1. Love is nothing but a man's body, but a woman is the whole life. - Joe Byron
  2. I want to be happy without paying any price. That is a myth. ——Xu Teli
  3, love is the tyrant in the heart; it makes the reason unknown, unclear; it does not listen to advice, go straight in the direction of crazy. - About Ford
  4, love is a beautiful song, but it is not easy to write success .
  5, love is the history of a woman's life, but only an episode in a man's life. - Shidal
  6. You understand that a person's life is neither as good as people think, nor so bad. - Maupassant
  7, a woman's life is a history of love. ——Hua Owen
  8. Once the love is satisfied, the charm of others will disappear. - Gao Naiyi
  9. Do you want to be happy? I hope you first learn to eat hard. - Turgenev
  10. The first is the most noble thought, the second is money; the society with money and no noble thoughts will collapse. - Dostoevsky
  11. The struggle for happiness No matter how difficult it is, it is not a pain, but a joy, not a tragedy, but a drama. - Chernyshevsky
  12, love is like wealth, depends on the wheel of fortune, it is always in the violent ups and downs. - Van Buhler
  13. The vulgar goals that people strive to pursue, the property, vanity, and extravagant life, I always feel awkward. - Einstein
  14. Love is an unpredictable guy who wants to get everything, but is almost dissatisfied with everything. - Madeleine de Studeri
  15. Happiness is not inherently bad, but some happy producers bring many times more trouble than happiness. - Epicurus
  16. The happiness of building in the pain of others is not true happiness. - A. Babayeva
  17. The happiness of a serious person does not lie in the kind of contemptuous partner of romanticism, entertainment and laughter, but in perseverance and fortitude. - Cicero
  18, a short parting will promote love, long-term separation will kill it. - Charles de Saint-Evremont
  19. Digging into the depths of the soul, causing people to be traumatized by the spiritual end of suffering, that is, from this injury and healing and healing, they get bitterly removed, and they are on the road of Su Sheng. - Lu Xun
  20. If the pain is in exchange for meeting the truth and upholding the truth, it should be consciously and willingly bear it. At that time, only then will the pain be turned into happiness. ——Zhang Zhixin
  21. The money in our hands is a tool to keep freedom. - Rousseau
  22, love is just a madness. - Shakespeare 
  23, love is the passion to exhaust the spirit, love is the flame of the will to the torch, love is the bait to deceive people into the quagmire, love will be poisoned on the arrow of the god of destiny. - Mesfield
  24. Parting makes love warm, and meeting them makes it strong. - Toll Fuller