Classic inspirational quotes about cherishing time
  1. Time is the place where the ability and so on develop. - Marx
  2, procrastinating, there is not much in the coming days, 20 Li, please kiss me, the grass is dry, young and easy to pass. - Shakespeare .
  3. Abandoning today's people, there will be no tomorrow; and yesterday, it is just going to the water. ——John Locke
  4, the waste time is equal to the waste of life . —— Chuan Duan Kang Cheng
  5, the fastest and slowest in the world, the longest and the shortest, the most ordinary and the most precious, the most easily overlooked and most regrettable is the time. - Gorky
  6. What should be done today is not done, and tomorrow will be delayed again. - Pestalozzi
  7. Life is too short. If you are ignorant of your life, your short life will be too long. - British playwright Shakespeare.
  8, time is my property, my field is time. - Goethe
  9. Those who dare to waste even an hour of time show that he still does not know how to cherish the full value of life. - Darwin
  10. Don't sigh for the years that have already been exhausted. You must face up to the time you have hurried away. - Brecht
  11. Of all the critics, the greatest, the most correct, and the most genius is time. - Belinsky
  12, wasting time is a big sin. - Rousseau
  13. Do you love life? Then don't waste time, because time is the material that makes up life. - Franklin
  14. There is no way to make time for me to knock on the hour that has passed. - Byron
  15. Find out the time to think about it. What did you do in a day is a positive or negative sign. - Dimitrov
  16. The way to get the job done is to cherish every minute. - Darwin
  17. Utilization time is an extremely advanced law. - Engels
  18, all the skills of man is nothing more than a mixture of patience and time. - Balzac
  19. Don't wait for tomorrow, what you do, don't wait for others. - Goethe
  20, all savings, in the end all boiled down to the balance of time - Marx
  21, the golden age is in front of us and not behind us. ——American writer Mark Twain
  22. Regardless of how the time of envy devours everything, we must strive to gain our reputation when this interest persists, so that the sickle of time cannot harm us. - Shakespeare
  23. There is a long time between today and tomorrow. When you have spirits, learn to do things quickly. - Goethe
  24. Arranging time reasonably means saving time. - Bacon
  25. Of all the criticisms, the greatest, the most correct, and the most genius is time. - Belinsky
  26, time is a great author, it will give everyone a perfect ending. - Chaplin
  27, the person who gave up the time, time also gave up. - Shakespeare
  28, the hard bee will never have the sorrow of time. - Black
  29. When many people squat on a road, they have to let a road open and let those who cherish the time rush to their front. - Socrates
  30. Those who forget today will be forgotten tomorrow. - Goethe
  31. Wasting time is a big sin. - Rousseau
  32. The time is the most unbiased. It is twenty-four hours for anyone; time is also private, and it is not twenty-four hours for anyone. - Huxley
  33. Success = hard work + correct method + less talk. - Einstein
  34, spring does not leave, no wonder the east wind is evil. - Shakespeare
  35. Any savings in the final analysis is time savings. - Marx
  36. Do you love life? Then don't waste time, because time is the material that makes up life. - Franklin
  37. If we want to live, we should build a clock full of feelings, thoughts and actions for ourselves, and use it to replace this boring, monotonous, sullen to kill the soul, with blame and coldly ticking time. . - Gorky
  38. People who never waste time, no time to complain about the lack of time. ——Jefferson
  39. Time is a great mentor. - Burke
  40. Don't sigh in the past, it is no longer coming back; be wise to improve the present.
  41. Ordinary people only think about how to spend time, and talented people try to use time. ——Schopenhauer
  42. As long as we can make good use of time, we will never be able to use enough time. - German poet Goethe
  43. Think of every day of life as the last day of life. - Helen Keller
  44. All savings, in the final analysis, boil down to time savings. - Marx
  45. Time is the soil of all achievements in the world. Time gives pain to the dreamer and gives the creator happiness. - McKinsey