Classic strong inspirational quotes
  1. Struggle is only a sign of action, but actual action should have detailed plans, clear passages, firm will and strength. - Dale Carnegie
  2, a person's courage is big, can have a role; a fearful person, a weak person, although he is not in danger of being there, but as soon as he hears the intimidating words of others, he is already scared to know what to do. What kind of achievements can people make? - Dale Carnegie
  3. Only do the first one, not the second one.
  4. Being brave is in line with deep thoughts and decisions. ——Yu Wujin
  5, remember! The more serious the situation, the more difficult it is, the more it needs to be firm, active, and courageous, and the more negative it is, the more harmful it is. --Leo Tolstoy
  6, heavy snow pressure green pine, green pine is very straight and straight, you must know pine high clean, until the snow. ——Chen Yi
  7. Although strong people are very excited in their hearts, their opinions and beliefs are like the compass pointer on the ship during the storm, and they can still accurately point out the direction. - Clausewitz
  8. Only after experiencing the torture of hell can you conquer the power of heaven. Only the fingers that flow through the blood can pop the swan song of the world.
  9. Patience and persistence outweigh the fierceness and enthusiasm. - La Fontaine (French allegorical poet)
  10. You are not brave, no one is strong for you .
  11. The road to history is not the sidewalk on Nevsky Avenue. It is entirely in the field, sometimes through the dust, sometimes through the mud, sometimes across the swamp, and sometimes through the jungle. - Chernyshevsky
  12. Even if you are slow, you will not be able to get away from it, you will fall behind, and if you fail, you will be able to achieve the goal you are aiming for. - Lu Xun
  13, the road of your choice, you have to finish it.
  14. Courage leads to heaven and leads to hell. - Seneca
  15. There is no vow of not being old, no constant commitment, embarking on a journey, and turning a blind eye!
  16. If you don't feel like the sea, how can you have a career like the sea?
  17. Heroism is a force, but not the strength of the legs and arms, but the power of the soul and the soul. This power does not exist in the value of warhorses and weapons, but in ourselves. ——Montaigne
  18, courage comes from the struggle, courage is gradually formed in the tenacious struggle with difficulties. The motto of our young people is brave, tenacious, firm, that is to overcome difficulties and obstacles... - Ostrovsky
  19. The power of the will is greater than the strength of the hand. - Sophocles
  20. If you don't have the courage to stay away from the coastline and drift lonely in the sea for a long time, then you must never discover the New World. ——Gide
  21, you are your biggest enemy, brave is your best friend. - Leonard Frank
  22. In the eyes of timid and indecisive people, everything is impossible. - Scott
  23, biting the green hills do not relax, the roots are in the rock; thousands of hard hits are still strong, Ren East and North and South wind. —— Zheng Banqiao
  24, attitude determines everything, strength to defend dignity! People must stand the temptation to endure loneliness!
  25. Hardship can hone the will of the people. - Tol Brown
  26, the eyes that flow through the tears are brighter, the soul that has passed the blood is stronger!
  27. I am a very slow person, but I never go back. --Abraham Lincoln
  28. The virtues that luck requires are temperate, and the virtues needed for adversity are perseverance. - Fei Bacon
  29, right, insist; wrong, give up!
  30. Difficulties can only scare down a lazy lazy man, and victory always belongs to those who dare to climb the scientific peak. - Mao Yisheng
  31, Castle Peak can't cover, after all, go east. ——Xin Qiji
  32. The brave, bold and determined determination is worthy of the weapon. - Da Vinci
  33. A person who stubbornly persists in his goal in a just cause will not shake his determination because his companion is madly yelling "wrong", nor will he fear to shrink as the tyrant threatens the face of intimidation. - Horace
  34. The first condition for success is to be determined; and the determination must not be quick, simple, decisive, and must have the confidence to succeed. - Dumas
  35. If he is a weak grass, let him wither; if he is a brave man, let him make a way out. - Stendhal
  36, I would rather run and be mixed up countless times, and I don't want to follow the rules for a lifetime. smile proudly even if you failed.
  37, tenacious perseverance can conquer any peak in the world. - Dickens
  38. Brave people take risks in their lives and do not take risks with their conscience. - Sheila
  39. There is no flat road to go in science. Only those who are not afraid of hard work on the rugged path will have hope to reach the culmination of the glory. - Marx
  40. I think the best way to overcome fear is to face the things that are feared inside, and go ahead and do it until you succeed. - Roosevelt
  41. Recklessness often appears in the name of courage, but it is another matter, not a virtue; courage comes directly from caution, and recklessness is out of stupidity and taking it for granted. - Catherine Lane
  42. Since he has the courage to die, he should have the strength to fight. Reluctance to accept suffering is not a manifestation of strength, but a manifestation of weakness. - Balzac
  43. Children without umbrellas must work hard!
  44. There are ninety-nine difficulties. It is not difficult to have a strong will. ——Yang Gensi
  45, squatting and giving up, dead wood is not folded; perseverance, gold stone can be awkward. ——荀荀
  46. ​​Those who are on the top of the mountain will not greet the scenery of the mountainside...
  47. Victory belongs to the most persevering person. - Napoleon
  48. Have a strong will and have a great life. --United Kingdom
  49, Baizhang's Taiwan, the beginning of a stone ear, and the two stone, from the three stone, four stone and even thousands of stone. Learning is also true. Remembering today, tomorrow will become a theory, and it will be a long time to learn. - Mao Zedong
  50. People who don't know how to be afraid can't be brave, because bravery refers to the ability to face all the changes and strong unyielding. - Leo Roston
  51. When a person is single-minded in doing things, he will eventually succeed. - Rousseau
  52. We must always pay attention to it. Courage is often blind because it does not see the dangers and difficulties hidden in the dark. Therefore, courage is not conducive to thinking, but it is conducive to hard work. Because you must anticipate danger when thinking, but you must take care of danger in practice, unless the danger is devastating. Therefore, for those who are brave and innocent, they can only be allowed to help, and they must not be leaders. - Bacon
  53. Where are the constant thorns? How can you fight the tiger? Where can you push the mountains? You only have to struggle and fight bravely; continue, forever, victory is yours. - Deng Zhongxia
  54. There is genius, strength and magic in bravery. - Goethe
  55. The most obvious sign of a great person is his strong will. No matter what the environment changes, his original intention and hope will not change at all, and finally overcome obstacles to achieve the desired purpose. - Edison
  56. Despicable people, even if there is a raging fire, what can be burned besides weak grass? - Lu Xun
  57. Don't be angry, be striving for strength, don't look at breaking through, don't want to appreciate, don't delay to be active, don't be tempted to act.
  58. Courage is a kind of tenacity; just because it is a kind of tenacity, it enables us to have any form of self-denial and self-victory. Therefore, it is with this point of view that courage has a lot to do with virtue. ——Schopenhauer
  59. There are obstacles before, struggling to open it, using the passion of the hot, turning the expectation of the heart, the blood is in the air, what is the pain of sweating.
  60. A hero is a person who has gone all out to do everything, from beginning to end. - Baudelaire
  61. Facing all the unusual difficulties, only brave and strong can save. ——Shaying Cimberley 
  62. Courage is one of the most important qualities of mankind. If you have the courage, other qualities of human beings will naturally be available. - Churchill
  63. It is immoral to go through the mediocrity and peace of mind. The person who automatically withdraws from the battle is a coward. -Roman Roland
  64. A truly brave person should be able to endure the most embarrassing honour and humiliation wisely, not to care for the glory and dissatisfaction of the outside world, and to avoid unnecessary catastrophe with a calming attitude. - Shakespeare
  65, you can be very personal, but sometimes please converge.