Amy shared her personal entrepreneurial experience on the podium , mainly about how she has become an CEO of an event planning company from an ordinary advertising practitioner. The company is currently in Shanghai and is hosting a number of events. The city's top leaders have also visited. Because the company is doing well, Amy has also been on the news network.
  At the end of the speech, I heard a pair of men and women talking about it. The man whispered: "This kind of company is very good. To engage in activities is to hire several people and take a few tables. In the air, pigs Can fly."
  When I heard this, I felt that I had blocked a stone, because simple and rude comments can make people’s efforts worthless in an instant. As a former colleague of Amy, I know that she almost exhausted her efforts to get the company to this point.
  The company's initial business began with small offline events. Reading clubs, social dances, yoga classes, flowers, tea ceremony... a variety of activities are available. Amy has been doing everything on her own since then, and the partners are pulling on their own. In the early, middle and late stages, every link must be checked, and every detail must be done.
  Once I went back to the company in the early morning, I found that Amy was still changing the plan, and there was a bag of instant coffee on the side. More exaggerated is that she did not even have time to drink coffee, and directly eat instant coffee. Later, I bought a sleeping bag directly from the Internet and slept the company every day.
  The drinks in the activity must be confirmed to the suppliers one by one. In order to improve the details of the service, she is a waiter for each activity, and the tea is delivered without water. The on-site projector broke the watch and repaired it. The light bulb was broken and I ran outside for 3 hours to find the right wick.
  Later, her body naturally smashed, got a very serious stomach disease, and her eyes had some problems. I don't think she has to fight like this at all. She told me that the startup company is not waiting to die, otherwise how can only 1% of the startups survive, and success is to change hard.
  I have nothing to refute her, she knows what she wants.
  Despite this, Amy never mentioned his hard work and hard work on any occasion. The man dressed as a goddess stepped on the high heel, and the man was a hot woman, always picking up the sleeves and rushing to the front, and not hurting the fire line.
  This second, she stood on the podium and said that the head is the road, all the sights in front of her eyes are so beautiful. No one thought that she had just finished the gastroscope from the hospital and took a taxi to the scene.
  Many people remember Amy's glamour, but I only remember the scene of her work at night. I have never even imagined how a person has survived the pain of the early days of entrepreneurship and has come to the present.
  Men and women who talk about it may not know these stories for the rest of their lives. They always stubbornly believe that the achievements of others are easy, or they have gone.
  They never understand that those who are shining, are people who climb out of the darkness.
  Many people just work hard in places you can't see, and you don't know.
  Those who are not enough for outsiders are the reasons for their success.
  Three months before the college entrance examination, the leader of the grade group invited a senior who was admitted to the Chinese Department of Peking University last year to give a student a meeting. As soon as I heard that I was admitted to Peking University, the people around me were desperately trying to squeeze into the lecture hall. The senior's expression was light, smiled and confident , and quietly described the history of the entire high school struggle .
  About how to get from the original grade 200, the first grade of the grade, went to Peking University. When I heard the beginning, I knew that this might be the inspirational story that most people like to see . From the level of the backward grade to the go-ahead, he probably spent half a year. Many people in the audience are listening carefully, like devout believers.
  I am a staff member and I feel that the people in the audience are extremely excited.
  The seniors’ narration is like giving them a dose of stimulant, which is the purpose of the mobilization meeting.
  I am the only male student in the student team. After the speech, the senior team leader sent me to send the seniors to the station. Because of this, we have the opportunity to communicate on the road. I didn't listen to the scene at the lecture because the atmosphere and crowds on the scene were hard to calm down.
  Unexpectedly, in the chat with the seniors on the road, he even told me a lot, did not say anything on the podium.
  He said that he only said one-third of the content on the podium, and that there were two-thirds of the other questions about how to attack the Peking University. He said that from the 184 days of the college entrance examination, his father suddenly bleeds and died, leaving him and his mother. The mother was sick from head to toe and lost her ability to work. If he fails the college entrance examination, he really does not know how to live. At that time, he had a thought in his mind and he must be admitted to the best university in China. He spent the rest of his life in pain and even had a tendency to be mildly depressed. In addition to the regular study time of the school during the day , he still had to learn at 3:30 in the evening. The sleep time is not enough, he will take the time to use the debris time to make up the next day. Studying at home, you will put a fruit knife on the side of the desk.
  I was shocked. He said that every time he felt tired, he used a knife to draw a very shallow hole on his right arm, which allowed him to regain his spirits.
  Only a sting can wake a person.
  The leader of the grade team asked him to share his thoughts, but clearly told him that because it is to mobilize the conference, it is necessary to show the sunniest and most confident side. So he had to put away those dark experiences and only show the warmest side.
  Ironically, all these confidences and sunshine on the table are false. The anxious, dark, and morbid efforts that are hiding in the corner are the reasons for his true success.
  What impressed me the most was the words that the seniors said:
  “You go to those who share successful experiences. What they share is not the real reason for their success. Like Iceberg Theory, you can only see the corner of the iceberg, but you can't see most of its truth. The winner I will not say the process of hard work, because those things are too dark and too painful. My level of hardship at that time was only my own understanding."
  After I was admitted to graduate school, many schoolmates and sisters added me to WeChat, hoping that I can share some successful experiences. At that time, I realized that the words that the seniors told me in the past were extremely correct.
  As a person, things that can be shared with others are very limited. I can teach fish or fish, but I can't show all the work of the effort to them. I can't preach my pain and perseverance everywhere.
  A lot of people smile at me and say that I am very good, saying that I am great, but they do not know the price I paid for the exam. That kind of resonance and understanding is thin, and they can't feel empathy.
  One of the things I was most impressed with was that I got chickenpox about 20 days after the countdown.
  People who understand this disease should know that the disease is very afflicting and infectious. I worked hard for 1 year, and I was going to play, and I came here. Fortunately, a buddy in my university accompanied me to the hospital to see a doctor, otherwise I couldn’t help myself, and I would fall down in minutes.
  I went to the hospital and went to the doctor's office. When the doctor saw my illness, I immediately pulled out a red book with the book of the People's Republic of China infectious source.
  The doctor told me that the chickenpox is very contagious, go home early and go to sleep, and then go out for a week.
  In order not to smash the university roommates, but also to avoid the family, I took some review materials and stayed at the negative star hotel outside the school for a week. Varicella, gastritis, and high fever are similar, and they occur simultaneously in a short period of time.
  Sleeping in the middle of the night, the forehead burned badly, and the stomach was uncomfortable. He could only relax in bed and roll from 1 am to 4 am. Then there was endless vomiting, rushing into the toilet, holding the edge of the toilet with his hand on his face, and his face was facing the toilet.
  I really felt that I spit out the whole world and spit out all the organs. Spit at 6 o'clock in the morning, the head fell asleep directly on the toilet, and slept very well.
  If you are in reality, this kind of story will not be said, because if you say it, you can only write an article to recall this kind of hardship.
  In front of my schoolmates, I smiled and told them to cheer. But after laughing, I can't talk more deeply. Because of the hardships such as drinking water, I know myself.
  Those endless, long pains are bleak, and they have long turned into smiles in front of everyone.
  Just because the Niubi people are working hard in invisible places, others will say, "You see, he is just lucky. He is just a good family condition. He may have opened the back door. To be honest, he is just That pig on the vent, that's all."
  They don't understand that the so-called bulls are all forced to exchange.
  And they are still intoxicated in mediocrity, just because they dare not use hard to exchange. They are afraid of losing. They are afraid of choosing the only way. They are afraid that they will use their strength and find that they are nothing.
  Even if there is a wind, they will not move forward.
  They have killed all possibilities before they work hard.
  I saw Amy's screenshot of the news feed on the company in the circle of friends, I applauded her.
  Because I know her match.
  Because she understands a basic rule of success: barter. what do you want? Ok, please use something to change.
  Do you want to succeed? Do you want to be bullish? Very good, use hard to change, use a hard-working determination to change.
  Qi Qi said that at the end of the third season, the last one-on-one confrontation debate is "Is lazy a human light?"
  After Jiang Sida and Huang Zhizhong argued, Guo Degang made such a summary: "If the actors work hard, they will become Hou Baolin. But this comic dialogue seven paragraphs, seven Hou Baolin, how do we arrange who is the first, who Finally, God is designed like this, some are the life of the opening, some are in the middle, some are the bottom. Diligent and diligent, lazy, just rest. This is heaven."
  The number of tyrants will always be 2, and the number of non-beats will always be 8.
  I have to admit that it is too hard to become bullish or successful. However, there are always 20% of people who are willing to go against human nature, willing to confront human nature, and willing to exchange for a price to replace a successful wreath.
  There are also 80% of people who follow human nature and live without accident. This is really a natural thing, this is the true state of our ordinary people.
  And as time goes by, the distance between these two people will become larger and larger.
  The cause may be just because that year, the lazy person, did something ordinary, step by step.
  And the man of the future, he began to become obsessive and began accepting some hard work.
  He began to understand that the bling of gold was to be replaced by cold, painful, and not so decent.
  He began to understand that the birth of good things is based on some kind of sacrifice.
  Because of the existence of the bulls, it is no accident.
  Author: Lu penis, neuropathy screenwriter, absurd writers, Jane recommended book author. Have more shortcomings than ordinary people, but try to dedicate the beauty of poetry to others. Public number: personal experience