Philosophical inspirational quotes
  1. Mixed society is a person who holds people. If you raise others, you will be taller.
  2, the eyes see, the ears are not necessarily true. The "smart" Cong word is written like this, the ear listens, the eyes look, the mouth says, the heart thinks.
  3. The truth is in the hands of a few people, but don't ignore the theory that existence is reasonable. Unless you have a strong determination to change the world, you have to adapt to life.
  4. There are no good people and bad people in this world. Their common weakness is greed and selfishness.
  5, the narrow road meets the brave wins, the brave meets the fast, the quick wins the wise.
  6. Don't ask too much for others, don't ask yourself to be too tall, otherwise you will be very upset, and everything will go.
  7, love a woman, as long as she is persistent, take possession of her, and then give her to her, so she hurts her.
  8. The plan has not changed quickly, the change is not fast, the goal is to set aside the space, and it is also given to others, but it must be implemented according to the plan.
  9. Efforts are not necessarily successful . The key is to see the standard of your success and the direction of your efforts. A man can not give birth to a child even if he works hard N times.
  10, the meaning of living is to learn , you will always be like a dry sponge, do not stop learning and learning, the more you study, the greater your value.
  11, the world is absolutely unfair, or you obey, or you tend to balance yourself, otherwise you do not blame the people, it is useless.
  12. As long as you are willing, you don't have to pay attention to anyone's evaluation of you, provided that you can live with loneliness, otherwise you are advised to follow the crowd.
  13. There are two dilemmas in life. One is to put things in your mind into the minds of others. The other is to put the money in other people's pockets into your own pocket. If you want to take it slowly, you are in a hurry.
  14, love a woman to protect her with life , do not give up, perhaps she does not know, but she will always know, can not be by her temper.
  15. Learn to be flexible, and bow your head when you bow your head.
  16. Try not to argue with people unless you think the results are important to you and you can convince them.
  17. The process is as important as the result. You should do as much as you can.
  18, reluctant children can not hold the wolf, to get the total to pay, think about your value is not worth, if you think the value is to do, do not care what others say, they are not you.
  19. It is a dragon dish. When the tiger is lying down, when people are lost and frustrated, you are born and raised, and you cannot be degraded in spirit.
  20, don't think that all people are human beings, some are just longer personal appearances, don't care about them, let them go, stay away is the only thing you have to do.
  21, how big is your heart, how big your world is, you just expect a head every day, and you are like that.
  22, there is no free lunch in the world, even if Bodhisattva will help you, there are N conditions, and asking for help is not as good as asking for yourself.
  23, each person's values ​​are different, do not take your own to judge people, this is respect.
  24, money is a good thing, but let the money chase you, do not chase the money, then life makes sense.
  25, to help others to see their own abilities, but also to look at the other party's greed, to do more in the snow to send charcoal, thirsty to send water, less play virtual, or you pretend nothing to see.
  26, be a strong, do not show weakness to others sympathy. Can be stunned, but don't be sympathized.
  27, kindness is good, but you can only help a small number of people with good intentions. If you are determined to make a career, you can help more people.
  28, do not destroy the hidden rules, sometimes the hidden rules are more terrible than the rules hanging on the wall.
  29, don't compare with others, compare with yourself. God knows that you will improve a little every day, what will it look like in a year? What will ten years be like. Just can you insist on making progress every day, and you can be an expert in ten years.
  30. Studying must be practiced. It is better to have a book than to have a book. It does not prevent you from reading more, but you must practice it.
  31. Facing the reality, solving all the problems that you can solve, can not solve the problem, time can change everything.
  32. There is something to say to the people, and there is food for the hungry. Other times, choose to listen, whoever listens is the most cattle.
  33. Don't think that you are very important personally. Without your sun, tomorrow will still rise. This is what Mo Fei said. This is true.
  34, paying for the return, justifiably want.
  35. If you fail, you must admit that if you make a mistake, you must admit your mistakes and not give reasons.
  36. Don't lose your temper easily. It is a very weak behavior. Unless you trust someone, you should never lose your way.
  37, people must have a bone, especially men, frozen to the wind station, starve to death do not bow, to insist on what you insist, there are always people who think you are right.
  38. Every day, cherish what you have now is happiness. There are no young and old on the road in Huangquan, and all opportunities are treated as unique.