Senior high school entrance examination sprinting inspirational quotes
  1. There is no rehearsal in life. Every detail is live broadcast.
  2. Faster, higher, and stronger. The lead is the gold medal.
  3, do not find reasons for failure, to find a way for success
  4, do not hesitate to succumb to today, must stay in the Ming Dynasty
  5, I don't think about it, I have to work hard.
  6, fight a year, spring, summer, autumn and winter, fight for a lifetime without regrets.
  7, to endure the pain that others can't bear, to eat the bitterness that others can't eat, is to harvest the gains that others can't get.
  8, the closer to the exam, the more you have to work hard.
  9, Tsinghua University's style of study is "single is better than words", it is my motto , I also hope to share with middle school students and friends. At the same time, I hope that you can understand: a real marathon athlete will never wait for the Olympic gold medal to fall from the sky. Let's act now. I am waiting for you in Tsinghua!
  10. Knowledge changes fate and diligently creates the future.
  11, release ATP, everything is the first.
  12. What is success ? It is through all the roads leading to failure, only one road left, that is the road to success.
  13. There is no direction without a goal, and each learning stage should set a goal for itself.
  14, sprint all the way, laugh to the end.
  15. It is the eagle who fights the sky, and the tiger is the voice of the valley.
  16. A long way, you can finish step by step, and then you can't reach without a foot.
  17, the head cantilever beam, cone and bone, the towel sings a book of singularity.
  18, fantasy will come up with a lot of brilliant ideas, but can't do anything.
  19. I am confident , I am fighting, I am outstanding, I am successful.
  20. If we want more roses, we must plant more roses.
  21, leave a little more sweat, leave a little tears.
  22. Learning is an unremitting process. It is difficult to achieve success without stopping. For example, boiled water, stopped at 80 degrees, waited for the water to cool and burned, did not boil and stop, so it took time and again, it took extra effort and electricity, it was difficult to drink water. The same is true for learning. If you study any homework, you can't have only three minutes of heat, but you have to be motivated, insist on it every day, and for a long time, whether it is the champion or the Iraqi, you will beckoning to you.
  23, try your best to win the exam, and work hard to laugh
  24. How many beats can life have? When do you want to wait now? Cherish the opportunity, let the golden years collide with a more splendid spark!
  25, the results of the simulation must not become a burden, become a shadow.
  26, the most difficult question, for you, not necessarily the last one.
  27, work hard, fly to your own tomorrow!
  28, the week is strict, the test is calm.
  29. When everything was hopeless, the stone-cutting worker slammed on his head hundreds of times without seeing any cracks. But in the 100th time, the stone was split in half. I realized that it was not the blow, but the tapping in front made it split. I hope that the middle school students and friends will do anything. As long as you look for it, don't give up, because success is in the next step.
  30. There are several times in life.
  31. Even if you climb to the highest mountain, you can only take a step on the ground.
  32. Instead of envying others, it is better to speed up your own steps.
  33. I think that in the age of middle school, you must be self-disciplined and call it “heart”. "Spring is not a day of reading, summer is just a good night's sleep, and the mosquitoes are cold in the winter, and I am carrying a bag for next year." Some students always have some reasons for not wanting to learn. If this continues, our tree of learning will never grow. The ancients said: "People are quiet and then safe, and then settled, and then Hui, Hui and then realize, enlighten and then." It makes sense.
  34, a lot of prior days are destined, that is "life"; but you can decide how to face, it is "transport"!
  35, the final exam, change the fate. Repeated and frustrated, laughing and arrogant.
  36. Learning is not necessarily successful, and learning without it must not be successful. 
  37. The senior high school entrance examination is a comprehensive examination than knowledge, ability, psychology, confidence, and physical strength.
  38. “Talking about efficiency” has two meanings: one is not to do whatever it takes, and the other is to save time and effort. Fast action is about efficiency; organized is about efficiency; concentration is about efficiency; planning is also about efficiency.
  39. Instead of spending time pretending that you are not good at learning, it is better to sit down and think about the way you learn. Instead of looking for a thousand reasons to say that you are not an idiot, you should learn to prove that you are a smart person. .