Once upon a time, there was a bird in the virgin forests of South America. The birds were green and had a circle of gray texture, like a circle of waves, hence the name Cuibo.

  Although this kind of bird is beautiful, it is busy building a nest every day, so it seems listless and very tired.

  The unique feature of the Tsuibo Bird's Nest is huge, one by one on the tree, and the scene is spectacular.

  But these huge nests can not help but make people wonder. The Tsuibo bird is a kind of bird. It is only five or six centimeters long. Why are the nests built by them several times larger than their own bodies, or even ten times?

  To understand the mystery, an animal scholar did an experiment.

  He made a huge cage and caught a Tsuibo bird to observe its nesting process.

  What he didn't expect was that this Tsuibo bird built a nest that could accommodate his body size and then stopped working.

  This caused great interest among scholars. He also caught a Tsuibo bird in a cage and wanted to see if it was built.

  But this time there was a sudden change. After the bird was put into the cage, it was not long before it began to build a nest. The one that had stopped building began to frantically expand the nest. The two nests grew bigger.

  After a few days, the two birds were obviously exhausted and the construction speed slowed down.

  A few days later, the one that was originally sent in was actually dead, and after the death of the bird, the other one immediately stopped building the nest. These phenomena are really puzzling.

  The scholar then caught a Tsuibo bird in a cage, as was the case before.

  The scholar fell into deep thought and suddenly understood that the reason why the Cuibo bird was busy was actually a comparison.

  This kind of bird is too strong to be mentally strong, and it is not allowed to be bigger than others. Once another bird is found to be a new "house", it will continue to expand the nest... The two birds in the experiment are actually exhausted.

  In fact, life is just like the nesting of Tsuibo birds. If you want to be truly happy and live comfortably, you can't always take others as a reference. Many times you are satisfied.

  Anyone, anything, try your best, and work hard enough.

  You don't have to make your body too hard, and you don't have to worry about your heart.

  Always staring at the lives of others, you will not see your happiness.

  People do not argue, one is relaxed; things are not like, all the way is smooth; heart does not ask, life is calm.

  I hope that you will be a contented person, let the family be safe and secure, be sincere and sincere to your friends, make your mood happy, and be passionate about life.