Yesterday, I was in a circle of friends. I saw a former colleague Liu Ge sent a statement saying that he was promoted to work in less than two years after working in a new unit.
  My usual and always cold person suddenly gave him a compliment and commented on a thumb.
  In fact, Liu brother like this in the workplace on the self-discipline to amazing person, wherever he is sought-after meat and potatoes.
  At that time he was laughed by us as the strongest 5 points in history. For example, if Liu Ge goes to the office every morning, he will clean the workbench in 5 minutes, soak it in a cup of steaming tea for 5 minutes, then write the schedule for the day in 5 minutes, then officially start working.
  No matter how busy he is every day, he will stand outside the window for 5 minutes every hour and continue to fight.
  Five minutes before work every day, he will simply write a small summary of the day's work.
  Usually we have a lunch break of 2 hours, he will take a walk for 1 hour, spend half an hour watching the financial news and industry magazines of the day, and then use the last half hour to lie on the sofa. Even when the weather is too hot or sleepy, he will close his eyes.
  In his usual work, as long as he encounters problems, he must go all out to think about various solutions. After each successful or failed case, he will also spontaneously write a work log, perform a weekly re-logging of the log, continuously improve in the wrong way, and learn successful experience after good grades .
  Some people who even jealous of him said that this is just a way of doing it. I actually think that there is nothing special about these behaviors. But it can be awesome to stick to so many seemingly insignificant 5 minutes every day .
  The longer a lot of people work at work, the more relaxed and lazy, the last skill is not growing, the money is not earned, and because of long-term sedentary and long-term use of computers, they have an occupational disease.
  And a highly self-disciplined person like Liu Ge, the speed of self-growth is proportional to the length of service, and the body maintains a healthy state just after entering the job.
  The more self-disciplined people in the workplace, not only do a good job, but also a good body, it really kills two birds with no side effects.
  Last week, my cousin officially returned to work at the company after taking maternity leave. When she arrived at the office, everyone was amazed at her white, smooth skin and a graceful figure. Because you can hardly see from her appearance that she is married and has a baby.
  Moreover, she took the child for half a year at home, but she did not have a pregnancy for three years, and she did not have a glass heart, and she actually entered the working condition on the second day of work.
  So at the time of the break, the female colleagues came over and asked her how to eat before they gained weight. How can I keep a girl's heart forever with a baby? How to find a good husband to get a good harvest in the family business?
  In the face of this group of people who think very beautiful, but are too lazy to pay for their dreams, the cousin just smiled helplessly and said: "In fact, I am also easy to fat, there is no way to eat in the world. Hu eats the sea and doesn't grow fat, and there is no mother who carries the baby without breaking the heart. Of course, the husband is always good for others."
  After teasing a few words, she told the truth. When the cousin was pregnant, she did not forget to walk and walk properly every day. Not only did her nutrition keep up, but her body did not change much. Her daily diet is also as light as possible, almost never eat junk food and nightingale.
  No matter how busy and tired the baby is during the day, she always remembers to wear beautiful clothes for herself. She also spends time doing skin care every day. She practices yoga as a figure. She always uses practical actions to keep the young girl’s beauty. heart.
  Usually she will use the piecemeal time to read some professional books, open the computer every few days to do PPT, typing, so that they are not too rusty.
  In life, you will find that those who are self-discipline can maintain a good shape and good shape no matter when, where, and under what circumstances, maintain the pace of social integration, and maintain a balance between family and career. The years seem to always treat them extra.
  Those who are lazy, slow and not self-disciplined, are obsessed with comfort and comfort all day, and in any situation, they have no control over themselves. As they grow older, they are gradually eliminated by society and dragged down by work. Being dragged by the family, living very tired, and unable to break free.
  I have a S sister in my home. She chose to quit her job in the past few years and concentrate on staying at home to be a full-time wife.
  Usually such housewives give all their thoughts to the family, but their status at home and in society is relatively low. On the contrary, S Sister is a woman I have seen that my husband is more and more in love, the child is getting more and more close, and the family can handle the life in an orderly manner.
  In fact, S sister has no special function, but she does have a lot of good habits of self-discipline, so that her life today is so smooth.
  S Sister has been vacating an hour to read a book every day since she did not go to work. Don't think that she is reading the recipes, romance novels, chicken soups, and the brainless books. She is reading "War and Peace" in the kitchen and porridge. After sleeping in the evening, she is still reading the "Dream of Red Mansions". When I went to the bank to do business, I also used the waiting time to watch "The Stars of Humans Shine."
  S sister said that the more you live in the smashed rice and oil, the more you must keep the spirit rich and full. It is precisely because of these seemingly insignificant reading time that she can always talk to her husband with high academic qualifications, high positions and high culture, and the ideological realm is always on the line.
  For her son, S sister has always kept the habit of reading for 1 hour every day. Every day at 9:00, no matter how busy or tired she is, she will almost let go of her hand, accompany her children to read Tang poetry, recite idioms and tell stories.
  In her usual life, S sister also arranged the three meals very nutritious. She always likes to get up early to make a cup of fresh soy milk for her son and cook a bowl of oil for her husband. S sister used her persistence and hard work to make her husband's children more and more inseparable from her.
  In fact, you will gradually discover that the more self-disciplined people are, the more they can be in the workplace, and they can start their lives at home.
  Those women who can still live their lives into poetry and distance in everyday life are self-disciplined giving them good luck that seems to fall from the sky. Self-discipline makes them have a happy marriage that ordinary people dream of, and they are self-disciplined to let them Life is always shining.
  Do you have the feeling that you always want to do a big business at work, and you can't always insist on improving yourself. In life, I always live my life, and I can’t always change my own bad habits. In personal growth, you really want to be more beautiful, thinner and better, but you are always reluctant to kneel on yourself, you always complain and easily compromise with yourself.
  As you become more and more stressed in your life and work, you will become more and more aware that you can really help yourself if you are self-disciplined.
  Andreyev said that the greatest victory for a person is to overcome himself. Self-disciplined life is really very abrasive at first, it will often challenge your psychological and physical limits, so that you have the idea of ​​giving up at any time.
  But when you get through the most painful self-discipline, when you become more and more rigorous in your work, the error rate is getting less and less, and your performance will get better and better.
  When you are pursuing quality in your life, you will feel more and more interesting and rich in life. On weekdays, when you have tasted the benefits of sports and reading and other hobbies, you will gradually fall in love with the self-discipline yourself.
  Aristotle said that people are shaped by habits, and excellent results come from good habits, not temporary impulses.
  And when you continue to persevere as a good habit, continue to break through, and constantly surpass, you will find that today's self has reached a new level and height than the past. And you are bound to become more and more excellent!