If you are just in trouble at this moment and are suffering, then I would like to tell you: "Although it is very difficult at the moment, this experience may come to fruition in the future." I don't know if this can be a comfort. However, please change your mind and move forward. - Murakami Haruki
  Last week, a book story called "The hardest moment in life, what made you stick to it?"
  After reading the manuscript, people are in tears, and on the way to the stumble, fortunately, there are you around, and not convinced and dream .
  Netizen - happy
  In the graduation season of June 2000, we have been waiting for the news of their work in the dormitory. My classmates said: "Let me go to see a netizen, we know the university president, Netease chat room."
  When people met, everyone was excited to dance, but after meeting:
  My ID card and all the three hundred yuan of the family disappeared like steam.
  What about the rations for the next month and a half? The only proof of identity for finding a job is not there. The graduation certificate will only come down in July. What should I do?
  If you are looking for a temporary worker right away, you need to pay the deposit in advance. If you have a strong self-respect, I will not bow down with my classmates because I want to preserve the dignity that I think is incomparably noble.
  This little thing may not be anything to others at the time, but for me, it is no less than the feeling of Sun Wukong being blocked by the five fingers!
  There are only two bags of instant noodles in the box under the bed. For the next two days, I will make the instant noodles into 4 servings, two instant noodles in the morning and evening, soaking a lot of water, and the seasoning pack is only one-third. The rest When the soup at noon was soaked in water, I avoided it every time the classmates were eating.
  After three days of this, there was no news at work, and I was so hungry that I was so tired that I felt sick and uncomfortable...
  At noon on the third day, the cigarette (the nicknames of the students) said to me: "How are you doing me a favor?"
  I said, "What is it?"
  She said: "I am going to have dinner with me at noon? I have been uncomfortable recently. I have too little food. My parents call and ask what they eat every meal. I am annoying. You can help me choose. I can’t finish it. You can help me finish. My cousin is also in our school. He will report to my parents. Hey, if you are still in a few days, go to the hospital."
  Listening to her saying this, I promised without thinking about it. At that time, I was as simple as glass, and my emotional intelligence was not high. I couldn’t hear the sound outside the string.
  So three days have passed, and every day at noon is my happiest time.
  I can help others. I feel the power of being trusted and recognized. I didn’t notice it. I was actually the one who was helped.
  The work of the students was basically implemented. Some went home to develop, some parents arranged it, and the cigarettes returned to a certain enterprise in Shandong. I stayed in Dalian and entered an Internet company at the time.
  When they were separated, she gave me a gift and said, "I have time to come to Longkou to find me. When you open the envelope at night! You are so talented, you are willing to toss, you can't go wrong later..."
  A lot of words can't be remembered. I smiled and waved goodbye to me. My eyes were full of encouragement and trust in me. This is the only classmate who told me these words.
  Open the envelope at night and have a look? Three hundred dollars! A letter:
  "When I go to see the netizen, the money is lost, the ID card is lost, I know that you have to be strong, you are not willing to ask for help, and you will not want it. You have to go to work, I believe that you can, the difficulties in the eyes will pass, the money will remain. There is still a month to pay... I don’t have any literary talents, so I am willing to work with you often to see what you wrote..."
  The eyes sweated instantly, just like now, holding a mobile phone, smiling with a smile, but still sweating as usual.
  In the years that followed, whether it was an investment failure or a disease, I would always support me with a smiley face that would not be called a beauty, and a clear look that might not be washed out with holy water. The trust and encouragement conveyed from me.
  On the way to growth, many people who help and give to me will remind me of her "smoke." Thank you, my girlfriend!
  Netizen - Ann Suspended:
  It is my mother. Because I live with my mother, when I am depressed, the whole person feels like walking dead.
  Sorry, I don't know how to describe the mood at that time. At that time, I couldn’t figure it out myself.
  I can only think that if I am dead, only my mother is alone, I will stick to it. it's better now.
  In fact, my mom wouldn’t say something nice and didn’t cry.
  She still has to go to work. Sometimes, I am at home, watching her alone on a hot day, but also going to work, looking at the back, I feel particularly sorry for her.
  Later, I was hospitalized. The place was particularly biased. She finished her work and took another three or four hours to see me. My mom has been with me, and I have not complained about me. Later I was discharged from the hospital. Now I can at least keep my upward mentality, at least I will never think of death again.
  In fact, I felt that my mother didn't understand the world at all. Later I learned that she actually knows what life is like. She may not have any reason and is not sociable, but she can maintain a good relationship with everyone. I think this is the hardest thing I can do.
  Her presence makes me feel at ease, as long as I know she is still there, I have the confidence to stick to it.
  What I want to say to her is: "If you want to cry, you cry."
  Lost love, crying in the quilt every night.
  My parents lived upstairs and heard it. They don't say much, just silently trying to take care of my life.
  Later, my mom bought me a member of a dating site, and I came out like this...
  Before I gave birth, I never felt that life was difficult.
  Even in order to conceive, I have traveled to the major hospitals in the provincial capital during the pregnancy period of more than two years. I have done a lot of inspections, eat a lot of Chinese medicine and western medicine, and spent all my savings for several years of work. I feel that this is just a small bump in my life. When a child comes, everything will get better.
  I didn’t expect it at all. It was the arrival of the child that made my life change dramatically. The anxiety of the first mother, the helplessness, the panic and the gyro seem to have no rest and exhaustion filled my life.
  To add insult to injury, Bao Da has become like a stranger, and does not care about me and my children. We have separated from the world of two people into two worlds.
  I am like being trapped in a swamp, unable to resist, unable to escape, and even struggling in the same place.
  It is said that the first two years of having a child is the most difficult moment for a woman, and a "fake single mother" who is alone in a distant foreign land like me is a hundred times more difficult than normal!
  Especially when a child goes to the hospital when he is sick, a person is holding a crying baby to cope with various inspections. There is a kind of sadness that "it should not be called every day, and the ground is not working." The most difficult time is even thinking about holding a child from the building. Jump on it and forget it.
  The woman is weak, the mother is just, the child makes me weak, and makes me stronger .
  Along the way, it is the child's smiling face and every call of "mother" supports me and keeps going!
  Netizen-Che Yiling:
  A person's leisure time, like to walk in the garden. People walked together in three or three, admiring the birds and flowers on the way, and their whispers were long and lingering in my ears.
  The pace of slowly stepping back is still, I stayed in the same place, the eyes of depression were staring at their backs and drifting away, until they were farther and farther away from me, farther and farther...
  As if I should have been a lonely patient, in this bustling and lively world, it seems monotonous, ordinary, and so out of place.
  I can always make a lot of grief for my life, constantly thinking about the friends who have slowly dispersed with the time of the year, the lost relatives, the grief of parting. Suddenly after the excitement, there was only endless depression and ecstasy, and countless nights like children, clasping the thin body tightly.
  "We are not friends."
  The harsh voice is constantly entangled in the ear, the criticism of others, the lack of tolerance and understanding, only me alone, watching people coming and going with the traffic, walking all the way without purpose, all the way lost a lot of friends.
  In the biting winter night, draw a blank piece of paper, sit on a single sofa, open a bottle of tasteless wine, and make a phone call. You know, my dark life is like a black and white movie looping, no ending.
  Life surrounded by loneliness, day after day, the boring time of an inch is slowly flowing with the ancient clock.
  Since then, I have never been to the garden of laughter and laughter, and I have never seen the crowd of people who have accompanied each other. I fled the noisy crowd, avoided the noisy outside world, and stayed in the bookstore where the book was overflowing.
  The fingertips counted the dazzling array of books, and gently flipped through the flexible paper, which seemed to be my resting place, becoming the soul harbor when I was helpless.
  The bookstore, like my own stage, holds a book and tastes a cup of tea.
  Forgetting loneliness and mourning in life is like stepping into my happy country, watching your story, listening to your songs. When life is terrible, the soul chicken soup in the ink of the book is constantly absorbed.
  A sunset under the dusk, dyed through the curtains of the curtains, the wind-swept printed curtains swayed back and forth in the floating light, and the shackles of the horses and horses sandwiched the fireworks of rice and oil. In these days of the morning and the drums, I am only this moment, I like this kind of life.
  Dear yourself, don't be afraid, we will always grow up in the torrent of suffering.
  Netizen - Where is the sea:
  Because of love, I was isolated by roommates.
  First love loves me very much, it is very good to me, and later broke up. I suddenly have only one person at a time, I don’t want to integrate into their circles, and I don’t want to fall in love again.
  Then it became - test guide card, test level 6, test computer level two, New Oriental study IELTS, postgraduate study ... fortunately, have been tested.
  Some roads really only go by themselves, and some circles don't have to be strong.
  The time of the postgraduate study is probably the most difficult time I can think of now. While being alone, while working hard, while being afraid, while trying to give up, I insist on sticking my teeth.
  I used to think that I couldn’t help myself. Believe in yourself, don't give up, and you will eventually get better.
  Netizen - Tian Qiaofeng:
  At the age of fourteen, I went to work alone in Tianjin, paying 700 yuan a month, regardless of food and shelter.
  The whole store is the smallest of me, I can't speak Mandarin, and I am introverted.
  When I was doing sales, I didn’t speak at first, and I was forced to clean up the hygiene for a month and wash them.
  In the poorest time, I didn’t even have the money to eat. I lost 20 pounds in a few months.
  I also thought about going back and escaping. Let me stick to it. It’s not something else, but it’s not convincing in my heart. Even if there is no culture, I can be a good person.
  It is such an idea that I have persisted in the present.
  Netizen - the dream:
  My hardest thing is that after the first year of the position has just turned positive, it is in a rising period, but my father found out the cancer. At that time, I felt that the sky would collapse.
  While busy working hard to make money, and then I have to go to the hospital in my spare time, my relatives do not understand, saying that I am not filial, I feel that I should resign, and then take care of my dad, when I was really on the verge of collapse, give up work. It means that the previous efforts are in vain, which means that the family has lost one income.
  Many relatives’ position is that they will take care of my dad to be filial, and they cannot understand me. However, my dad was thinking about it for me at the time. He didn't want me to give up the work that I was striving for and to comfort me. At that time, my heart was very, very complicated and heart-wrenching.
  Later, I communicated well with the department manager, re-adjusted the work shift time, and spared more time to go to the hospital to accompany my dad. Later, the miracle was that the doctor told me that my father’s cancer slowly improved, and the family of three spent the same time. The hardships.
  But this matter, I have been very guilty until now. I don’t have time to spend more time with my family. When I have problems with my guilt, I still have a hard time making my own work. When I think of it, I feel that I am not filial.
  Netizen - He Dengping:
  Suddenly, the bankruptcy debt was more than 3 million, and his body was poor. He was admitted to the hospital six times a year, and he was refused insurance by the insurance company. Grandma was taken care of and came home. Mother is gambling. The current man is gone forever, and then the child’s father died, and no money to bury the ashes remains in the funeral parlour.
  However, I still smile every day, and when the tears dry, I will not flow anymore. I want to set an example for two underage sons. As long as the life is still there, everything will pass. My body is better to support a family. The banknotes must be earned back, the debts paid off, and the family will not have to rent a house.
  It is a child, a mother, not a loser. I don’t believe that men are so realistic. I don’t believe that I can’t find my own happiness. Therefore, I must persist and prove that I can have happiness.
  I have to prove that I can be a good mother and let the two sons know how to be a man who has the responsibility. I always believe that I can achieve my dreams!