my work is getting better and better, and my performance is getting better and better.
  Big Boss still likes me a bit, that is, the layout is big. why would you said this?
  There are more than one campus in our school, and there will be a comparative and competitive relationship between the campuses. However, customers do not know that customers from other campuses often come to our campus, check the customer's phone number from the company's ERP system, and don't want to be their own customers. Everyone is not willing to receive it.
  But every time I will be seriously received, most of the time, customers are signing. To this end, I have to work overtime to complete my work tasks, and the performance of the signing is not mine.
  This matter, many people will think that I am stupid, selfish, I do not like to take orders from competitors. But I want to grow, I need to pick up enough customers to improve my sales ability. So no matter who the customer is, as long as it is the customer, I will sign the order. For the company, he is looking at my performance. For me personally, I see the accumulation of abilities.
  This way I have received enough customers, I sorted the customers and summed up different methods for different customers. In the work summary, I can write: "No matter who the customer is, the company's performance, we seem to have competition, no eggs under the nest, the company is good, everyone is good."
  This is quite shameless, but I did it. It has been a long time. This thing, I am doing it and thinking about it. Of course, I definitely hope that I will perform better than my competitors and have a strong ability. Compared with I care, I want to be a person who can help others and provide value to others.
  So, even though I have been away for many years, I am a good friend with Big Boss. He will give me a lot of guidance in many key nodes in life. Every time we go home, we will sit down and have a cup of coffee.
  In April 2014, I first met my sister, which was the time when my life in Shanghai changed. Similarly, when I met for the first time, she was not very satisfied with her, but she gave me the opportunity because she saw my firmness and the kind of aggressive fight for action.
  In this way, we have cooperated for nearly 2 years. Later, for my own better development, I left, my sister and I became good friends, and we have cooperated with many things.
  Now, our home is very close, and we meet and talk almost every week.
  Many people have asked me: "Since you have a good relationship with your boss and you are qualified for your job, why should you leave?"
  "In order to make myself grow better."
  I have never worked for anyone. I only work for myself. When I work, I will do my best to get things done. When one day, I feel that there is no progress, I will seek greater challenges. But I can still maintain a good relationship with the original company, and even we become partners.
  In terms of my own conditions, I came from the countryside, read a normal university, and had a normal appearance. There is not much advantage in nature. What I can fight is to seize a small opportunity, let its role play to the extreme, and then go to a big chance, then play to the extreme, then...
  Indeed, for many better people, my struggle for a lifetime may be just the starting point of others; but for me, I am content, I met myself, know what I want, and then actively fight for it.
  As a bottom-up person without a background, it takes time and long-term work to do things, and no opportunity can be let go. 90% of people who have worked with me for the first time, generally said that the next time there is a chance to cooperate, basically there will be the next time.
  Many days ago, when the broker (business cooperation) asked me: "When you come to China, do you want to go to the interview?"
  My first reaction was to "think" and the second reaction was "I am not good at English." On the same day, I found a simultaneous interpretation through my friends, and the charges were not low. Then, I found a teacher to start to make up some simple English. Later, the organizers of the event prepared their own translations, and the security was very strict. I could not bring people myself.
  In the face of anything, the only thing I haven't thought about is retreating. Any chance, first fight for it, the method is always more than an excuse. Recently, my home is still under renovation. On March 16th, I flew from Shanghai to Beijing. The interview was arranged at night. I stayed for one night. On the 17th, I flew back to Shanghai in the morning. In the afternoon, I had to install cabinets in my kitchen.
  Even so, I am excited inside because I saw my progress and broke through my comfort zone. The more I go up, the more I am asking for myself, but I find that when I do things seriously, I will become younger, especially my mindset.
  It is not easy to climb from the bottom, and you need to seize every opportunity that belongs to you. When you are outside the circle, you feel that everything is difficult, but when you enter a circle, the circle is small, and after getting some opportunities, as long as you do things, there will be continuous opportunities. If you never take the first step, there will never be a chance, let alone a counterattack, from 0 to 1, not from 1 to 10.
  From college to university in 2007, I have graduated from college for nearly 6 years. During these 10 years, I basically seized all the opportunities that belonged to me. Through the resumption, I summed up the method of how to seize the opportunity and share it with everyone.
  Identify feasible quantifiable goals
  Most of the time, this goal may have nothing to do with interest, and it has nothing to do with confusion. I am also confused. If you are in college, you can determine a goal: three in the professional class, six in English, and one hundred books...
  If you are already working, you can do the best, and use 4 hours a day to do the full day of work...
  Be wary at this time is not to make excuses for your inaction. The common excuse is that the current environment is not what I like. I have not found my life goals. I am not interested in what I do. We are often passively chosen and have no chance to make better choices.
  At this time, it is to establish the goals that can be implemented now, and the goal will be firm.
  Find an entry point and take the opportunity to the limit
  When you first enter a new field or industry, you have no experience at all. Don't expect too much from yourself. Sometimes, we are afraid of failure. This kind of mentality hinders the way we move forward. What's more, if we insist on not doing things, we will not go wrong. We will not be willing to act and watch the opportunity slip away.
  Recently, I participated in two celebrity group visits. Among them, KOL, who is particularly good at the side, has the opportunity to have an exclusive interview. This kind of dialogue is especially a test for people, and will also get more exercise. To take a step back, this is a thing worth boasting. And I can only participate in group visits, the performance is not positive, and maybe a problem can not be asked.
  I don't want to have an interview? I have no doubt, but I can't get this opportunity, but even if I visit the group, I will cherish it and do my best. Everything has a process, simple things to do, in order to do more difficult things.
  adhere to
  This is the hardest thing. Recently, I was watching Haruki Murakami 's "My profession is a novelist". This book is autobiographical, and one of them touches me very much. Haruki Murakami said that there are many new writers in the literary world every year. They are optimistic about everyone, but they can insist on writing very little, and some have fallen in a year or two.
  More than just writing, Chunshang Village still insists on running for more than 30 years, and says that he is willing to go to the end of his life! Time will produce compound interest, we can't do things for 3 minutes, and we will be quick and quick.
  Friends like the wind often say one sentence : "Any one thing, do not continue to maintain more than three months, are not qualified to judge this thing okay, but okay is not qualified to judge myself."
  We should not overestimate the efforts of the moment, nor should we give up the effect of long-term persistence. We don't need to make up our minds to completely change our lives. Just make small changes on the existing basis and stick to it. This is easy to do and will not give up easily.
  Each of us has inertia, and I am no exception, so don't expect yourself to be reborn right away, a little bit, plus time accumulation, enough for you to become another.
  This article looks like a chicken soup, but this is the way I walked by myself. The only thing I can tell you is, don't ask if the value is not worth it, what you can get, do the right things first, and play to the extreme, the next opportunity will appear.