Inspirational quotes about passionate work
  1. Genius is the most powerful cow. They keep working for hours and hours. - Jur Lerner
  2. Whether life in a lifetime is happy, safe, and auspicious, it depends on whether his life is moral or not, and whether he can be a model for society. Therefore, self-cultivation education has also become a major part of his school work. - Pestalozzi
  3. I can give up everything, but I cannot abandon the party, abandon the class, and abandon the revolutionary cause. I have a life , I should work for them for a day! ——Fang Zhimin
  4. The best plan for the future is to be good at handling the current task and completing the most recent tasks. - McDonald
  5. The most important improvement in efficiency at work. - About Edison
  6. Science is an honest and honest study. To carry out scientific research work, we must adopt an honest and pragmatic attitude. We must not have a bit of false exaggeration. I don't know if I don't know, I don't understand if I don't understand, I don't know if I don't understand, and I still have to chase it down, I don't understand, I don't know where I am; I know, I know where I am. The honest attitude is to lay the foundations in a down-to-earth manner. Science is a solid science, coherence and systemic are very strong, the previous things are not learned well, the latter things can not go up; the foundation is not well. It is more difficult to engage in cutting-edge. We often encounter some problems in our work that cannot be solved, many of which are caused by the lack of foundation. The speed with which a person progresses in scientific research and other work is often related to his foundation. - Hua Luogeng
  7, no work is protracted, except for the work that you dare not mix hands. - Baudelaire
  8. People's knowledge is not as good as human intelligence. People's intelligence is not as good as human quality. People's quality is not as good as human consciousness. Any work must be done by people, and it is necessary to rely on the enthusiasm and creativity of people. Even today, with the rapid development of science and technology, people are still the decisive factor. - Anonymous
  9. The three most important words in the dictionary of life are will, work, and waiting.
  10. Try to work in a comfortable situation. Remember, physical tension can create shoulder pain and mental fatigue. - Carnegie
  11. Each era has its own language, and often the differences in vocabulary between different eras are much larger than the differences in thought. The main job of the writer is to translate the ideas of other eras into the language of the era in which they live. - Auguste Haier
  12, genius can not make people do not have to work, can not replace labor. To develop genius, you must study for a long time and work with high levels of tension. The more talented a person is, the more complex and important the task he faces. - A. Smirnov
  13. People can contribute all their strength, all their energy, and all their knowledge to their beloved work. Then this work will be completed and the results will be greater. - Obruchev
  14. Education cannot create anything, but it can inspire children's creativity to engage in creative work. - Tao Xingzhi
  15. In this country, the only way to reach the highest power is to work as a lawyer. ——Wei Jones
  16. A person's life is short-lived, and my career is infinitely long. Although the individual suffers from misfortune and many pains, our labor is integrated into the collective victory. This happiness has a part of me. As long as I live a day, I must work for the party for the people for one day. What is the greatest happiness? It is unfavorable and special. ——Ai Runsheng
  17. The party's task is to give overall leadership to the work of all state organs, rather than being too frequent as it is now...often interfering with details. - Lenin
  18. Educators should have a deep understanding of the souls of those who are growing up... Only by continually studying the psychology of students throughout their educational careers and deepening their knowledge of psychology can they become the true masters of educational work. - Suhomlinski
  19. When we paused in front of some difficulties, he always said: "You will make it good! With your cleverness, this little thing is hard to beat you!" And we often because of father In other words, miraculously, I have made things that I couldn’t do well, and I was interested in what I thought was a fearful job. - Roland
  20. When a person uses his work to greet the light, the light will soon shine on him. ——Feng Xuefeng
  21, life in the world is short-lived, for this short life, our best reward is work. - Edison
  22. Science requires everyone to have extremely intense work and great enthusiasm. - Pavlov
  23. In scientific work, people who are unwilling to go beyond the facts can rarely understand the facts. - Huxley
  24, people should behave like their clothes, not too tight or too particular, should be a little more comfortable, to facilitate work and exercise. - Bacon
  25. If work is not the price of life, but the purpose, how happy human beings will be. - Rodin
  26. TV is not a real life. In real life, people actually have to leave the coffee house to do their work. - Bill Gates
  27. The heaviest burden of life is not work, but boring. -Roman Roland
  28. I like our company to look like a barefoot agent. I always try to "wear other people's shoes" and put myself in the shoes of others - a hard-working farm, not a leisurely farmhouse. - Leo Burnett
  29, I think it is the spirit of reaching out to pick up the stars, so that many of us work hard for a long time. Wherever you go, let the work fully express this spirit, and drive us to give up the masterpiece, only to seek masterpieces. Leo Burnett, the only work and all the work of education can be summed up in this concept - morality. - Herbart
  30. Scientific discussion and research itself is beautiful, and its own enjoyment is reward; so I find happiness in my work. - Mrs. Curie
  31, must have the courage of self-confidence , will have the courage to work. - Lu Xun
  32. One percent of the waste in education will cause serious losses to the country. - Macalenko
  33. The leadership ability of management is the driving force for stimulating employees to work hard. ——Biletown
  34. The public's trust cannot be entrusted to anyone, unless the person first proves that he is competent and suitable for the job. - Ma Henry
  35, I insist on fighting for more than fifty years, is committed to the development of science. Using one word can tell me the most difficult job characteristics, the word is "failure." - Thomson
  36. If you behave "like" to be interested in your work, that performance will make your interest real, and will reduce your fatigue, your nervousness, and your anxiety. - Dale Carnegie
  37. People always know the special essence of many different things first, and then it is possible to further generalize the work and understand the common essence of all kinds of things. - Mao Zedong
  38. If the artist is not buried in his works, the Roman legendary goddos rushes into the volcanic rips like soldiers to rush into the fort; if the artist does not collapse like a stratum in the crater The buried miners generally work; if he is stunned by difficulties, instead of overcoming one by one, like those in the fairy tale, in order to get their princess, the endless stream of demon magic is broken. Then, the work can not be completed, can only be rotted in the workshop, production is impossible, the artist can only see his genius die. - Balzac
  39. The aerospace work, the ground work has been done thoroughly, and there will be no problems in the sky. ——Zhang Luqian