1. Reading, the ordinary process that we take for granted, is actually the process of combining the minds of people with the great wisdom of all nations. - Gorky
  2, I have come to know the words of the world, and I am determined to read the books of the world. --Su Shi
  3, my life's hobby, in addition to the revolution, is reading, I can not live without reading a day. - Sun Yat-sen
  4. When you are eager, it comes to give detailed advice, but never entangles. - than cut
  5. The book is not only a life, but also a source of cultural life in the present, the past and the future. - Kufayev
  6. A lame traveler only knows "go here," and the lame reader only knows the ending of the book. - AW Colton
  7, the book is more like a deceased person, morning faint and happy each other. - Yu Qian
  8, determined to think about the true character, reading must work hard. ——阮元
  9, time gives us experience, reading gives us knowledge. --Ostrovsky
  10, the industry is good at diligence, absurd in play; - Han Yu
  11. Browse through the letters, text, and pages only. - This is not reading. Reading and memorizing. - Not reading. You must have a feeling when you study, you must have an aesthetic sense, and you should be able to integrate and make the realization of the good words of others. - Ba Jin
  12. Books are the legacy of great genius for humanity. - Edison
  13. An experienced person reads two eyes, one sees the words on the paper, and the other sees the back of the paper. - Goethe
  14, black hair does not know how to learn early, white first regrets reading late. ——Yan Zhenqing
  15. The book is the only thing that does not die. - Chut
  16. Do not do what you want, don't do it to others. - Confucius
  17. In terms of readers, starting from reading one word and one sentence, by reading an article, this viewing is a psychological process. —— Chuan Duan Kang Cheng
  18. Each book is a soul printed in black on a white paper. As long as my eyes and my reason touch it, it will live. - Gorky
  19, threesome, there must be my teacher. Choose from the good and change from it. --Confucius
  20. Read more, but don't read too many books. -B.Franklin
  21, reading a hundred times, its righteousness. - Three Kingdoms
  22, living with books, never sigh. -Roman Roland
  23. Books are inseparable life partners and mentors for young people . - Gorky
  24. People leave the book and cannot live as if they were out of the air. ——Kololev
  25, thoroughly digest a few books, it is as if to put hundreds of books in your mouth and not swallow. - Osborne
  26, reading enriches people; talks make people agile; writing and notes make people accurate. History is wise; poetry makes people smart; mathematics makes people fine; museums make people deep; ethics make people solemn; logic and rhetoric make people eloquent. - Bacon
  27. Books. - The most wonderful sound that humans make. - Levin
  28. Reading a good book is to talk to many noble people. - Descartes
  29. The book lies in the soul of the past. ——Carlisle
  30. The essence of all times in the past is in the book. ——Carlisle
  31. Reading in the mind is like exercising in the body. - Edison
  32. Books are the life of our time. - Belinsky
  33. Books make human being the master of the universe. - Bayu Lianke
  34. I am familiar with the 300 poems of the Tang Dynasty. ——Sun Yan’s "Three Prefaces of Tang Poetry"
  35. There is no book in one day, and Pepsi is ridiculous. - Chen Shou
  36. I rushed on the books, as if the hungry man was on the bread. - Gorky
  37. I feel that when the book tells me about unheard of people, unseen characters, feelings, thoughts and attitudes, it seems that every book opens a window in front of me, allowing me to see an incredible new world. - Gorky
  38. Learning is the accumulation of experience, and it can be hard patience. - Mao Dun
  39. If you are young and do not work hard, the old man is sad. - "Han Yue Fu · Long Song"
  40, juvenile reading, such as the glimpse of the moon, middle-aged reading, such as the court in the moon; old-age reading, such as playing on the stage. All are based on the depth of experience, the shallow ear of the income. - Zhang Chao
  41, those who know are not as good as those who are good, those who are good are not as good as those who are happy. --Confucius
  42. The more we read, the more we discover that we are ignorant. - Shelley
  43. The book is the ladder of human progress. - Gorky
  44. Reading a good book is like paying a friend. ——臧克家
  45. Books are the world's nutritional products. There are no books in life, just like there is no sunshine; there is no book in wisdom, just like a bird has no wings. - Shakespeare
  46. ​​There are three readings, which means that the heart is coming, the eyes are coming, and the mouth is coming. - Zhu Xi
  47. Don't be evil, don't do it. - Chen Shou, "Three Kingdoms"
  48, the bird wants to fly high first to shake the wings, people seek to read first. ——Li Kuchan
  49, black hair does not know how to work early, white hair regrets reading late. ——Yan Zhenqing
  50. If you don’t think about it, then you can learn it without thinking. --Confucius
  51. Books introduce us to the most beautiful society and make us aware of the great wise men of all ages. - Smithers
  52, books. - the treasure of the world. - Thoreau
  53. Standing on the basis of establishing a school, the study is based on reading. - Ouyang Xiu
  54. Books make people feel unrestrained. - Glatov
  55. Books are more precious to me than the throne. - Shakespeare
  56, reading to three, that is, the heart to the eye, the mouth to the mouth. If the heart is not here, then the eyes will not look carefully. The mind is neither specific, but only the waves are read, and it must not be remembered. Among the three, the heart is the most urgent. The heart is not only stunned, but the eyes are not? - Zhu Xi
  57. Books are the ladder of human progress. - Gorky
  58. Read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles. ——Liu Wei
  59, the law of reading, in a gradual and gradual, familiar and thoughtful. - Zhu Xi
  60. The more you read a good book, the more ignorant you are. - Shaw
  61. Non-indifferent, no ambition, no peace and no distance. - Zhuge Liang
  62, books such as medicine, good reading can be medical fools. ——Liu Xiang
  63. Books are a huge force. - Lenin
  64. When I study, I want to stay in front of every good thought, just like staying in front of every truth. - Emerson
  65, the book is still medicine, good reading can be medical fools. ——Liu Xiang
  66. Everyone with knowledge should read 8-10 books in their own life. Which books should I read? If you want to know this, you must read at least 15,000 copies. - Barbida
  67. Books make people the masters of the universe. - Bayu Lianke
  68. The more you read the book without thinking, you will feel that you know a lot; but when you study and think more, you will clearly see that you know very little. - Voltaire
  69. Books are ships of thought sailing in the waves of the times. They carefully transport precious goods to generation after generation. - Bacon
  70,] books are the tools to transform the soul. What humans need is an inspiring nutrient. Reading is the kind of nourishment. - Hugo
  71. Books are the legacy of genius for humanity. - Edison
  72, reading a million volumes, the pen is like a god. - Du Fu
  73. When the book is used, it hates less, and the matter is not difficult. - Lu You
  74, the book is still medicine, good reading can be medical fools. ——Liu Xiang
  75. Ask the canal to be clear, so that the active head comes alive. - Zhu Xi
  76, sensitive and eager to learn, not shame to ask. --Confucius
  77. Books are a calm and reliable friend. - Hugo
  78. Books are a treasure house of human thought. - Wushenski
  79. I read nine words: "Reading well, reading, reading a good book." - Bing Xin
  80, a good book is the rich blood of the great mind. - Milton
  81. The more you read, the more you feel hollow. - Shelley
  82. Reading a good book is like paying a friend. ——臧克家
  83. Reading a good book is to talk to many noble people. - Goethe
  84, Mo is idle, white head, empty and sad. ——Yue Fei
  85. There are no books in life, just like there is no sunshine; there is no book in wisdom, just like a bird has no wings. - Shakespeare
  86. The bookworm wraps himself in the network of words and can only see the images of the things that others think of. ——W. Hazlit
  87, love books. - This is the source of knowledge! - Gorky
  88. Reading is my only entertainment. I don't waste time on hotels, gambling, or any kind of bad game; and my hard work for my career is still as necessary and tireless. - Franklin
  89, all kinds of stupid things, under the influence of reading a good book every day, as if roasting on the fire, gradually melting. - Hugo
  90, books. ——The contemporary real university. - Thomas Carlisle
  91. Some people read for the sake of thought - rare; some people read for writing - common; some people read books for collecting money, these people account for the majority of the scholars. -CC Colton
  92, the old book does not bother to read back, familiar with the self-knowledge. --Su Shi
  93. The influence of people is short and weak, and the influence of the book is extensive and far-reaching. - Pushkin
  94. Reading gives people fun, giving people brilliance and giving people talent. - Bacon
  95, good books are the most valuable treasures. - Belinsky
  96. Living in our world, it is impossible to understand people without reading. - Gorky
  97. Books are the president of human knowledge. - Shakespeare
  98. Happiness in "Poetry", standing in courtesy, becoming a music. --Confucius
  99, the ideal book, is the key to wisdom. --Leo Tolstoy
  100. Books are inseparable life partners and mentors for young people. - Gorky
  101, people are alive, books are dead. If you read a dead book, you can read the book. If you read a dead book, you can read people to death. - Guo Moruo
  102, I rushed on the books, like a hungry person on the bread. - Gorky
  103, the book is a good medicine, good reading can be medical fools. ——Liu Xiang
  104. People cannot live like beasts, and should pursue knowledge and virtue. - Dante
  105. There is no real education without going to school, and there is no possibility of discernment. ——Herzen