In 1999, 20 years ago 
  , Yue Yunpeng was 14 years old. 
  That year, Guo Degang was 26 years old. 
  That year, Wang Baoqiang was 15 years old. 
  That year, Ma Yun was 35 years old.


  In March 1999, 14-year-old Yue Yunpeng took a heavy snow and embarked on a long-distance bus from Henan Xiangyang to Beijing.

  When he got on the bus, he secretly vowed: "This time I go to work in Beijing, I must make a good fight and earn money to honor my parents."

  On the way to Beijing, there was a song on the car - "The Pink Memories." "From the day I heard this song, I felt uncomfortable in my heart. It was extremely uncomfortable. The scenes and moods at that time would come to my heart."

  This year, Guo Degang and Li Jing and Zhang Wenshun founded the "Beijing Conversation Conference", "Let the cross talks return to the theater and make a real cross talk."

  I didn't expect the business to be bleak. In the end, even the rent could not be paid. Guo Degang was so sloppy. At this time, the wife proposed a divorce. Guo Degang sighed and signed the divorce agreement.

  Later, Guo Degang recalled these days and said: "Sighs and sighs, blood and tears."

  In 1999, just after the Lantern Festival , Wang Baoqiang said a word to his mother : "Mom, I want to go out and earn money. I will not get married in the future. It is too expensive to get married. It has to be thousands of dollars and I have to build a house."

  Three days later, at the age of 15, he took the train to Beijing. "I am going to Beijing and make a movie."

  At the beginning of 1999, Ma Yun failed to start his business for the third time . At this time, he was 35 years old.

  Before leaving Beijing to return to Hangzhou, Ma Yun took the team to the Great Wall. Said to be a play, but everyone's mood is very heavy. One person suddenly burst into tears and shouted at the Great Wall: "Why! Why!"

  On the night of leaving Beijing, Ma Yun invited everyone to have a meal. On that day, there was a lot of snow. Everyone sang "True Hero" and cried with a headache.


  On April 15, 1985, Yue Yunpeng was born in the rural area of ​​Fuyang, Henan. He was ranked sixth at home and had five sisters on his head. The Yue family was the poorest in the village.

  In the winter of 1998, Yue Yunpeng, who was in the first day of the first year, was named by the teacher: "When will the tuition fee of 68 yuan be paid?"

  There was no money at home, and Yue Yunpeng was arrogant. The result was ridiculed by the students. Yue Yunpeng felt too shameful, and he succumbed to school.

  Guo Degang, born in 1973, is a Tianjin native whose father is a policeman.

  Guo's father was too busy to work, and he didn't have time to take care of Guo Degang. He often threw him in a small theater. In the small theater, there are operas, cross talks, and commentaries. So, one after the other, Guo Degang fell in love with the cross talk.

  Guo Degang really has a lot of talent, what to learn like, when he was a teenager, the cross talks were quite different, so he was recruited into the Tianjin Hongqiao Cultural Center.

  On May 29, 1984, Wang Baoqiang was born in Xingtai Village, Hebei Province. When he was 8 years old, Wang Baoqiang looked at Shaolin Temple and was so excited that he couldn’t sleep all night. The next day, he said to his father, “I am going to Shaolin Temple to learn martial arts.”

  Dad asked: "What are you doing here?"

  Wang Baoqiang replied: "I will also shoot martial arts movies in the future."

  Dad is a slap in the face. But Wang Baoqiang is not reconciled. Every day, his parents are going to learn kungfu. After a long time, my parents know that he recognizes the truth: "Then go."

  In 1964 Ma was born in Hangzhou, from small to large, the results are very general, even early in the exam high schools took the test twice.

  In 1982, he participated in the first college entrance examination, and the result was a mess, and even three were not admitted. Ma Yun, who was on the list, set off three rounds. "I plan to live this way in my life."

  But one day in three rounds, he found a book - Lu Yao's "Life." This book makes Ma Yun boiled: "I want to go to college."

  In 1983, he participated in the second college entrance examination, and the results were still not even tested.

  In 1984, he participated in the third college entrance examination. This time, he was admitted to Hangzhou Normal University.


  In March 1999, after Yue Yunpeng came to Beijing, he went to a motor factory to be a security guard.

  When the security guard wants to go to night shift, he can't sleep when he is working night shift, and he will be deducted 40 yuan when he sleeps. In the first month, Yue Yunpeng not only did not get 300 yuan in salary, but also owed the factory 20 yuan.

  He cried the nose for a night. In the second month, in order to prevent being deducted, Yue Yunpeng bought the first pack of cigarettes in his life. "Not for pumping, it is for reminding. When you are trapped, you can stick cigarettes in your hands, and the smoke will burn your hands. You will wake up when you feel a pain." ”

  In 1988, 15-year-old Guo Degang came to Beijing. He has a very pure purpose, "to enter the system and become a professional comic actor."

  He reported to a cultural troupe in Beijing. With a solid crosstalk, he was admitted to the newly established rap group of the Cultural and Art Troupe. Although admitted to the exam, his identity is completely different from what he envisioned. "It is a temporary worker who is mainly responsible for the inspection."

  What is a "checkpoint"? To put it bluntly, it is to mix, tea, pour water, and move the table. "If you are doing miscellaneous things, I will do it first. I will do it first. Maybe I will have the opportunity to go on stage and say cross talk."

  I didn't expect to work for more than a year. Even the steps on the stage were not enough. Guo Degang's heart was cold. "Get it, go back to Tianjin."

  In March 1999, after Wang Baoqiang came to Beijing, he first found a residence in the North Beach - the basement.

  The basement was full of pipes. "All the abandoned things in this building, waste water, garbage, and urine, flowed through my head. I live in this room with six people. Three beds, Bunk, everyone pays 20 bucks. There is no toilet in the house, and the toilet has to go very far. We put a chamber pot under the bed. There is a musty smell in the house, and the quilt is also. After many years, this mold The taste still stays in my mind, and when I encounter a similar taste, I will think of this basement."

  Although Ma Yun's comprehensive scores are average, but English is surprisingly good. So after graduating from college, he went to Hangzhou Institute of Electronics Industry as an English teacher. After working for 4 years, the monthly salary is less than 100 yuan.

  Ma Yun felt that this was not interesting, so in 1992, he found a few friends to establish Haibo Translation Agency - specializing in translation. Ma Yun signed a long contract with the landlord, and the monthly rent was 1,500 yuan.

  Ma Yun, who wanted to do something big, did not expect that the translation agency business would be so bleak, with a monthly income of less than 500 yuan. Not to mention paying wages, even paying rent is not enough. In order to maintain the survival of the translation agency, Ma Yun went to Yiwu to wholesale a lot of small commodities, underwear, socks, flashlights, etc., and then sold around like a salesman.

  "There was a cold word and I was blinded."


  Not long after the security guards worked, Yue Yunpeng was dismissed because he did not have an identity card and the boss worried about being sued for child labor.

  Yue Yunpeng had to go around for work and finally entered a food city. Start with washing dishes, then kill chickens and slaughter ducks, and get tired to die every day. After doing this for half a year, Yue Yunpeng finally upgraded to be responsible for the "steamer".

  But the ass is still not hot, Yue Yunpeng was dismissed, because the chef's younger brother took the job. Yue Yunpeng was so angry that he cried for a night.

  Not long after returning to the Tianjin Hongqiao Cultural Center, Guo Degang met his ex-wife Hu Zhonghui. The Cultural Center engaged in a cross-talking class. Guo Degang was a teacher. Hu Zhonghui was a student. The two fell in love at first sight and fell into a marriage hall six months later.

  In this way, it was four years. In 1994, Guo Degang moved again. He came to Beijing again with more than 100 yuan. "I still think of Beijing as a cross talk."

  After arriving in Beijing, Guo Degang asked people around, hoping which master can pick up himself, but no one is willing to accept him.

  Guo Degang lives in a small hotel, the room rate is 15 yuan a day, plus meals, rides, a day spent more than 20 yuan. He found that more than 100 yuan could not last for a few days, so after staying in Beijing for four or five days, he sighed back to Tianjin.

  After Wang Baoqiang came to Beijing, he not only lived in the worst house, but also ate the worst food. “In order to save money, every meal is a steamed bun and a pot of water.”

  Later, after he was familiar with his roommate, he started to cook together. "We six people, I bought some sacks of potatoes. I went back every night, we were surrounded by potatoes: baked potatoes, boiled potatoes, fried potatoes, sliced, We cut and cut the silk, and we all thought about it in various ways. Later, when we saw the potatoes, we wanted to vomit, and each of them felt that there was a potato smell on the other side."

  In 1995, Hangzhou needed to build a highway, and a US company participated in the project. However, the project has been going on for a while, but the US company has been slow to pay, and the government wants to go to the United States for coordination.

  Going to coordinate is to find a translator, so the government has found Ma Yun. This trip to the United States gave Ma Yun an unexpected bonus - knowing the Internet.

  Ma Yun felt that the Internet was so amazing. He searched for the word "beer" and saw relevant information from many countries, but there was no China. So a thought was born in Ma Yun’s mind: "China, I can do it."

  Upon returning, Ma Yun resigned from the translation agency, invited several friends, raised 100,000 yuan, and created China's first commercial website - China Yellow Pages. “Promoting China’s trade and business information to the world.”

  In order to promote and promote the Chinese Yellow Pages, Ma Yun went to seek support and was asked to go out again and again. "This person is not like a good person at first glance."

  In the taxi, Ma Yun burst into tears: "I hope that the Chinese will succeed early and can't drag on any more."

  Under the hard work of Ma Yun, the Chinese Yellow Pages finally got better every day and was acquired by Hangzhou Telecom a year later.

  But soon, Hangzhou Telecom and Ma Yun had serious differences in their business philosophy. Different road non-phase plan. In 1997, Ma Yun withdrew from the Chinese Yellow Pages.


  After being dismissed by the food city, Yue Yunpeng was forced to go to a restaurant to brush the toilet. It didn't take long before he was dismissed because he made a mistake.

  After being opened, Yue Yunpeng thought for two days, "I still have to learn a craft." So he went to Yanqing to study the welder, and after two months of hard work and suppression, he "escaped" from there.

  Yue Yunpeng was really poor at the time, a pair of leather shoes, the bottom was lost, and he was reluctant to throw. He went to the bus, didn't have the money to buy a ticket, and the conductor yelled at him. He replied with tears and didn't dare to scream.

  After returning to Tianjin, Guo Degang was still unwilling to decide to build a theater. So he rented a venue near the Second Culture Palace in Tianjin, with a monthly rent of 5,000 yuan.

  The venue is there, but no one can listen to the cross talk. Guo Degang had to close the door for a few months and lost tens of thousands. After doing a few more business, but in the end all ended in failure, owed a debt.

  As a last resort, he had to sell a house at home. Guo Degang repeatedly tossed five times, making Hu Zhonghui gradually dissatisfied. The relationship between the two became more and more stale, and finally they had to choose a divorce.

  Every morning, Wang Baoqiang went to the entrance of the North Film Factory and hoped to be an extra actor.

  After waiting for half a month, he finally received his first job. This is a Qing Dynasty drama, Wang Baoqiang put on the clothes he brought: "What do you play, how do you play it?"

  The group’s eyes glanced at it: “What others do, you just do it.”

  So Wang Baoqiang followed a group of people, from the street to the end of the street, and then, it was over. Back at the residence, Wang Baoqiang began to recite: "When is this drama staged, I can see if I can find me."

  Roommates sneered. Wang Baoqiang is eager for success. At that time, success was in his eyes: "I saw a face on TV, went to the bathroom, went back to the toilet and could see myself, then it was a success."

  In 1997, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation wanted to set up China International Electronic Commerce Center and invited Ma Yun to form and manage the team.

  Ma Yun went to Beijing with a few brothers. After 14 months in Beijing, Ma Yun resigned: "There are too many rules and regulations, and they will not open their fists."

  At the end of 1998, Ma Yun said to a group of brothers: "I brought you to Beijing, but I have to go back to Hangzhou. I will give you three choices. First: stay in Beijing, work is very stable, and wages are good. Second: I recommend going to Yahoo, Sina, Sohu, the work is relatively stable, the salary is also very high. Third: follow me back to Hangzhou to start a business, but the monthly salary is only 500 yuan, there is no rest day within 10 months, we can not rent Starting a house, I can only work in my house. If the business fails after 10 months, we will go all the way. You think about it for three days, then tell me."

  Did not wait for three days, only after three minutes, everyone said: "We will return to Hangzhou with you." Ma Yun immediately red eyes.

  Not burning electric welding, Yue Yunpeng went to a restaurant as a waiter. It didn't take long before he was fired. Because of a mistake in his busy life, he wrote two bottles of beer at the No. 5 table to Table 3. Because more than 6 yuan of beer money, the man on the 3rd table not only did not pay the bill, but also used a variety of dirty words to insult Yue Yunpeng. "I didn't pay for all kinds of things, I didn't care. I finally bought the order for 352 yuan."

  But even if he bought the order, the manager still did not let him go: "He doesn't want to make mistakes. If he commits another crime, he will end with him."

  Yue Yunpeng cried again for a whole night.

  In 2015, Yue Yunpeng accepted an interview with Face to Face. The host asked: "Do you still hate that guest?"

  Yue Yunpeng replied: "I still hate him until now!" He cried when he finished.

  Guo Degang was not reconciled, so he went to Beijing in 1995.

  He rented a small house in a remote, big rent, with a monthly rent of 150 yuan, and then made a mess in the sand mouth. After three months of work, he had the first chance to stage.

  At that time, the troupe promised him: "I will give you 1000 pieces a month." But when the salary is paid, people say, "Look at your performance next month."

  No income, can not eat, Guo Degang smashed the noodles into a paste, and then bought back a bunch of green onions, eat "dummy with green onions" every day.

  One day, the show ended too late and the bus had already been closed. Guo Degang asked for a living private car: "Daxing, go?"

  The driver said: "Go."

  Guo Degang said: "I don't have money, I will give you a pocket watch."

  As soon as the driver heard it, he turned away. Guo Degang had to walk home. The car whizzed past, Guo Degang looked up at the sky, and all the scent of the throat rushed to the throat. "I shed tears. At 4 o'clock in the morning, when I got home, my feet were all soaked. It is."

  Just lying in bed, the landlord came, to rent, Guo Degang did not dare to open the door, the landlord squatted at the door for half an hour.

  The next day, Guo Degang made a high fever, no money, did not dare to go to the hospital, he sold the pager, "buy three packs of cold medicine two hoes."

  The group performance of Wang Baoqiang for the fourth time was to play "a refugee who fled the country." The plot was tripped by a warlord's officer, and even the man turned the basket into the ditch.

  Wang Baoqiang thought that he was just doing it, but he did not expect that the actor who played the officer was really sincere. The big sneakers squatted on the waist of Bao Qiang, and he became a shrimp, so the turbulent movement was incoherent. The director is not satisfied: "Recommended."

  It was a heavy one, and Bao Qiang endured the pain and rolled into the ditch.

  The director is still not satisfied: "Who is this person looking for? Looking for a fool to do?"

  Then take the third time. The third time, finally passed. "My waist, after a week, there are blue shoes."

  On February 20, 1999, in a community called Lakeside Garden in Hangzhou, Ma Yun summoned 17 people and opened a famous mobilization meeting in the history of Alibaba.

  Sitting on the ground, Ma Yun stood in the middle and talked for two hours: "From now on, we have to do a great thing..." Ma Yun, together with these 17 people, was later called "Ali 18 Luohan."

  A few days later, Ma Yun made a job advertisement in the newspaper. I wrote this sentence in English: "If not now, When? If not me, Who?"

  If not now, when is it? If not me, who else?


  After the "wrong beer" was opened, Yue Yunpeng went to a fried noodle restaurant as a waiter.

  The quality of this noodle restaurant is quite high. The staff are required to wear a pair of cardigans and round-shoes. They also have to say that Beijing film: "Come on you, please come inside!"

  In December 2003, a regular customer who often came to eat noodles, called Yue Yunpeng aside: "Your nephew is very good, I introduce you to a person, you can learn from him."

  Yue Yunpeng asked: "Who?" said the old gentleman: "Guo Degang."

  In 1999, 20 years ago, Wang Baoqiang was 15 years old. That year, Ma Yun was 35 years old.

  After the troupe said a period of cross talk, Guo Degang finally had some small reputation. From the end of 1998 to the beginning of 1999, he and Zhang Wenshun and Li Jing founded the "Beijing Conversation Conference", which is now the predecessor of Deyun.

  Guo Degang finally has his own theater. Although the theater is there, can the business be light and light to what extent? Often "one person on the stage, the next person."

  "I was talking about the cross talk. The audience's cell phone rang. When he answered the phone, I stopped. When he answered the phone, I went on."

  The business was light and could not afford the rent. Guo Degang had to go around with the group to sell art. In the art, he met Wang Hui.

  Wang Hui is a famous actor of Jingyun Drum. He has held a special event at the age of 14. After many contacts with Guo Degang, this sister fell in love with Guo Degang, completely disregarding the opposition of his parents, and "worried to the body" to marry Guo Degang.

  In 2003, Guo Degang moved the venue to the flyover, and the “Beijing Conversation Conference” was renamed “Deyun Society”, but the business was still very light. Just when Deyun was about to close down, Wang Hui gave him the greatest support and sold all the cars and jewelry. "The Deyun Society has a breathing space."

  After doing a group performance for a period of time, Wang Baoqiang met a martial arts leader through a brother of Shaolin Temple, so Wang Baoqiang began to be a "replacement."

  When I was filming "Bus Detective", "As a substitute, I have to fall off a high ladder. Below is the concrete floor, there is no protection. I closed my eyes and fell straight. I screamed, my head slammed. Sizzling."

  The director said: "Re-come!" Bao Qiang slammed down again.

  Director: "Re-come!" Baoqiang slammed down again.

  When the director called "OK", Bao Qiang almost lost consciousness, and blood soaked his entire sleeve.

  From the beginning of this movie, many acupoints have known Wang Baoqiang. "I am not afraid of death, others are falling, he really fell."

  Alibaba's development is not very smooth. After less than half a year, it will not be able to pay. Ma Yun had to go around to raise funds.

  Ma Yun found 37 VCs, but he was rejected 37 times. Alibaba, it will die.

  Although I don't know who Guo Degang is, Yue Yunpeng is moving. Every day from 2pm to 5pm, it is the waiter's rest time. So I ate lunch every day, Yue Yunpeng went to Deyunshe, listened to the crosstalk and heard the 4:30, and then ran back to the store.

  After listening to the cross talk for a period of time, Yue Yunpeng felt that Guo Degang was quite good, so he called home and said, "I want to learn a technology, I don't want to be a waiter. Give me two years. I will not go home for two years. Send money, if I can't learn, I will go home and farm."

  Deyun Society was unable to make ends meet, and Guo Degang had to live around. In 2003, a variety of art in Anhui was recruited, and Guo Degang ran to apply. The column group wants to test whether he has the tolerance, and he has made a glass window in the bustling section, let him live live for 48 hours, and must also perform with the audience during the show.

  The audience let him punch, let him yell, let him knit a sweater...

  Guo Degang was terribly uncomfortable, but he had to put on his face with a smile. "If I get worse, I will collapse."

  After 48 hours of biting, Guo Degang finally became the host. Hosting the first episode, Anhui Satellite TV will give 4,000 yuan.

  But not long after, the wages fell all the way, and later simply did not give money, Guo Degang had to break the errand.

  It is very difficult to do group play and make substitutes. Sometimes it can't be received for a long time. If you don't get a job, you won't have money. If you don't have money, you have to be hungry. Wang Baoqiang has to work as a porter and earn 25 yuan a day.

  Wang Baoqiang was very economical to eat and wear. He saved the money he earned. "Every once in a while, I am going to wash the photos. It is dozens of washes and then distributed to the head and assistant director."

  The roommate laughed at him: "Do you see the big director? You can throw it on the road."

  Wang Baoqiang said: "The 100th can't be seen, the 101st can see it."

  Just when Alibaba could not hold it, after a friend introduced, Ma Yun found the softbank boss Sun Zhengyi. Sun Zhengyi said: "I only give you 6 minutes."

  Ma Yunkou talked about it. After 6 minutes of speech, Sun Zhengyi said: "I decided to invest in Alibaba."

  Ma Yun got a $20 million venture capital, and Alibaba finally got through the storm.


  At the beginning of 2004, Yue Yunpeng resigned and went to Deyun to go to Guo Degang.

  Guo Degang really didn't want to take him in, because Yue Yunpeng didn't have any bottom, even the "Reporting Name" didn't know. But when Yue Yunpeng was really pitiful, he remembered his own experiences in the past few years, so he took Yue Yunpeng. "Start with the first thing, and give you 50 yuan a week."

  In a few days, Yue Yunpeng didn't want to do it. I can still get 1000 pieces for the waiter. I can only get 50 pieces here. "But after reading some of the discs of the comic masters, Yue Yunpeng finally settled down: "Schools can become an artist, and the older the more fragrant, the waiter is not a long-term solution. 

  So every day, Yue Yunpeng concentrated on practicing "speaking and singing."

  In 1999, 20 years ago, Wang Baoqiang was 15 years old. That year, Ma Yun was 35 years old.

  What industries are talking about circles, and the field of comics is the same. If you don't have the big-handed support, you can't get a good performance opportunity without the approval of the big man.

  Guo Degang said that the technique of crosstalk was first-class, but because the big brothers did not recognize him, he did not get a good performance opportunity.

  At the beginning of 2004, Guo Degang went to Guangzhou to perform. This performance brought him light. Hou Yaowen was also at the scene. After watching Guo Degang's cross talk, he praised him. "This kid is really good."

  Shortly after returning to Beijing, Hou Yaowen became an apprentice to Guo Degang. Guo Degang bowed to the ground and was grateful.

  Wang Baoqiang's photo distribution finally has an effect. In 2002, he was working on cement at the construction site, and the pager rang, and he rushed back to the phone. On the other side of the phone, said: "Wang Baoqiang? We are here the "Blind Well" crew. Come to the costumes for the audition tomorrow."

  This is a movie filming a mine. The actor has a mine that is several hundred meters deep, but this mine is very dangerous and may collapse at any time.

  The male No. 2 did not play. When the director group could not find a suitable person, he remembered Wang Baoqiang. Wang Baoqiang did this on the second man.

  Wang Baoqiang never dreamed that this drama would allow him to win the Golden Horse Award for Best Newcomer. After winning the prize, he called home and his brother yelled over the phone: "Where have you been in the past few years, a phone call is not coming, thinking you are dead!"

  Wang Baoqiang burst into tears.

  After Ma Yun received a $20 million venture capital, he began an overseas expansion plan: he established offices in several countries and hired a large number of foreign top talents. "At the time, Alibaba had 30 engineers in Silicon Valley, and the annual salary was not less than 6 Number of digits."

  As a result, just after entering 2001, Alibaba’s capital chain was tense. “At most, it can only support for half a year.”

  After several nights of insomnia, Ma Yun made a major decision to return to China. Large-scale withdrawal of layoffs began. The layoffs are too fierce. To what extent?

  "Ali work is arranged in the order of joining the company. Ma Yun is No. 1, before the 20th is the founder of the company, the former 100 is the old team of the company. At that time, the big layoffs, the old employees within 100 cut off half. ""

  When Ma Yun called his good friend Erisman, he cried very sadly: "Is it a bad person?"


  After more than a year of hard work, Yue Yunpeng can finally say a few cross talks. So Guo Degang let him go on stage and said a piece of "School of Learning." On the first stage, Yue Yunpeng was extremely nervous. When he said that he was in chaos, he said that after three minutes, he was smashed by the audience.

  He cried when he stepped down: "Master, don't drive me away..."

  Guo Degang touched his head: "As long as I have a meal, I won't let you go!"

  With the promotion and promotion of Hou Yaowen, Guo Degang gradually gained recognition from insiders.

  On December 5, 2005, "Sanlian Life Weekly" published "Interview with Guo Degang, the Grassroots Hero in the Confucian Circle". The first sentence begins with "Guo Degang is a strange person in the Chinese comic circle": "He is very famous among the ordinary people. Small, but won the enthusiasm of senior comic fans."

  This report came out, immediately attracted the attention of the national media, so they ran to interview Guo Degang, Guo Degang suddenly became the focus.

  Two months after the Golden Horse Awards, Wang Baoqiang received a call. "Hello, I am Feng Xiaogang."

  Wang Baoqiang couldn't believe it: "Are you Feng Xiaogang?"

  Feng Xiaogang asked: "Do you have a three-month schedule?"

  Wang Baoqiang replied in a row: "There are some, there are all in one year."

  Feng Xiaogang said: "Then you will shoot "The World Without Thieves."

  Putting down the phone, Wang Baoqiang jumped up with joy and even made a few flips.

  After the layoffs, Ma Yun started three major battles.

  The first battle: "Yan'an Rectification Movement." It is to unify thoughts and unify values.

  The second battle: "Anti-Japanese Military and Political University." It is to invest 1 million to train and let employees become the best professionals.

  The third battle: "Nan Niwan Bay Land Reclamation". It is a big production, and the product must be made. These three salvation pills finally saved the dying Ali.

  After countless exercises, in 2006, Yue Yunpeng finally stepped on the stage again. This time, I finally amused the audience.

  From then on, he became out of control and became our favorite "Xiaoyue Yue". On April 9, 2011, he held the first special performance in life.

  In 2005, the media’s repeated reports made Guo Degang a big night in the north and south. The deserted Deyunsha Theater, it became a lively one.

  In 2005, Guo Degang went to the Poly Theatre to perform a miracle of 22 returning games. Since then, he has become a banner of Chinese cross talk.

  After the broadcast of "The World Without Thieves", Wang Baoqiang became famous, and the scripts that he was filming were piled up into hills.

  He took the "Soldier Assault" and won the Golden Eagle Award for the most popular actor. He took the film "Hello! Mr. Tree, won the Best Actor Award in the Asia Pacific Film Awards.

  After eating countless sufferings, he finally became a household star.

  Not to mention Ma Yun.

  In 2009, it was named "Top 100 Most Influential People in the World" by Time magazine. In 2014, it was named "the 50 greatest leaders in the world" by Fortune magazine. In 2018, it was awarded the title of "Reform Pioneer" by the Party Central Committee and the State Council.



  Why do I have to write these four people? It is at the beginning of 2019, and suddenly realizes that the final outcome of this scene of life is actually the sum of choices and persistence.

  If I can go back to 1999, I will say four words to myself at that time:

  Everyone is coming from a grandson. 
  Ordinary people can also become heroes. 
  No one can rely on talent to succeed, only diligence can turn talent into genius. 
  How much beauty you can see depends on how much you have worked hard to live.

  Standing in the mouth of 2019, maybe you are experiencing the humiliation of Yue Yunpeng, maybe you are experiencing the disillusionment of Guo Degang, maybe you are experiencing the sorrow of Wang Baoqiang, maybe you are experiencing Ma Yun’s Waterloo...

  But no matter what hardships you experience, I hope that you will be quite a bit, bite your teeth, quite a bit, maybe you will be able to usher in the clouds and fog.

  Like a scene in "The King of Comedy":

  Cecilia Cheung said: "Look, the front is dark and nothing can be seen."

  Zhou Xingchi said: "No, it will be beautiful after dawn."