About Bingxin Inspirational Quotes
  1. The cultivated flowers have passed in the silence, and the fruit of success will be strong in the light.
  2. May sleep in the manger? Listening to the pastor’s announcement of the sound of heaven, he is a prince, he is a laborer; he has to struggle , he wants to sacrifice.
  3, love is a purity, friends are a kind of breadth, family is a thickness" - Bing Xin famous
  4, the bigger the spray, the condensed meteorite, in the silence, the greater the happiness
  5, the silence is filled with the triumph of the winner!
  6, the poet! The treasure is precious! The boredom of all beings wants you to come to comfort.
  7, thousands of angels, to get up and sing children; children! In his small body, with a great soul - Bing Xin's famous sentence
  8. Love is on the right, sympathy is on the left, walking on both sides of the life road, sowing seeds at any time, flowering at any time, this path is long-distance, dotted with seasonal flowers, so that pedestrians wearing branches and leaves, stepping on thorns, do not feel Pain, tears can fall, not sadness.
  9. Is it possible to sleep in the manger? Condensed in the sky - this singer's voice, the precious slang, reminds him to think; only thinks: tears are full of blood and blood!
  10, father Oh! How do I love you and how to love your sea?
  11, "I don't know what to do at home, but I am bored, and all the sorrows are melted and eliminated in this place."
  12, the daily twilight tour, the boat is as light as the feathers, the water is as soft as the oars. The leaves around the shore, green, red, yellow, white, a cluster of reflections into the water, covering the half lake autumn water. Extremely glamorous in the setting sun, extremely feminine. The golden light that will fall will reach the treetops and scatter on the lake.
  13, the water of the sea is not warm, the arrogant heart can not soften
  14. What world is I at this time? Look! The stars are in the sky, the night is deep--in the voice of thousands of angels, in the peaceful and holy universe, there is a birth of the baby.
  15,. Because the photos of the world can only wipe the dust on the mirror, but can not increase the brightness of the moon.
  16. What is “home”? I don’t know it; but boredom – sorrow, is melted and eliminated in this. —— Bing Xin’s famous words
  17. Is his command day, but also his fatal time? Why do you want to praise and praise? Praise is: your boundless pain, infinite sorrow; let me drift through the tears of spring, pan-the blood through the sea; to enjoy this day!
  18, the daughter of God! For countless souls in mud plows! Jesus said that you must be careful, you have to look back; because their messengers are in heaven, the face of my Father is common! —— Bing Xin Quotations
  19, heartstrings! Bounce up - let the goddess of the hundred million dance with you
  20, the truth, in the silence of the baby, not in the debate of the wise
  21, young people! You can't be like a wind, you should be like a mountain, and you can only do a poet's information !
  22. My friend! If you treasure it, don’t leave the pearls in your heart in the sea that is difficult to rise.
  23, the universe is a big life, the river flows into the sea, the leaves fall back to the roots, we are the breath in the universe, we are a part of the big life. Not every river can flow into the sea. Not every seed can mature and germinate. Life is not always happy, nor is it pain forever. Joy and pain always complement each other. In happiness, we must thank life and pain. In the middle, we also want to thank life, because happiness, excitement, and pain are not beautiful?
  24. If there is no woman in the world, the world must lose at least five tenths of true, six tenths of goodness, seven tenths of beauty.
  25, friendship is a medicinal medicine, is a stimulant; friendship is the oasis in the desert of the lighthouse in the sea
  26, love is on the left, sympathy is on the right, walking on both sides of life, sowing seeds at any time, flowering at any time, this path is long-distance, dotted with flowers, so that pedestrians wearing branches and leaves are stepping on thorns, do not feel pain, have Tears can fall, but not sad.
  27, the flower of the corner! When you are alone, the world is small.
  28, Haibo could not help but ask the rock and rock to be silent forever, but he never answered. However, his silence has already exceeded 100 million times.
  29, childhood! It’s a dream. It’s a real dream. It’s a tearful smile when you recall.
  30. Love is on the left, sympathy is on the right, walking on both sides of the road of life, sowing at any time, flowering at any time, and scenting this path for a long time, so that people who wear branches and leaves are thorny and do not feel pain; Tears can not be sad.
  31. The cloud shadow of the film is also like a piecemeal thought. However, it is difficult to write the book of memory.
  32. If life is boring, I am afraid of having an afterlife, if life is interesting. I am satisfied in this life.
  33, hometown! When can't you look back, the white-haired grandfather is not in our garden!
  34, smart people! Words are empty words that are hypocritical. You want to guide your friends only in the behavior that you naturally reveal!
  35, in the bright lake in the future, there is a standing monument, how dare to be so silent - think
  36. What world is I at this time? God! It is a star in the sky, the night is deep - my tiny person, only: the mood of gratitude, the soul of silence, to sing the birth of the baby. —— Bing Xin famous sentence
  37, step by step to help away - how is the semi-hidden blue-purple peaks so high - Bing Xin famous sentence
  38. However, at the beginning, its buds were soaked in the tears of struggle, full of blood rain of sacrifice.
  39, the red wall on the grass on the sunset! As soon as you fall, you will make many young people grow old!
  40, true sympathy is not happy during the time of sorrow
  41, my friend! What is truth, thank you for instructing me, but my question is not to be answered.
  42. White flowers are better than green leaves.
  43. May your life have enough clouds to create a beautiful sunset.
  44. Everything goes with the flow, and nothing can be forced. But seek innocent heart. This body is like a mustard, and the world has turned into an empty. Indifferent face, calmly spent. Grateful , happy, progressive, forgotten, atmosphere. Everything is outside the body! Nothing is your own, don't try to possess it. Don't worry about anything. Don't try to transform others, always be alert yourself.
  45. What world is I at this time? God! How can I praise you for this tiny person? In this quiet late night, give me the feeling of gratitude, the silent soul, to sing the birth of the baby
  46, the tide of the heart rushes backwards and walks forward. The youth's boredom is in the whirlpool of this exchange - Bing Xin's famous sentence
  47. I can only hope that my heart will fly when I just pick up the pen. 
  48, Chun He once talked? But her great hidden power has been so gentle and the world!
  49, lights Oh! Thank you for suddenly disappearing and thinking for me in the unthinking wave.
  50. my friend! Snow flies, I want to write a poem in your heart - Bing Xin's famous sentence