A collection of inspirational quotes about the world must read
  1. Stress in life is not necessarily a bad thing. If you have pressure, you will have motivation. A lot of fame is forced out.
  2, parting through the party knows the joy of gathering, lost the party knows the satisfaction of possession. Therefore, we should cherish the people in front of us, and we must know each other and love each other.
  3, the heart is parachute, it is useful to open.
  4, the blooming eucalyptus can accommodate the public to enjoy the cool, naturally a thousand years of evergreen. There is tolerance for others, and Fukuzawa is long and long.
  5, the virtue of the gentleman, benefits and children. Today's expensive, yesterday's merits.
  6. Regardless of whether you are born noble or poor, it is a matter of your father's generation. You should create your own world.
  7. Success is not a condition is belief , success is not a method is an idea.
  8. Excellent people have only one characteristic: in the unfavorable and difficult encounters, perseverance.
  9. Believe is the starting point for success, and persistence is the end of success.
  10, to survive, we must be aggressive; to be successful, we must be strong ;
  11, thinking at home, success is difficult; go out to do, success is easy.
  12, for people to do more or less good things, they lost a lot, it does not matter. Because we make a good cause and have a good self.
  13. I want to succeed in two, three, and three.
  14. Anything should be done hard, and the result is God's will. Don't have no confidence in the beginning and don't work hard. This is self-confidence .
  15. Don't interrupt others' words casually, and listen carefully to your speeches, which will increase your wisdom.
  16, don't let the details hurt you, don't let the habit ruin you.
  17. A strong will is honed through many rugged twists and turns. With these experiences, I know the value of a stable life.
  18. Anyone who succeeds must spend a period of time, life is bitter, life is tired, and life is not smooth.
  19. The world is always a strong person; the weak can only get some sympathy and compassion.
  20, there is a great ambition and down-to-earth, there are obstacles to failure and not give up, so stick to it, will not benefit will be endless.