About chasing your dreams inspirational quotes Highlights
  1. The dream is an oasis in the desert. The dream is the flowing water on the mountain. The dream is the rain and the sun. The dream is the bright light that illuminates the journey of life. No matter how far the road ahead is, no matter how steep the mountain in front, no matter how urgent the river is, as long as the dream is shining, your walking will be solid and light.
  2. All activists are dreamers.
  3, time can never stop the pace of dreams, have a stubborn insistence , learn to let dreams grow a little bit every day.
  4, life is sweet, but also bitter, but can not be boring. You can win or fail, but you can't give in.
  5. Opportunities are only open to those who are proactive and enterprising, and mediocrity can never be patronized.
  6. A person who has a career pursuit can make the "dream" higher. Although it is a dream at the beginning, as long as you keep doing it, you don't give up easily, and your dreams come true.
  7. People who have no dreams, like tourists who are lost in the vast forest, panic. People who have no dreams are like dandelions scattered in the sky, and they don’t know where to go.
  8, enterprising dry sweat spectrum is a song of struggle and hope.
  9, forward, swing the boat of life , do not have to attach and trust, the waves of the ship will open all the way to the new flowers.
  10, pride, is the kite that has broken the lead, fleeting; inferiority, is the bird that cut the wings, it is difficult to go to the sky. Both of these are taboos of success.
  11. As long as the dream can last, it can become a reality. Are we not living in a dream?
  12. There is a silent desire in each of us: a desire to create a brilliant life. This craving sometimes happens inadvertently in a quiet moment, such as when we rest our head on a pillow at night. When the pressure of the day fades away, there is a voice that will shock our soul: "Life is not only like this, my life can be more brilliant."
  13. Everyone has a very beautiful and great ideal. Don't give up easily because you can't get the understanding and support of others for a while. No one can predict our future. Tomorrow is created by ourselves. Grasping our dreams and fighting towards it, one day we will be lucky to come to us.
  14, youth, sunshine, laughter, for this day that belongs to you, dance the joy of the beat. Happy birthday to baby!
  15. The dream is just to be a compass for you, to guide the direction; to be a candle for you, to illuminate the front; to sail for you, to go out to sea... With a dream is just equal to having a goal, and the middle road must be passed by yourself. Walking through this road, you will find that the dream is smiling at you and giving you a thumbs up.
  16. If you have hopes, happiness will come to you; if you have a dream, your chance will cover you.
  17, as long as you can harvest sweet, there will be busy bees in the thorns.
  18, may you be a tree: spring, spit a mountain of faint scent; summer, sprinkle a cool shade of spring; autumn, lift a tree of sweet green fruit; winter, a dream of rejuvenation!
  19. The farthest distance in the world is not the end of the earth, but the chance to meet but not to rely on each other.
  20. Our intuition is correct. The story of life can be more exciting, and we are a character in this story. There is a saying that what a person does in his life should be able to leave a mark on the eternal history of mankind.
  21. Dreams are never dreams. The difference between the two usually has a distance that is worthy of deep thought and expectation. It is a sacred dream. Once it is put into action, it will become sacred. Of course, hard work and sweat are essential during this period. A person who has a career pursuit may wish to make his dreams higher. Although he is a dream at the beginning, as long as he keeps exploring and does not give up, his dreams will come true.
  22, ordinary and simple dreams, we use that only persistent belief to support that dream.
  23. If you are ready to find your life goals, then follow the voice. Go back to the place where you can hear it most clearly. For some people, this sound will be in the early morning, before the start of a busy day. For others, it will appear when listening to music, watching movies or reading. It may also appear as they walk through the woods or hills.
  24, the character of the waves, is countless times crushed by the reef and countless flashes to the reef.
  25, to open your Internet cafe to your beautiful hopes and pursuits, 999 times lost, and a thousand times...
  26, if the sapling refuses to pruning because of fear of pain, it will never be mature.
  27. Facing reality, but not committing to reality; keeping fantasies, but not indulging in fantasy. Let the dream dance in the reality of a hearty dance!
  28, life needs highlights, and these highlights need to have a dream to ignite. Without a dream, a person's life will lack color, and it will only be a gray one.
  29, the rapids of life has emerged into the cliffs, as long as you go further, it will become a magnificent waterfall.
  30. We have nothing, the only cost is youth. Dreams make me different, and struggle makes me change my destiny!
  31. People who walk only on the concrete floor will never leave a deep footprint.
  32. After some tempering in the sea, the pebbles become more beautiful and smooth.
  33. I am a clown. It turns out that my gorgeous nose can't open the summer with you.
  34. Because the eucalyptus is rooted in the deep soil, the green shade of life will grow longer and flourish. The scorpion enjoys the same treatment as the seedlings, but it is not the grain ear.
  35. The dream is far away, but it is within reach. What a dream is, no one knows. Dreams are ever-changing. A person without a dream is like a walking dead. There is no dream, just like no soul.
  36. Chasing dreams requires action. Everyone's dreams are so beautiful and ambitious, but there are very few people who are persistently trying to realize their dreams. Most of them have their own colorful dreams, and they have spent their entire lives in a mediocre and mediocre life. .
  37. The meaning of vitality lies in hard work, because the world itself is an arena.
  38. Many people have learned to accept a life that gives up their dreams and is only comfortable with the status quo. But sometimes at our most innocent glimpse, we will hear that distant call again: calling for a fulfilling, purposeful, passionate, and meaningful life. This call will always linger on the ear, as if accompanied by shadow, even if we try to silence it with reason and maturity, we will eventually find that it is a flame in our bones that will never go out.