"Have you ever been nervous to eat is a problem?"
  In the summer of 2010, I took 2,000 yuan to Beijing, paid a three-pay rent, and after I had a sickness, I became a girl who ate cold pies every day.
  I think I have to find a job as soon as possible.
  Then I mistakenly hit a home and grooming company asked me to go to work. On the first day of the job, at noon, a colleague was responsible for counting everyone who wants to take a takeaway. Everyone ordered a variety of rice bowls. It was my turn. I stumbled and said with a face: "Hey, I will No, my friend came to me for a while."
  Well, my friend really came, but not to find me to eat, but to send me 93 yuan.
  Because the ATM can't get less than 100 denominations, but this is my whole family. I can only ask her to find a bank counter to help me out, otherwise I can't eat at noon.
  Yes, when my colleague came to me to collect what to take with me, the reason why I lied that my friend was coming to me was because I didn't have a penny at the time.
  Many girls go out like me, especially able to die, and then hard to open their mouths and ask for money at home, because you are afraid that your mother will tell you, don't be reluctant to mix, just come back.
  I have to be stubborn.
  I only ran for a day at the plastics company, but the strange thing is that I still remember it very clearly.
  Fortunately, I quickly found a job in a magazine company, but after paying a month, I can't hold it for a month. What should I do? I can't starve.
  So I continued to invest in resumes on the Internet. In the unlikely event that someone can accept me to do two jobs at the same time, I am imagining that there is such a bad company in Beijing, and I am facing a job without a part-time job. a serious crisis.
  Really lucky.
  There is a magazine editor who just called me. I said that I can only write a part-time job. The draft fee can be cheaper, but I hope I can prepay me some money. Then I made a mental preparation to make the other party swear.
  He snorted at the end of the phone, didn't even yell at me, didn't say anything, didn't say no, just let me send some works to him first.
  Two hours, he called me again, saying that I was very professional in writing the press release, and then I actually gave me 1000 yuan and bought me 10 articles without seeing it.
  Yes, it’s 1,000 yuan, and I finally stayed in Beijing, and I have everything in the future.
  "What then?"
  "Then I have the ability to live in the Jedi."
  "Is there anything worse?"
  Not my story, it is a Beijing girl named Lime.
  One year, she talked to a boy about love and then pregnant.
  At that time, she had just taken the exam. The man just took part in the work and wanted to go. The child couldn't ask, so the boy asked her to knock the child off. She got away.
  After surgery she was terrified, crouched in front of the hospital crying, do not understand anything, I feel something missing, do not know what in the end lost, looking for someone to talk about words, not anyone dare say the last part.
  After graduation, they were engaged.
  Then she became pregnant again, and she was still not hot, and the baby was stopped and taken off.
  This time I was known by the man’s parents.
  One night, she called her to go home to eat. The middle-aged woman opposite her face was kind and kind, and she told her with a smile. The son was a three-generation single pass, and could not be stopped. Therefore, this marriage must be withdrawn first, and engaged. The gift money must also be returned to his home first. When she is pregnant again, the child can guarantee that there is nothing wrong with it and then get married.
  She bit scared, Baba looked at the man to let him go twice the gate of hell, hoping to hear some explanation to convince myself that it was all an illusion, and can this man kept his head down and shoved Grilled rice, a word not to say It seems that the bowl of white rice is his relative.
  After that, the man is married, and the bride is certainly not her.
  One night three years later, Lime suddenly called me and cried and said to me: "I seem to have met someone I like, but I want to give him a daughter. I don’t understand this. Helpless?"
  This is probably the most desolate despair I have ever heard.
  At that time, I felt really incompetent. I couldn’t say anything to comfort her. I just told her that you must hold on, you must hold on...
  "and after?"
  "Later... At first, Lily did not dare to marry. I was afraid that if I couldn’t raise it, I would have delayed others. But the man she liked wanted to marry her. In less than a year, the two gave birth to a pair of twin girls. Healthy and healthy, the eyelashes are very long, and there are no ailments. It’s really the same, it’s so cool.”
  As stated in Les Miserables, life is blessed, that is, someone is convinced that someone loves you, someone loves you for your status quo, speaks more accurately, and someone loves you without asking you.
  The bottomless abyss, it may be a long journey.
  "Can you talk more about one?"
  A few months ago, I went to the car wash to wash the car. The boss was a young man in his early 20s.
  The car that day was washed by him personally. There was no guy in the store. After washing, he told me that he planned to go out of the store, and I didn’t use it three times in the car wash card. I asked if I wanted it. He retired me cash, or is he willing to wait for the next person to buy the store and then use it?
  I am curious: "How do you do well?"
  He glanced at me and chatted with me, smoking in the sun.
  Suddenly he was found to have a problem with his heart. He had to go to Kunming for a heart bypass operation, so this job could not be done for a while. The doctor asked him, how much did you bring? He said, 10,000. The doctor said, that's not enough. At least you have to prepare 50,000 at first, so let's prescribe some medicine for you.
  So, he came back with the train. The staff at the store wanted to transfer the store to the boss. On the 15th, he received the salary, and on the 16th, he did not come to work.
  He didn't understand, he was very good to everyone, why people can become so cool.
  He worried that surgery is not successful , then give yourself conscientiously written a will, a person stay in the store to the car wash a vehicle away, one by one, asking each member of the car wash is to refund or wait for the next person to take over The store continues to use.
  The night before I went to Kunming for surgery, he suddenly called me and said that I would like to add my WeChat to return the remaining three money to me.
  My heart was sour, I was hit by an inexplicable sadness, and I said that it was all right. If you open it later, you can use it.
  He insisted that he was afraid that he would never come back again, but he would stay in this world and stay in debt.
  "What then?"
  "I don't know the story later."
  The reason I spoke was because I was very impressed by the fact that there were such people in the world. No matter how cruel the world is, he can return to his warmth and be friendly.
  He reminds me of the inner monologue of the man in the Furnace:
  We fight all the way, not to change the world, but to prevent the world from changing us.
  These three stories are told to a depressed girl.
  When she was a child, she was smashed by an old man. Later, this shame made her never go through this hurdle. One day she finally got the courage to try to beat the old man, but listened to the people in the village saying that the old man had passed away.
  She often cuts off her wrist with a small utility knife. Often she climbs up to the 14th floor and jumps on the arc. Someday, she asked me for a reason to live. I told her. These three stories.
  Also share it with you.
  Share it with those who are like her, like me, those who are fascinated and bitter in the lives of all beings.
  What is the most difficult thing in your life?
  I miss someone but can't say it? Is it a classmate who is still a mixed class for 5 years? Is someone else’s parents able to buy a house and your parents can’t help? When you were the most lonely, I met a girl who wanted to protect my life? Is your business failure debt intensive? Still a good life, suddenly going to experience the family and die?
  In our life, the days of sorrow and sorrow are always longer than the days of happiness.
  Each of us, who is not suffering, desperately dying?
  But in this life, if you want to live, you can only do your best.
  You can cry again, you can cry, but you can't be jealous.
  If you let go of it, there will be no later.
  There is no one who meets a person who does not ask how you are willing to love you. There is no car wash shop guy who tries to leave the warmth of the world.
  As Nietzsche said, knowing why you live and you can endure any kind of life.
  Then, ten years later, the past was a dish.