Inspirational and fascinating quotes
  1. Learning without thinking is awkward, thinking without learning is awkward. - Confucius
  2, after listening to thousands of songs and then Xiaosheng, watching thousands of swords and then recognize the device. ——Liu Wei)
  3, the industry is good at diligence, absurd to play, and become convinced and destroyed. - Han Yu
  4, not plugging, not more than not. - Han Yu
  5, do not know the true face of the mountains, only in this mountain. --Su Shi
  6, the clothes are not new, people are not. ——晏子春秋
  7, the difference is a thousand cents, and thousands of miles. - "Han"
  8, the husband is rather jade, can not be full. ——North Qi Book
  9. When Baichuan is east to the sea, when will it return to the west? Young idler, an old beggar. ——Han Yuefu’s Long Songs
  10, do not cut the pro-family pro-fashion, transfer to the multi-teacher is a teacher. - Du Fu
  11, when the break is continuous, it is subject to chaos. - Han Shu
  12, one day of violence, ten days of cold, there is no one who can live. - "Mencius"
  13, the spring breeze proud of horseshoe disease, a day to see Changan flowers. - Mengjiao
  14. The speaker is not guilty. - Mao Shixu
  15, bloody in the original fat grass, cold condensate the earth to spring. - Lu Xun
  16, not in accordance with the rules, no way to become a square. - Mencius
  17, eat a meal, grow a wisdom. - Ancient proverb
  18, big straight, if you are awkward, you can argue. - "Laozi"
  19, Baixue must first be determined. - Zhu Xi
  20, Shen Zhou side of the thousand sails, the disease tree in front of Wan Muchun. ——Liu Yuxi
  21, "Yangchun" song, and the widows; under the prestigious name, in fact difficult. - "Han Han Shu"
  22, Dan Qing did not know the veteran, 1 expensive than me as a cloud. - Du Fu
  23. Mountaineering is full of mountains, and the sea is full of sea. ——Liu Wei
  24, I hope that people will last forever. --Su Shi
  25, erudition, interrogation, deliberate, clear, and walk. - "Book of Rites"
  26, not flying, it has already been flying, and it’s so loud. ——Sima Qian
  27, the teacher did not lead the body to die first, the long-term tears of the hero. - Du Fu
  28, the authorities are fascinated, bystanders clear. - New Tang Book
  29, the east side of the sunrise in the west rain, the road is no clear but sunny. ——Liu Yuxi
  30. Once the sea was difficult for water, except Wushan was not a cloud. - Yuan Zhen
  31. When there is a long wind and a wave, there will be a time when the clouds sail to the sea. - Li Bai
  32. Those who have the help of the road are more helpful. - "Mencius"
  33, the ruler is short, and the inch is long. - Qu Yuan
  34. One year's plan is like a tree valley; for ten years, it is like a tree; for a hundred years, it is like a tree. - "Tu Yu"
  35. After collecting a hundred flowers into honey, who is hard for who is hard. - Luo Yin
  36, the boss and the appointment, thick and thin hair. --Su Shi
  37. Learn and then know enough. Book of Rites
  38. Spring silkworms go to the dead silk, and the wax torch begins to dry. - Li Shangyin
  39, the pen fell into a storm, poetry into a ghost. - Du Fu
  40, not afraid of the clouds to cover the eyes, only at the highest level. ——Wang Anshi
  41. From good to good, from evil to collapse. - "Mandarin"
  42. Chen Xin is a magnetic needle stone. - Wen Tianxiang
  43. Learning is not tired, and people are tireless. --Confucius
  44, you can know people when you look at yourself, you can know the ancients. - "Lv Spring and Autumn"
  45, the fire of the stars, you can poke the original. - Shangshu
  46, Bao Jianfeng from the grinding out, plum blossoms come from bitter cold.
  47, do not enter the tiger's hole, won the tiger? ——Han Hanshu
  48, learning is endless. —— 荀子
  49, do not know people do not know, suffering from people do not know. --Confucius
  50, do not climb the mountain, I do not know the height of the sky; not deep river, I do not know the thickness of the ground. - "Xunzi"
  51. Cangjie actually knows the etiquette, and the food and clothing knows the honor and disgrace. --"tube"