If the cold door is difficult to get out of the house is the fate arrangement, then why can't it be the fish of the net under the palm of destiny? If life can be countered, why can't it be you?
  I lived in an industrial town from a urination, where the air was mixed with gasoline, which made people feel evil, and the machine kept running, making a noisy sound.
  The most inconspicuous, seemingly tiny tile house is my home. There is no radio in the house, no fans, no TV. A few chairs, a few tables, and a phone that had to be installed to facilitate contact with the outside world.
  There is very little opening in the house to open the window, because the smell of gasoline outside is too heavy. Even in the daytime, there is only a slight sunlight through the transparent skylight of less than two square meters on the top of the tile house, so if there is no light, there is no day and night in the house.
  Under the pressure of the economy, my father left his hometown and went to Guangzhou to work as a decoration worker. The rain and rain did not stop working. In the past year, only the Spring Festival came back in a hurry for two days. The body of the stalwart, the dark and thin face, this is my impression of my father.
  My mother chose to work in a factory in the town, going out early in the morning and returning late at night, only to exchange more money for cheaper time. I don't know where she will go to three meals a day, maybe she doesn't have three meals a day.
  One day, I asked my sister: "Sister, do you know the two fat drink some pesticide maybe I can understand him sister, you have thought about suicide do I think?!.? Man tired ah, this day flies not interesting."
  Yes, I can’t experience the happiness of being led by my parents through the road. I can’t experience the joy of eating unscrupulously, and what I enjoy is the endless night fear, every time it rains, I was afraid that I could not sleep, knowing that my mother was pushing the door at home with a heavy pace.
  At that time, even if I was young, I could not find the meaning of living. What is life, even the days when the rice and vinegar sauce can not be guaranteed? Is it only the bitter taste in the sweet and sour?
  My sister kept tears and hugged me and said, "You can't do stupid things. Your sisters and brothers are alive. Reading is our only way out. We can only change the status quo if we fly to the phoenix." Younger sister, Speaking of thought-provoking words, life, brought her maturity that this age should not be.
  Yes, I want to change, I have to work hard.
  Because of my excellent grades, I went to the best junior high school in the county. In the first day of school , my sister lost the exam and could not get into the high school in the county. My patriarchal parents are reluctant to support their sisters to study, and my sister has to choose to leave where she can change her destiny.
  That night, before my bed, my sister said, in fact, I have already expected this ending. In this small town where traditional thinking is imprisoned, I am a daughter. Even if the exam is good, I can’t continue. Going to pursue my dreams . Younger brother, you are different, you have to insist , I am going out to work to earn tuition for you, you study hard, take your dreams, take my dreams, walk out of this dilapidated town, go to the distance, to be everyone’s example.
  At that moment, I cried and didn't close my eyes all night.
  Yes, I want to change, I have to work hard.
  In my third year, my parents wanted me to drop out of school. The reason is very simple, listening to the gossip of the neighbors. Even if they are patriarchal, the traditional thinking is too deep, so that they feel that reading the elegant book is not as early as entering the society. Gossip comes from my neighbors.
  The men, leaning against the chair in front of the door in the summer, holding a sunflower fan, wearing a flip-flop, shirtless, holding a cigarette, spitting out a circle of white smoke from time to time, idle all day, doing nothing, relying on The wife is working in the factory day and night to get the salary of the day; those women, careless, can be turned into a long tongue for the sake of the chickens and skins, they will always have their work, the only entertainment is to be People gossip.
  At this time, my sister stood up and resolutely opposed it. Even if my father and mother did not support me to go to school, my future tuition and living expenses would be awkward for her. My sister’s words made my father and mother helpless and had to give up, so I was reborn.
  The poor children have more hardships! When I was in my first year of high school, I had appendicitis and I needed surgery. But at that time, it happened that my family had to bite my teeth to help me pay the tuition. There was no money left. In desperation, my mother had to pull down the old face and call to ask the wealthy relatives to borrow.
  However, the relatives said with arrogance, borrowed you still have it, poor ghosts! Even so, my mother kept asking for me. Finally, under the various requests, plus interest as a guarantee, the money was borrowed, but that sentence deeply hurt my heart.
  I can't imagine the phone, the arrogance of the relatives, how disgusting, and I can't forget how helpless the mother's eyes are. I was lying in bed, my face was full of tears.
  "Let you still have it, the poor ghost" is the words of my heart written on the paper, attached to the bedboard of my upper shop, and on my desk, I will take a look before going to bed, not a slap in the face The bitterness, but a force that comes to life. When I am slack, I will think about the tile house at home, think about the sister who dropped out of school, think about this sentence, think about the mother's confused and helpless eyes, and suddenly it is full of hard work.
  I have a lot of classmates asking me why I did so hard to learn , I said, because you don't know what the children of the cold door have experienced.
  Is the gold list title important to me? The answer is yes. I am not pursuing a fame and fortune. I don’t want to look down on the high-rises of the high-rise buildings. I don’t pursue the rich side. Everything I do is just to escape the town, escape the tile house, escape the life of the line and win. Respect for all, especially the relatives of the forces. I want to be a literate, responsible, and dignified person under the guidance of the teacher and under the guidance of the teacher.
  It’s hard to get out of the cold, and this is a hot topic today. It is true that compared with the students of the Hanmen, the family situation is slightly better, and the starting point will be higher. This is an indisputable fact. As I went to junior high school, I found that my English level is very different from that of my classmates. Because of the different environments and different levels of English education, who can count on me to have a high level of English teacher in a remote town.
  However, even if the starting point is different, I will use your hard work to make up for it. What you want to get, you can do it, just because you are willing to work hard. Similarly, no matter where you are in the current situation, how big is the gap with others, as long as you work hard, you can narrow this distance.
  If the cold door is difficult to come out, it is fate arrangement, then why can't you be the fish of the net under the palm of your destiny? If life can be countered, why can't it be you? If you don't work hard, you never know how big your potential is, and you never know how high your limit is!