Inspirational maxims for primary school students to study hard
  1. There is a road to the Qing Dynasty, and the Golden List has no name.
  2, a decade of cold window grinding a sword, is the success or failure in the present.
  3, without thinking, not asking for advice, not pen and ink, not reading.
  4, Dengshan Mountain attack off the top of the snow and fearless cold.
  5. Stand at a new starting point, meet new challenges, and create new achievements.
  6. Strive to build strength and attitude to determine height.
  7. The opportunity is always obtained by the prepared person.
  8, bitter people, the day is not lost, retreat, the three thousand more than A can swallow Wu.
  9, the winner is wisdom, the winner is strong. Not successful is too far away from us, but we insist on too little.
  10. Take your destiny in your own hands.
  11, attitude determines everything. The details determine success or failure, and habits make life.
  12, life is a few hard times, do not fight at this time, when to fight.
  13. At present, I have worked diligently and diligently.
  14. For the best results, let's go crazy.
  15. Only by experiencing hellish tempering can we refine the power to create heaven.
  16. Kunlun has thousands of feet of snow, and I also vowed to cut Kunlun.
  17, do not find reasons for failure, to find a way for success.
  18, fight a spring, summer, autumn and winter, for a lifetime without regrets.
  19, let hard work become a habit, water the future with sweat.
  20, the past is far away, and the future is near the bright morning light.
  21, I work hard, I insist, I will be successful.
  22, lazy and tired of learning difficult to learn, diligently learn the champion.
  23, work hard today, who is fighting with him. 
  24, Zhijian Zhida's words and deeds, the end of failure is the end of successful efforts is brilliant.
  25, the sea to the end of the silver light China, Tian Zuoshan summit top I am the peak.
  26, challenge the limit, no regrets, hard work and hard work, write a chapter of the wind.
  27, aspiring, things have actually become, broken the boat, the hundred and twenty Qin Guan is Chu.
  28. When you are slacking, please think about the eyes your parents expect.
  29. Don't complain when you are in trouble. If you can't change the past, then try to change the future.
  30. A confidence, an effort, a success; very confident, very hard, very successful.