Inspirational quotes about defeating setbacks
  1. The biggest test of courage is to see if a person can be defeated. - Ingersoll
  2, any height, no one can not reach. However, if you want to achieve your goals, you must be determined and confident . - Andersen
  3. Suffering is the teacher of life, through suffering, to joy. - Beethoven
  4. On the road of scientific exploration, a person who walks through a detour and makes mistakes is not a bad thing. It is not a shame. In practice, he has the courage to admit and correct mistakes. - Einstein
  5, like the ocean, only the strong-willed people can reach the other side. - Marx
  6. Short-term setbacks are better than short-term successes . - Pythagoras
  7. All perseverance efforts will get paid sooner or later. ——Anger
  8. Going toward a certain goal is "Zhi". It is "qi" in the middle of the drum. The combination of the two is "ambition". The success or failure of all careers depends on this. - Carnegie
  9. If we have accepted the worst, there will be no loss. - Carnegie
  10, meet the deep forest, can be turned into a flat, meet the wilderness, you can plant trees, meet the desert, you can dig wells. - Lu Xun
  11. The struggle is the school that masters the skills. Frustration is the bridge to the truth. - Goethe
  12. Only those who are always lying in the mud pit will not fall into the pit again. - Hegel
  13, the day will be reduced to the big man, then people, must first bitter their minds, labor and muscles, hungry their body, empty body, do what they do, so tempted and endured, Zeng Yi could not. - "Mencius"
  14. I feel that I am going forward, why should people not walk because of a small obstacle? - Lu Xun
  15. Face the adversity with a brave chest. - Horace
  16. I never knew what was sorrow, failed, and the future was created by myself. ——Xu Teli
  17. The difficulty of being overcome is an opportunity for victory. - Churchill
  18, people's lives like floods rushing, not encountering islands, reefs, it is difficult to stimulate beautiful waves. --Ostrovsky
  19. Tenacious perseverance can conquer any peak in the world. - Dickens
  20. The difficulty is bullying and hard. The more you fear it, the more it threatens you. The less you put it in your eyes, the more it compliments you. - Xuan Yongguang
  21. What is the road? That is to say, from the place where there is no way to trample out, from the place where only the thorns are opened up. - Lu Xun
  22, "not shameful last." Even if you are slow, you will not be able to relax, you will fall behind, and you will fail, but you will be able to achieve the goal you are aiming for. - Lu Xun
  23, the seeds do not fall in the fat soil and fall in the rubble, the seeds of vitality will never be pessimistic and sigh, because there is resistance to temper. - Xia Yan
  24, with the support of a lofty goal, keep working, even if it is slow, it will certainly be successful. - Einstein
  25. Aspirations and perseverance are the wings of the cause. Since Goethe's nature has caused different degrees of strength and weakness in the human world, it is also often used in the struggle to break the boat, so that the weak are no less powerful than the strong. - Montesquieu
  26, do not be self-styled because of luck, do not suffer from bad luck. The true powerhouse is good at finding shadows from good times, finding light from adversity, and constantly calibrating your own goals. - Ibsen
  27, the avenues of art are thorns, this is also a good thing, ordinary people are daunting, except for those who are strong-willed. - Hugo
  28. Difficulties and torture For a person, it is a hammer that hits the blank. The broken iron scraps should be broken, and the forged steel knife will be sharp. - Chekhov
  29, no sowing, how to harvest; no hard work, how to succeed; no hardship, no glory; no setbacks, no glory. - Payne
  30. Giving children more opportunities to try is also an integral part of implementing frustration education. Once a child is deprived of the opportunity to try, it is tantamount to being deprived of the opportunity to make mistakes and correct mistakes, so it is impossible to move towards success. - Schumacher
  31. One of the great advantages of a great person is that it is not a bad thing in the unfavorable and difficult encounters. - Beethoven
  32. Failure is also what I need. It is as valuable as success to me. Only after I know how to do it well can I know what it is to do a job. - Edison
  33. All happiness is not without troubles, and all adversity is by no means hopeless. - Bacon
  34. I thought that setbacks and hardships are good opportunities to exercise will and enhance ability. ——Zou Yufen
  35, suffering and suffering, is the highest school to temper personality. ——Liang Qichao
  36. A person always has some rebellious encounters. Otherwise, he will unconsciously sink down. People are afraid that they will fall and others will not fall. - Guo Moruo
  37. Even if you fall a hundred times, you must stand up once and for all. ——Zhang Haidi
  38. One of the great advantages of a great person is that he is indomitable in the unfavorable and difficult encounters. - Beethoven
  39. The development of minerals of human intelligence is indispensable for suffering. Pressure is needed to make gunpowder angry.
  40. Whenever, no matter what, I will never allow myself to be a little bit frustrated. - Edison
  41. Life is full of thorns. The only way we think is to quickly cross over those thorns. - Voltaire
  42. There is only one road leading to the real great realm of mankind. - The road to suffering. - Einstein
  43. God is completely trying to strengthen our will, and we have set up obstacles on our roads. - Tagore
  44. Hope is a faithful sister of bad luck. ——Pushkin
  45. If you don't go through hardships and twists, don't make great efforts, always have a smooth and easy to succeed, this idea is just an illusion. - Mao Zedong
  46, thousands of mills and thousands of hits are still tough, Ren northeast northwest wind. —— Zheng Banqiao
  47. Steel is trained in fire and rapid cooling. So you can be hard and not afraid of anything. The same is true of our generation in the struggle and the terrible test, learning to not yield in the face of life. --Ostrovsky