1. The water of the dripping can eventually wear the big stone, not because of its strength, but because of the dripping of the night and night. Only through diligent efforts can we get those skills, so we can say with certainty: Nothing is not a step, no matter how many miles. —— Beethoven
  2, the journey of life, the future is very far, but also very dark. However, don't be afraid, there is a way in front of people who are not afraid. —— Lu Xun
  3, one minute and one second complacency, in this minute and a second to stop their absorption of life and excretion of life. Only by accepting criticism can we excrete all the scum of the spirit. Only absorb the opinions of others. I can add spiritual new nourishment. — Xu Teli
  4. Although pessimistic people are still alive, optimistic people are immortal. —— Byron
  5. Mistakes and frustrations have taught us that we are more intelligent, and our feelings are better. Any political party, any individual, mistakes are always inevitable, and we ask to make fewer mistakes. If you make a mistake, you need to correct it. The quicker, the more thorough, the better. —— Mao Zedong
  6. Don't think of the past as lonely, because this will never turn back. You should think of ways to improve the present, because that is you, without fear, to brave the courage to move forward. —— Longfellow
  7, we love our nation, and this is our confident source of heart. - Zhou Enlai
  8. Human hope is like an eternal star, and the dark clouds can't hide its light. Especially today, peace is not an ideal, a dream, it is the wish of thousands of people. —— Ba Jin
  9. Faith is a great emotion, a creative force. —— Gorky
  10. The so-called genius is just to use the work of others to drink coffee. —— Lu Xun
  11, into the sludge without dyeing, not eroded by the bourgeois sugar-coated shells, is the most valuable revolutionary quality. —— Zhou Enlai
  12, spring silkworms to the death of the silk side, people will not end. It is necessary to work hard to survive and stay in the good old age. —— Wu Yuzhang
  13. Those who know half of the solution are not modest; those who know more and have the skills must be modest. —— Xie Juezhen
  14. Life is like climbing a mountain, but finding a way out is a process of learning. We should learn to be stable and calm in this process and learn how to find life from panic. —— Xi Murong
  15. A person with a strong mind, property can be plundered, but courage is not deprived. —— Hugo
  16, melon is the sweetest grown in nutrient fertilizer, genius is the best in the malignant soil. —— Bacon
  17. A person must be like a candle. In a limited lifetime, there is a point of heat, giving light to people and warmth. —— Xiao Chu female
  18. When everything seemed hopeless, I watched the stone-cutting worker on his stone and struck it hundreds of times without seeing any cracks. But in the 100th time, the stone was split in half. I realized that it was not the blow, but the front tapping made it split. ——Jacque Rees
  19. The enemy of learning is your own satisfaction. To learn something seriously, you must never be complacent. For ourselves, "learning is not tired", for others, "deaf people are tireless", we should take this attitude. —— Mao Zedong
  20, life is like the ocean, only the strong-willed people can reach the other side. —— Marx
  21, self-consciousness is the mother of progress, self-confidence is the source of degeneration, so the conscious mind is indispensable. —— Zou Yufen
  22, working hard on the labor, is the mother of all inventions. Everything works hard in labor, and becomes the truth of things. —— Tao Xingzhi
  23. The decisive factor in forming a genius should be diligence. ...... There is a bit of hard work and hard work is proportional, —— Guo Moruo
  24. We are the masters of the country and should be everywhere for the sake of the country. —— Lei Feng
  25. Anyone who struggles is true gold and is not afraid of fire; any disillusionment cannot shake their faith: because they knew from the beginning that the road to faith and the road to happiness are completely different, and they cannot choose, only Going this way, everything else is a dead end. This kind of self-confidence is not something that can be cultivated overnight. You must not expect those children around the age of fifteen. Before getting this faith, I have to suffer with grief and tears. But this is good, it should be like this...——Roman Roland
  26, lazy like rust, can consume the body more than labor; often used keys, always shining. —— Franklin
  27, we have to eat, sleep, play, love, that is, we have to touch the sweetest things in life, but we must not succumb to these things. —— Mrs. Curie
  28, nine cattle one boastful, proud of complacency must roll over. I have seen many things in ancient and modern times. —— Chen Yi
  29, tenacious perseverance can conquer any peak in the world! —— Dickens
  30. Life is like an anvil. The more you are beaten, the more sparks you can make. —— Galileo
  31. Optimism is a passionate and beautiful march, always inspiring you to move forward to the cause of your career. —— Dumas
  32. Gold is certainly valuable, but an angry, brave patriot is more valuable than gold. - Lincoln
  33. Suffering can test a person's character. A very situational situation can show a very strong qi; the calm sea, all the boats can drive and win. When the fate of iron boxing is at stake, only the talents of Dayong and Dazhi can be calm;......——Shakespeare
  34. People’s life is always inevitable. It won't last forever as the sun rises, and it won't fall forever. Repeatedly floating and sinking, for a person, it is tempering. Therefore, if you float above, you don't have to be proud; if you sink below, you don't need to be pessimistic. We must be optimistic and enterprising with a straightforward and modest attitude. —— Matsushita Yukisuke