1. If he follows Ling Yunzhi, he dares to laugh at Huang Chao and not her husband. - Song Jiang
  2. Those who say that I am short, I will cut your leg with a knife. Let you not have me high. ——Lu Yazhen
  3, Heaven is a chessboard star, who dares to go down
  4. No war has been won by a large number of hybrids that have died for the country. The only way to win is to let the enemy's hybrids die for the country! - George Barton
  5, if you feel that you are very bull, then you must be stupid b.
  6, confident life for two hundred years, will be hit three thousand miles.
  7, for others to change their own best. In the end, you will find that the grievance is too great. Moreover, others don’t necessarily appreciate your sacrifice, why bother?
  8. We must always believe that there is still light in the world. Even if we don't, we are bright. ——Wu Yuling
  9. Endurance is better than brainpower.
  10, 30 years old, don't be afraid, don't regret after 30 years old!
  11, looking back yesterday, like a song that just finished ringing, heard it sounded, no longer exists.
  12, prosperous experience, knowing that the ordinary is true; looking back at the vicissitudes of life, just want to be as dull as water.
  13, the road is still long, being mad, maybe no one is brilliant tomorrow.
  14. Yours is mine, mine is mine. ——Zhu Yuanzhang
  15. Will fate destroy me? Sorry. There is no such qualification in fate.
  16. There are many detours and roads in the journey of life. Only those who are determined and will never stop have the hope to reach the distant side of victory.
  17, the fire of the stars, you can poke the original.
  18, today's persistence, will cause tomorrow's regret.
  19. You have never given me a look back, but I am always smiling at you.
  20, the beautiful Venus statue is a piece of art, representing the beauty of defects, so the charm is pure and intoxicating. In our real life, we often pursue a perfect, extremely demanding, and make ourselves in trouble, unable to breathe. Any perfection is relative, there is no absolute perfection in the real world!
  21, give me a fulcrum, I can pick up the whole earth;
  22, life is like a one-way ticket with no return, no rehearsal, each field is live broadcast. Grasping every performance is the best cherish for life.
  23, the establishment of the country is not alone, not only when there are several people called the emperor, several people called the king! - Cao Cao
  24, life itself is a movie, pain is a beginning, struggle is a process, death is a kind of ending. It is helpless to give up the waiver. It is incompetence to give up and not give up; it is ignorance that does not give up, and it is attachment that does not give up.
  25, it is advisable to chase after the poor, not to learn the overlord.
  26. I don't think about whether I can succeed . Since I have chosen a distant place, I will only care about the wind and rain. I don't think about it. Will it be cold and cold afterwards? Since the target is the horizon, the world can only be back.
  27, I smiled from the cross knife to the sky! How about abandoning me in the world! How about I abandon the world!
  28, stay up to respect, stay down to wide.
  29. Give me time and logarithm, I can create a universe.
  30. When you are not satisfied, don't try to drill into your sorrow . Think about the days of laughter.
  31. Now I chose this path under my feet. Even if you are squatting, you have to finish him.
  32. The person who raised me, I let him never fall for the rest of my life, tripping over my people, I can't climb him all his life.