Inspirational quotes about learning is full of thought labor
  1. Learning leisurely is no better than learning to go.
  2, step up learning, seize the center, Ning Jing do not mix, Ning special do not more.
  3. Smart people have long ears and short tongues.
  4, if people are not far from interest, absent-minded, although they can't learn.
  5, learning is an extremely precious thing, it is shameful to absorb from any source.
  6, good question, is good. If you don't want to, just ask me, you can get a correct answer, and you won't be benefited. So the word "learning" is placed under "learning".
  7. The three conditions for studying are: more observation, more hardship, and more research.
  8. Everyone learns something every day, and what they often learn is to find out what was learned yesterday is wrong.
  9. Everything in the world is learned, and people are trained to be articles.
  10, more common people, more than the wisdom of the people, refused to shackle, the individual is alone.
  11, repetition is the mother of learning.
  12, less and eager to learn, such as the sun of sunrise; strong and eager to learn, such as the light of the sun; old and eager to learn, such as the light of the candle.
  13. When you can't tell yourself what you learned today, don't go to sleep.
  14. We must revitalize our spirits and study hard. Under the hard work, three words, one called the next, one called the bitter, one called the merit, must be refreshed, and hard work.
  15. Learning is labor, and it is full of thought labor.
  16. My efforts to study have not received any other benefits, but I am more and more aware of my ignorance.
  17. People who have learned in ancient and modern China and abroad, those who have achieved achievements, always pay great attention to accumulation. Knowledge is accumulated by the machine, and experience is accumulated. We should not be as "a glimpse" of anything.
  18. Too much use of learning as a decoration is false; it is a quirk of a scholar who breaks down the rules of learning.
  19, the effort to learn, is the effort to chew slowly. Just like eating, you have to chew it badly, just to digest it, it will be beneficial to the human body.
  20, learning a foreign language is not difficult, learning a foreign language is like making friends, friends are more and more familiar, meet every day, friends are intimate.
  21, the human genius is just a spark, if you want to make it a blazing flame, then you can only learn! Learn! ! !
  22, the embarrassment of learning a lot of things, is not to learn a lot at once.
  23. Cherish, concentrate, and study hard is a good way to learn.
  24. The situation is constantly changing. To adapt your thinking to new situations, you have to learn.
  25, to be gradual! The road I have traveled is a step-by-step road.
  26, learn and then know enough, teach and then know sleepy. Insufficient knowledge, then reflexive; knowing sleepy, and then self-improvement.
  27. The first sign of a educated mind is to be good at asking questions.
  28, the person who asks is only a fool of five minutes; the person who is ashamed to ask questions is a fool for life.