Highlights of inspirational quotes about women's tips
  1. If you can not smoke, don't smoke. If you can not drink, do not drink.
  2. Don't do it with men. First, you can't move him. Second, the man you start with must be a madman. Therefore, it is better not to move.
  3, rather lack of abuse. Don't grab a man because you are lonely, it's not fair to you and him, and it's too lacking in responsibility.
  4. Only love one person at a time.
  5, have the habit of drinking afternoon tea, reading books, listening to music.
  6. Take your work seriously. Work may not be as good as love to make your heart beat, but at least to ensure that you have food, there is a house to live, unsure love can not give these, so, work hard
  7, at any time, do not be sad for a man with a negative heart, women must know, sad, and ultimately hurt their own heart. If the man is ruthless, you will not hurt his heart, so pack your grief and live your life.
  8, there must be a few buddies, when you are alone, you can still have a buddy party to send water for your tea. Rather than screaming: Why the person who loves you can't come with you.
  9. Don't be greedy for vanity. Vanity is a poison and it is addictive.
  10. If a man starts to scorn you, please leave him. Don't give up on men who don't know how to pity you, don't even have to continue to pay your tenderness and love.
  11, elegantly dressed every day, calmly go out and give yourself a different smile.
  12. Don't accept any gifts from men you don't like.
  13. Never endlessly turn around the man you like. Even if you like him to die, you still have to learn to give him space. Otherwise, you should be careful to get too tight. Dead him.
  14. After the woman is 25 years old, she must learn to maintain her skin.
  15. Wear high heels, but don't be too high.
  16, no longer depressed, do not go to the bar. A lonely woman holding a goblet or smoking will add loneliness and sadness .
  17. Believe in yourself, be kind to yourself, and make your life wonderful. Don't mistake it for someone to regret, but to make your life more exciting.
  18. Know what you want, including the man you love.
  19. A gentle smile that rewards your man in good faith.
  20, buy clothes and accessories that suit you. The best for you is the best, so don't envy others.
  21, when a man said to you: break up. Please don't cry and cry, you should smile to him and say: Waiting for you to say this for a long time. Then turned and walked away.
  22. Say goodbye or refuse to show your goodness and concern to the suitor you don't like. Even if he said: This is not your business.
  23, open your eyes and choose your future partner, if you choose the wrong, immediately separate. Don't make it through the day, it will hurt two people.
  24. Traveling abroad. The mind in travel can be more fulfilling.