1. Since you have chosen a distant place, you will only care about the wind and rain!
  2. Regardless of your teacher, learn to like him, which will help you learn about the subjects he teaches .
  3. If there is no history of struggle in tears in life , then life will be alive.
  4. Focus on your eyes, don't indulge in fun, don't indulge in learning and progress without the pain of others.
  5, fell and climbed up just fine.
  6, hope, only with diligence and companionship, can be even more powerful.
  7. In fact, if the papers are all the same, I may also have Fudan Tsinghua University.
  8. Those who are diligent in learning can be willing to teach.
  9. We must take what we have and change what we don't have.
  10, grab time, grasp the foundation, diligently practice and gain; the tree is confident , swearing, and the university returns parents.
  11, always clear, not only you are working hard.
  12, the pain of the past, the pain now, are the smile of the future!
  13, pay attention to keep healthy, the body is the capital of the revolution!
  14. Based on the original, it is based on the textbook, and the outline is the outline.
  15. Diligently get rich and become loyal.
  16. If anything is worth doing, then you must do it well. Remember, the three-point day is destined to fight for seven points!
  17, the tears of the weak in the examination room are only the world of the strong.
  18. Although the past cannot be changed, the future can be.
  19, a model is indeed important, but do not breathe a sigh of relief after a model, anything can happen before the college entrance examination.
  20, the most important thing is not to look at the distance is blurred, but to do things at hand.
  21, mathematics can not be separated from the problem, must work hard pen.
  22, for the ideal today, burying the head of the book, Haigan lonely, rewarding the ambition of the Ming Dynasty, heading for the grand opening of the exhibition!
  23, knowledge gives people weight, achievement gives glory, most people just see the brilliance, not to weigh the weight.
  24, not to pay attention to every minute of learning, but to learn every minute of learning.
  25, there is a day, there is a land, standing in the middle of yourself, doing a day, people all day.
  26, do not fall in love, especially girls, this year will not come back, and when you can talk about love, boys are not afraid of no wife.
  27. Don't give up lightly, otherwise you will be sorry for yourself and avoiding difficulties. It will only make more and more difficulties.
  28, others laugh at me too mad, I can not see others first.
  29, laughing at the last talent is the best person to laugh.
  30. Sometimes you will feel desperate, but not giving up is the best way to deal with difficulties!
  31. The flesh is the garden of spiritual living, and the will is that the garden of this garden will not only make the flesh poor, but also use it to make it fertile.
  32. For some non-written homework in Chinese, don't do it because you have more homework, otherwise you will regret it. One of the necessary links in Chinese review is the meaning of the phonetic font and idiom.
  33. Hard times are always difficult, and people who are determined will always be in the first place.
  34. Lightning never hits the same place, and people should not be hurt twice in the same way.
  35, don't stay up late too late, take advantage of the minutes of the class, definitely have twice the result with half the effort!
  36. Classroom sleep is the beginning of a nightmare, and classroom distraction is a continuation of nightmares.
  37. Don't give up when you are most exhausted, otherwise you will give up.
  38. A person should develop the habit of trusting himself. Even at the most critical juncture, he must believe in his courage and perseverance.
  39. If we all do what our abilities can do, we will really surprise ourselves.
  40, rationally think about it, arbitrarily rushed to say.
  41. The road of your choice, you have to go on.
  42. Just do it if you are sure that you are right. Some people say that it is not good. If you don’t do it, some people say it is not good. Don’t evade criticism.
  43. A kind person will always suffer, and the burden of sorrow seems to be born, so only patience.
  44. If people speak without trust, they will be worthless.
  45. Have the knowledge to change the fate and have the ideal change attitude!
  46, for the finals of the college entrance examination in the last June, who is the king to see who is fighting!
  47. A person must have his own temper and a proper posture. The so-called gentleness is just to see who is used.
  48, sweat on the eyebrows and tears under the eyebrows you must choose the same!
  49. On the third year of high school , it is normal for students to have selfishness. The teacher is the one who has questions and answers and has no reservations.
  50, the sweat of my flow - will reflect my light!
  51. Students with weak English foundations must read the required test words more than three times and read more essays.
  52. Success and excuses will never live under the same roof. If you choose to succeed, you can't have an excuse. Those who choose an excuse will certainly not succeed.
  53. Don't be lucky, think that your strengths can make up for the weak items, what can happen in the college entrance examination, and weaknesses will make you lose first!
  54. Only poverty in the world can be obtained without paying for it.
  55. The success of the winner is the first because he does things that others are not willing to do, and the second is that he does things that others do not.
  56, Tian Xingjian, gentleman to self-improvement!
  57. Victory is insisting. If you want to win, you must make unremitting efforts. After many failures, you can succeed. The so-called failure is the mother of success. Success is also the sign of victory. It can also be said that persistence is victory.
  58. Genius is the person with the most repetitions.
  59. Believe that your opponent will feel tired.
  60. If you doubt yourself, then your foothold is really not stable.
  61. People can't always move in the limits of flexibility. If they want to break out, they will surpass them and they will have a qualitative improvement!
  62. A wise person will not trust ambiguous things.
  63. Xiguang is still short-lived for a hundred days. Seeing all the efforts of the city is the first to fight hard. The fine arrangement is also long, and who is fighting for the dragon?
  64, no matter how many jobs, must be completed on time, and must be completed with quality. Remember, it is much more useful to complete a set of volumes with seriousness and thought.
  65. Only through hellish tempering can we have the power to create heaven!
  66, fight a spring, summer, autumn and winter, Bo high test without regrets.
  67. Don't think that it is still too late to study in the third year of high school. The next semester is almost the world of simulation test.
  68. Soldiers who do not want to be generals are not good soldiers. Students who do not want to test Tsinghua are not good students.
  69. The most important thing in the world is not where we are, but what direction we are heading.
  70, do not look down on the teacher's review method, follow the teacher's review plan is the best review method!
  71. If you don't get into the water, you won't swim for a lifetime; if you don't sail, you won't be able to support the boat for a lifetime.
  72. The sun illuminates the way of life, and the moon illuminates the path of the soul.