An old man selling porcelain bowls was walking on the road with a pole. Suddenly a porcelain bowl fell to the ground and broke, but the old man did not go back.

  Passers-by saw it very strange and asked:

  "Why is your bowl broken and you don't look at it?" The old man replied: "I will look back again, the bowl is broken."

  Lost things must learn to accept, learn to let go.

  Many things will not come back because of your grief , and the result will be changed.


  The parrot meets the crow, the parrot in the cage is comfortable, and the crow in the wild is free.

  Parrots envy the crows free, and the crows envy the parrots.

  The two birds negotiated exchanges.

  The crow is comfortable, but the host is very happy, and finally died of depression; the parrot is free, but long-term comfort, can not survive independently, and ultimately die of hunger.

  Don't blindly envy the happiness of others, maybe that is not for you.

  Don't go to compare, live your own life, and enjoy your life is king.


  The teacher asked: "There is a person who wants to burn the pot of boiling water. When the fire is halfway, he finds that the wood is not enough. What should he do?"

  Some students said that they should hurry to find, and some said to borrow and buy.

  The teacher said, "Why don't you dump some of the water in the pot?"

  Classmates suddenly realized...

  The world can't always be as good as it is.

  People's energy will always be limited. It is better to "pour some water" and focus only on the people and things that you like.


  Cats and pigs are good friends.

  One day, the cat fell into the big pit, the pig took the rope, and the cat called the pig to throw the rope down. As a result, it was thrown down.

  The cat is very depressed and said: "Throw it down, how can I pull me up?"

  The pig said: "How else?"

  The cat said: "You should hold a rope!"

  The pig jumped down and took the end of the rope and said, "Now it is!"

  The cat cried and cried very happily...

  Some people are not very smart, but they are worth living for a lifetime.


  The old monk asked the young monk: "If you are going to die further, you will die if you step back. What should you do?"

  The little monk said without hesitation: "I am going to the side."

  When there is no way in the sky, when you encounter a dilemma on your way of life, you may understand it from another angle.

  Next to the road, still the road.


  On the first day, the little white rabbit went fishing and found nothing.

  The next day, it went fishing again, still.

  On the third day, it just arrived, a big fish jumped out of the river and shouted:

  "If you dare to use carrots as bait, I will die of you."

  What you give is what you "think" yourself, not what the other person wants.

  It is worthless to live in your own world.


  The poor asked the Buddha: Why am I so poor?

  Buddha said: You have not learned to give others.

  Poor: I have nothing to give?

  Buddha: If you have nothing, you can give others seven things.

  Yan Shi: Smile;

  Words: Say praise to comfort words;

  Heart Shi: Open your heart and be jealous of people;

  Eyes: A good eye for others;

  Practice: Help others with action;

  Seat: It is a modest seat;

  Housing: There is a heart.

  Don't have too many meaningless calculations, give more people, you may gain unexpected wealth and happiness.


  Someone asked the farmer: "Has the wheat been planted?"

  Farmer: "No, I am worried that it will not rain."

  The man asked again: "Then you planted cotton?"

  Farmer: "No, I am worried that the worm has eaten cotton."

  The man asked again, "What did you plant?"

  Farmer: "Nothing, I want to be safe."

  Too many concerns, too many thoughts, will lead to a bunch of hands, nothing can be done.