About communicate inspirational quotes Highlights
  1. The so-called "ear-concealed" means "listening". - Emerson
  2. Everyone needs someone to talk openly with him. Although a person can be very heroic, he may be very lonely. - Hemingway
  3. Effective communication depends on the communicator's full grasp of the topic, not the sweetness of the wording---Groof
  4. Appropriate use of words is extremely powerful. Whenever we use the right words, our spirit and body will have a great change, just between the sparks. --Mark Twain
  5, the heart-to-heart talk is the display of the soul. - Wen Cavillin
  6. Listening to any other opinion or argument of the other party is respect, because it means that we think that the other party has insight, eloquence and cleverness. On the contrary, it is contempt for dozing, walking or chasing. - Hobbes (English)
  7, find yourself, keep the true color. - Dale Carnegie
  8. In the space age, the most important space exists between the ear and the ear. ——Tommas J·Bal House
  9. Sometimes you have to be silent so that you can hear your words. - Stannis J. Lec (1909 - 1966)
  10, to ask anyone to ask for advice, to describe their own pain, this will be a kind of happiness, can be compared with the unfortunate people who pass through the hot desert, from the happiness of a drop of cold water in the sky. - Stendhal
  11. If you want others to like you, if you want others to be interested in you, the point you should pay attention to is: talk about things that others are interested in. - Dale Carnegie
  12. Managers who are good at communication may also be good at concealing real problems. - Collis Aglis
  13. When you advise others, if you don't care about other people's self-esteem, then no matter how good the words are.
  14. If you want to be a good person to talk, then make a person who wants to listen. - Dale Carnegie
  15. The most basic function of the manager is to develop and maintain a smooth communication channel. ---Barnard
  16. The most ideal friends are those who admire each other on the temperament, communicate with each other in the heart, co-produce with each other on the world view, and have the same goals in their careers. ——Zhou Hanhui
  17. To justify a fault, it often makes this fault seem extraordinarily significant, just like using a piece of cloth to fill a small hole, but instead wants to cover it. - Shakespeare
  18. Reluctance to reason is stubborn; it is not a fool; it is not a slave. - Drummond
  19. God gives humans a tongue and two ears so that what we hear from others can be twice as much as we say. - Yebike Titas
  20. There are many secrets hidden in the heart that are leaked through the eyes, not through the mouth. - Emerson
  21. When you think about what you are going to say, make a polite look because you can win time. - Carol (English)
  22. The best way to encourage yourself is to encourage others. - Mark Twain (US)
  23. Talking to people once often inspires the mind more than years of closed work. Thought must be produced in dealing with people, and processed and expressed in loneliness. --Leo Tolstoy
  24. A debate may be a shortcut between two minds. - Ha Gibran
  25. Integrating your enthusiasm and experience into the conversation is a quick and easy way to impress people, and it is also an inevitable requirement. If you are not interested in your own words, how can you expect others to be touched. - Dale Carnegie
  26. [Debate] is the ability to turn truth into language, and the language used can be fully understood by the listener. - Emerson
  27. We communicate very well, not because we are talking about things very well, but because we know how good we are. - Andrew S. Grove
  28. A person must know what to say. A person must know when to say that a person must know who to say, and one must know what to say. ——Druck, the father of modern management
  29, be a good listener, encourage others to talk about themselves. - Dale Carnegie
  30. The worse the news, the more power you should use to communicate. - Andrew S. Grove
  31. Everyone knows that listening is important to communication. ...but very few organizations will listen carefully to the voices of their employees and their customers. - William Nichols
  32. It is rude to interrupt the stupid person's words and let him shut up, but let him go on, but it is cruel. - Franklin (US)
  33. Some people in real life have barriers to communication because they don't understand and forget an important principle: let others feel that they are important. - Dale Carnegie
  34. Many things are lost because they don't ask questions. --United Kingdom
  35. Beware of people who keep you talking. - Franck Maginha Habad (1968 - 1930)
  36. Silence is a philosophy of life. When used well, it is also an art. ——Zhu Ziqing
  37. Speaking is like playing a harp: you need to play the strings to play the music, and you need to hold the strings by hand to keep them out. - Holmes
  38. Judging this person based on a person's questioning, not judging him according to his reply. ——Franschwari Marley Voltaire (1694 - 1778)
  39. Conversation, like essays , has themes, has drafts, has layers, has head and tail, and is incoherent. ——Liang Shiqiu
  40. Asking questions will only cause a moment of embarrassment. Not asking questions will lead to a lifetime of embarrassment. - Japan, telling others about others, this is a kind of nature; therefore, taking seriously what others have told you about his own affairs, this is a kind of education. - Goethe (German)
  41. If you are right, try to let the other party agree with you gently and skillfully; if you are wrong, you must admit it quickly and enthusiastically. This is much more effective and interesting than arguing for yourself. - Carnegie (US)
  42. If you want to change your life, you must use your words carefully, because these words can make you excited, enterprising and optimistic . - Anthony Robbins (US)
  43. Unless you ask, you can't hear bad things about your company. It's easy to hear good news, but you need to dig to get bad news. ——Little Thomas J. Watson
  44. When I talk to a group of people or the mass media, I always imagine that I am talking to "one person" - Barber