Story 1: The dream story of a centenarian
  She was born in Muxian County in 1916. Her parents are doing rice business and her childhood life is carefree. After the age of 20, she met a man who married half a year and found that the other was a rogue and chose to divorce. When she was 33, she met a chef and renewed the spark of love . After she got married again, she began a warm and warm worldly life. Later her husband died and she lived alone.
  When she was young, she liked literature and loves to read. When I was fifty or sixty years old, I fell in love with dance. Reading satisfies her spiritual needs, and living alone has become enjoyment. The dance gave her a healthy body, and the age is only a number. She loves beauty, and her life is also vivid. The mirror and lipstick are always on the side, even if you don't go out, you will have a light makeup in the morning.
  At the age of 92, she danced and sprained her waist. When her son saw that her mood was particularly depressed, she asked her to write poetry. Because she dreamed of writing poetry when she was young, her son’s advice gave her great encouragement . When she saw her poetry published in the press, she was particularly happy and gave her the motivation to continue writing poetry. She kept writing and kept sending.
  In the fall of 2016, at the age of 98, she published the virgin poetry collection “Don't Be Disheartened,” which sold more than 1.5 million copies that year and entered the top ten best-selling books in Japan in 2016. To know that Japanese poetry books are small in print, generally only a few hundred copies are printed. She created the "myth" of Japanese poetry books.
  Her poetry is based on love, dreams and hopes, and is as warm as the sun. She is happy to write poetry, even poetry is full of passion. In the preface to "Don't Cry", "The Scriptures of the Warriors" said in the preface to "Don't Cry": "As long as I see the poems of Shibata's mother-in-law, I feel as if I have a refreshing wind blowing my face." Her poetry reached a height. The height of life and life .
  At the beginning of 2016, she published the second collection of poems, "Hundred Years Old," which has sold hundreds of thousands of copies. When the reporter asked her, did you realize that you were a hundred years old?
  Centennial poet Chai Neifeng
  She joked: "I didn't care about my age when I wrote poetry. I saw that I was 100 years old when I saw a good book."
  She is so optimistic. A person has lived alone for more than 20 years. He has heard many tragicomedy in the world and watched himself approach death. At 100, she is still full of hope and said to herself:
  Hello / what is unfortunate / what is sighing? Sunshine and breeze have never been eccentric / everyone / can dream equally / I have had / sad things / but live really happy / you do not be discouraged.
  She is Chai Neifeng, a Japanese ordinary wife. Because of her dream of writing poetry, before the age of 90, she was obscured. After the age of 90, she became famous and achieved brilliant achievements.
  [Dream Inspirational Sentiment]: When is it not too late, as long as there is a dream!
  Story 2: Stand up first
  Once upon a time, there was a leprosy patient who had been ill for nearly 40 years and was lying on the side of the road waiting for someone to drag him to the pool with magical power. Then he lay there for 40 years, still not taking a half step towards the pool goal.
  One day, God met him and asked: Sir, do you want to heal and relieve the disease?
  The leprosy patient said: Of course, but people are so sinister, they only care about themselves, they will never help me.
  The gods listened and asked him: Do you want to be healed?
  "Yes, of course, but when I climbed over, the water dried up."
  The gods listened, a little angry, and asked him again: "Would you like to be healed?"
  He still said: "Yes!"
  God God replied: "Well, then you stand up and go to the pool now. Don't always find some reasons you can't complete to defend yourself."
  The leprosy patient listened, and was deeply ashamed. He immediately stood up and walked to the edge of the pool. He took a few mouthfuls of water with his hand. In an instant, the leprosy that has entangled him for 40 years is just fine!
  [Dream Inspirational Sentiment]:
  Everyone has a dream, and everyone wants to succeed. But if today your dream has not yet been reached, success is too far away. Have you ever asked yourself: How much effort have I made for my own ideals? Do I often find a lot of excuses to argue for my failure? In fact, we don’t want Find excuses for failure, but find ways to achieve success. As long as you work hard to develop, the god of destiny will always be favored by you.
  Story 3: A touching dream story
  The protagonist of the story is a staff member at the Space Shuttle Laboratory at the Houston General Administration. He also majored in computers at the University of Houston, next to the General Administration. Even though he is busy between school sleep and work, it almost takes up all of his 24 hours a day, but the middle man has an extra minute, he always puts all his energy into his music creation.
  Writing lyrics is not his specialty, so during this time, he is looking for a partner who writes lyrics and works with him. He met a friend whose name was Van Neon. It was she who gave him the greatest encouragement when he started his career.
  At the age of 19, Vannet said that he did not know how many medals he had in the poetry competition in Texas. Her writing always made him love it. At the time, they did write a lot of good works. Until now, he still thinks that these works are full of characteristics and creativity.
  On a Saturday morning, Fanne and his enthusiasm invited him to her morning ranch barbecue. Her family is a famous oil tycoon in Texas with a huge pasture. Although her family is extremely rich, her dress, the car she drove, and her attitude towards being modest, let him reconcile her heart to admire her. Van Neon knows his attachment to music. However, in the face of the distant music industry and the unfamiliar record market in the United States, they have no channels at all. At this point, the two of them are in the countryside of Texas. How do they know what to do next? Suddenly, she came up with a sentence: "Imagine what you are doing after 5 years?"
  He stumbled.
  She turned and pointed at him and said, "Hey, tell me, what do you want to do after five years of "most hope" in your mind, what was your life at that time?" He had not had time to answer. She rushed and said: "Don't worry, you should think about it first, think about it completely, and then say it after you confirm it." He pondered for a few minutes and began to tell her: "First, five years later, I hope I can have one." The record is on the market, and this record is very popular and can be recognized by many people. Second, I live in a place with lots of music and can work with some world-class musicians every day."
  Fan Nei said: "Are you sure?"
  He replied slowly, yes.
  Van yin continued: "Well, since you are sure, we will count this goal back. If you have a record in the market in the fifth year, then you must sign a contract with a record company in the fourth year. ""
  "Then you must have a complete work in the third year, you can give it to many record companies, right?"
  "Then, in your second year, you must have a great work to start recording."
  "Then, in your first year, you must arrange all the works you want to record, and rehearse in place."
  "Then your sixth month is to retouch those unfinished works, and then you can filter them one by one."
  "Then your first month is to finish the current songs."
  "Then your first week is to list an entire list, which songs need to be modified and which need to be completed."
  "Well, we don't know what you are going to do next Monday?" Fan said with a smile.
  "Oh, yes. You also said that after 5 years, you have to live in a place with lots of music, and then work with many top musicians, right?" She hurriedly added, "If, your number I have been working with these people for 5 years, so your fourth year should have a studio or studio of your own. So in your third year, you can work with people in this circle. In your second year, you should not live in Texas, but live in New York or Los Angeles."
  The following year, he quit his job as a NASA envied by many people, left Houston and moved to Los Angeles.
  It is strange to say: I dare not say that it is exactly 5 years, but it can be said to be the sixth year. In 1983, his record began to sell well in Asia. He was almost busy working with some of the top music masters at sunrise and sunset 24 hours a day.
  [Dream Inspirational Sentiment]:
  When you often ask why your life is like this, you may wish to ask yourself, do you know exactly what you want? If you don’t even know what you want, love you. How can your loved ones help you arrange it? Can you blame your loved ones for not giving you a way to open the way?
  Story 4: Dreams write for yourself
  One dream is to be a writer's little boy, who likes writing very much, but the language class is very bad, because he thinks the grammar is complicated and boring, so he hates the lengthy and uninteresting writing training. Therefore, the language teacher does not look at his imaginary composition.
  However, the little boy never changed his dream, and his attitude towards the language class did not change until a gentleman named Frige served as his language teacher. One day, Mr. Frigg gave the students a homework form with an imaginary composition.
  The little boy found that the teacher seemed to be very different, so he began to choose the topic. He looked at the headline of the imaginary composition and thought it was boring. There was no desire for writing. Suddenly, his goal stayed on the topic of 'The Art of Eating Italian Pasta', and vivid memories poured out from his mind: it was a very warm night, the moon was hung outside the window, and the bright moonlight sprinkled. Full of the courtyard, the whole family sat around the table and waited quietly for the aunt to come to the Italian macaroni; the most common thing was that the aunt had a macaroni for the first time, the taste was weird, but the whole family ate very seriously, and kept on Praise and encourage my aunt, happy, happy, the whole room is full of silver bell-like laughter.
  The boy immediately wrote it down, of course, still writing in the way he liked, leaving all the imaginative essay skills and grammatical rules that he learned in school. It was almost a perfect match. The boy felt comfortable and comfortable. It was a writing experience that he had never had before. He almost forgot that he was completing the homework assigned by the teacher.
  After imagining the composition, the boy does not expect to be praised, because this kind of thing never happens to himself. However, contrary to the boy's expectations, his article was read by the teacher as Fan Wen in front of the class, and the students were listening to his article seriously. Only the teacher's honest and good voice echoed in the classroom. After the teacher finished reading, the students gave applause applause.
  Later, the boy grew up and became a reporter in a local newspaper. He was sent to the White House by the editor-in-chief because of his writing and selection of sensitive superman. He was later employed by the New York Times and became a famous columnist.
  He is Russell Baker, the winner of two Pulitzer Prizes for the Press, and later the judge of the Pulitzer Prize for Journalism. His ideals have really come true.
  [Dream Inspirational Sentiment]:
  Everyone has a beautiful dream in their hearts, but for some reason, especially the pressure of the environment, we have changed the original idea and lost the true self. And Russell is back. He firmly adheres to his beliefs, sticks to his original dreams, and does one thing for himself to achieve success.
  Story 5: Franklin’s inspirational story, learn to bow before the dream
  Benjamin. Franklin is an outstanding American politician, scientist, thinker and essayist, known as the "father of the United States." Franklin had been visiting a predecessor during his teenage years. At that time, he was young and full of emptiness, and he was struggling to make a big stride, but as soon as he entered the door, his head slammed into the door frame, and he couldn’t speak.
  The predecessor came out slowly at this moment and saw Franklin look like this. He said to him seriously: "Is it painful? But this is the biggest gain you have come to visit me today. One person wants to be safe." If you live in the world, you must always remember to bow your head."
  Before this, Franklin was indeed like this, and his heart was full of enthusiasm, and he was proud of himself. He thought that he was a Hongxi, others were swallows, his eyes were always high and he did not put everything around him in his eyes. It was not until one day that the door frame was hit by the front door that the door frame was found to be much shorter than I thought. So, after returning home, Franklin saw the teachings of this visit as the greatest gain and listed it in the life standard of life.
  [Dream Inspirational Sentiment]:
  "To write your dreams, you should be more conscious." Many young friends have great ambitions, but they tend to become arrogant. In fact, in order to enter a door, you must make your head shorter than the door frame. In order to climb the summit of success, you must bend your head and prepare for the climb.