Foreign classic inspirational quotes episode highlights
  1. Tenacious perseverance can conquer any peak in the world! - Dickens
  2, lazy like rust, can consume the body more than labor; often used keys, always shining. - Franklin
  3, a person's life may burn or may decay, I can not decay, I am willing to burn! --Ostrovsky
  4, we have to eat, sleep, play, love, that is, we have to touch the sweetest things in life, but we must not succumb to these things. - Mrs. Curie
  5, optimism is a passionate and beautiful march, always inspiring you to advance to the cause of the cause. - Dumas
  6. Gold is certainly valuable, but an angry, brave patriot is more valuable than gold. - Lincoln
  7. Don't throw a pot of cream off because you have fallen into a cow's hair. Don't throw away your life because you made a mistake. --Mongolia
  8, people's life, always inevitably floating. It won't last forever as the sun rises, and it won't fall forever. Repeatedly floating and sinking, for a person, it is tempering. Therefore, if you float above, you don't have to be proud; if you sink below, you don't need to be pessimistic. We must be optimistic and enterprising with a straightforward and modest attitude. - Matsushita Yukisuke
  9. A person with a strong mind, property can be plundered, but courage is not deprived. - Hugo
  10. Whatever I do, I am always thinking, as long as my energy allows me, I will first serve my country. - "Pavlov's Anthology"
  11. Although pessimistic people are still alive, optimistic people are immortal. - Byron
  12, life is like an anvil, the more beaten, the more sparks. - Galileo
  13. A person can succeed in almost anything he has infinite enthusiasm . - Charles Scober
  14. Faith is a great emotion, a creative force. - Gorky
  15. Suffering can test a person's character. A very situational situation can show a very strong qi; the calm sea, all the ships can drive and win. When the fate of the iron boxing is crucial, only the talents of the great and brave can be calm; Shakespeare
  16, the height of the fountain will not exceed its source; the same is true of a person's career, his achievements will never exceed his beliefs. - Lincoln
  17. Don't think of the past as lonely, because this will never turn back. You should think of ways to improve the present, because that is you, without fear, to brave the courage to move forward. - Longfellow
  18, melon is the sweetest grown in nutrient fertilizer, genius is the best in the malignant soil. - Bacon
  19. On the road of scientific exploration, a person who walks through a detour and makes mistakes is not a bad thing. It is not a shame. In practice, he has the courage to admit and correct mistakes. - Einstein
  20. No matter what happens, please accept life quietly and happily, bravely, boldly, and smile forever. --Luxembourg
  21. When everything seemed hopeless, I watched the stone-cutting worker on his stone and struck it hundreds of times without seeing any cracks. But in the 100th time, the stone was split in half. I realized that it was not the blow, but the front tapping made it split. ——Jack Rees
  22, the water of the dripping can eventually wear the big stone, not because of its strength, but because of the dripping of the night and night. Only through diligent efforts can we get those skills, so we can say with certainty: Nothing is not a step, no matter how many miles. - Beethoven
  23. Anyone who struggles is true gold is not afraid of fire; no disillusionment can shake their faith: because they knew from the beginning that the road to faith and the road to happiness are completely different, and they can not choose, only Going this way, everything else is a dead end. This kind of self-confidence is not something that can be cultivated overnight. You must not expect those children around the age of fifteen. Before getting this faith, I have to suffer with grief and tears. But this is good, it should be like this - Roman Roland
  24, life is like the ocean, only the strong-willed people can reach the other side. - Marx
  25, going toward a certain goal is "Zhi", and it is "qi" in the middle of the drum. The combination of the two is "ambition". The success or failure of all careers depends on this. - Carnegie
  26. On the road of scientific exploration, a person who walks through a detour and makes mistakes is not a bad thing. It is not a shame. In practice, he has the courage to admit and correct mistakes. - Einstein
  27. The most important thing in life is to have a lofty goal, and to be able to achieve it with perseverance. ——John Goffman von Goethe
  28. People can only find out the meaning of a short and risky life if they are dedicated to society. - Einstein
  29. Strong beliefs will win strong people and then make them stronger. - Walter Beckyho
  30. If a person fears pain, fears all kinds of diseases, fears of unpredictable things, fears the danger of life and death, he can't stand anything. - Rousseau
  31. In any industry, the first step toward success is to be interested in it. - Sir William Osler
  32. On the fate, life is not a barbarian, nor a beggar. The human beings are surrounded by real and noble wealth - the wealth of the body and the soul. - Horace Mann
  33. The sea of ​​danger, suspicion and denial surrounds the small islands of people, and the beliefs spur people and bravely face the unknown future. - Tagore
  34. Success cannot be measured by what position a person achieves, but rather how many difficulties and obstacles he has overcome in the process of his success. - Booker Washington
  35. Ideal is the road light. Without ideals, there is no firm direction, and without direction, there is no life. - Tolstoy
  36. A person is like a clock, and his actions determine his value. - Payne
  37. If only fire can awaken the sleeping Europe, then I would rather burn myself, let the light from my firearms illuminate this long night, open those closed eyes and bring humans into the light. The hall of truth. - Bruno