Story 1: Empty cup mentality
  A scholar asked Zen to a highly respected old Zen master, but he kept talking about his own point of view.
  The old Zen master was silent and treated with tea. Seeing that the tea is about to be full, the old Zen master still does not stop.
  The scholar said anxiously: "Don't fall again, it will overflow soon!"
  The old Zen master said without hesitation: "You are like a cup filled with water, filled with your own prejudices and opinions, how can I tell you about Zen?"
  In life, you need the mind of the river, and the spirit of seeking new knowledge.
  In the face of the unknown, forever empty cups, will always have good tea and surprises waiting for you.
  Story 2: Zhuangzi's empty ship
  "Zhuangzi Shanmu" tells a little story:
  A person crossing the river by boat, seeing a ship opposite is about to hit.
  The man shouted a few times, but no one responded, and the person who opened the boat was not long.
  But when he found out that it was an empty ship, the anger just disappeared.
  Many times, anger is not because of harm to yourself, but a mentality problem.
  Don't be self-centered, don't complain, open-mindedly live in the world, what else is there to be angry?
  Story three: empty baskets
  There is a pair of grandchildren who go to school early in the morning.
  One day, my grandson asked: "Grandpa, I read like you every day, but I don't understand it, and I have forgotten the book. Is it useful to read?"
  Grandpa didn't talk, turned and took a bamboo basket that was full of coal on weekdays and handed it to his grandson: "Go and give me a basket of water to come back."
  The boy tried many times, but every time before he flew home, the water would leak.
  Looking at the exhausted appearance of the grandson, Grandpa smiled and pointed to the bamboo basket. The grandson found that the bamboo basket was different from before, and it became clean from the inside out.
  Read more, even if you don't understand or remember, you will change you subtly, whether it is appearance or heart.
  As the saying goes, there is no useless work in the world, and the bamboo baskets are not empty.
  Story 4: Empty Bowl Story
  The little apprentice asked the old Zen master: "Master, I am so tired, from morning till night, busy, why is there no achievement?"
  The old Zen master pondered for a moment and let the younger apprentice bring an empty bowl.
  The old Zen master put a dozen walnuts in the bowl and asked, "Can you put more walnuts in the bowl?"
  Little apprentice: "It's full, can't let go."
  The old Zen master poured a lot of rice into the gap of the walnut and filled the whole bowl. The little apprentice seemed to understand.
  The old Zen master laughed and poured a scoop of water into the bowl. It seemed that all the gaps in the bowl were filled.
  The old Zen master asked the younger apprentice: "Is this full?" The little apprentice did not dare to answer.
  Unexpectedly, the old Zen master salted a hand into the water, and the water did not overflow at all.
  A person's life is an empty bowl. If you are filled up with many small things, you will not be able to take care of big things.
  What should I put in the bowl first? What is the walnut of your life?
  Story 5: Empty bottle opening
  The fox and the monkey did not eat for a few days, and they prayed for the Buddha to give them food.
  Buddha said: "There are two bottles, one full of food, one empty, you choose one."
  The fox thought about it and said, "I see these two bottles are empty."
  A bottle is open: "I am not empty!"
  As soon as the fox heard it, he immediately took another bottle and it was filled with delicious food.
  Looking at the monkey's incomprehensible look, the fox smiled and said: "The empty bottle will be afraid of others saying that he is an empty bottle."
  A person with an empty stomach is afraid that others will say that he does not understand anything.
  And the person with the goods in your stomach, you say what he does, he will not care.