1. People must have the ability to be confident. When you identify right and wrong from your own conscience, you can't do it right or wrong. - Zhang Taiyan
  2. I only have one advice for you and be your own master. - Napoleon
  3. Forget the pain of failure and remember the reasons for the failure.
  4. Action is the most noble expression of ideals.
  5, no failure, only temporarily suspended success !
  6. Make your own decision. Then be prepared to bear the consequences. Remind myself from the beginning that there is no regret in the world.
  7. Believe in your own thoughts, and believe that what you are looking for in your heart must also be suitable for others. This is a genius. - Emerson
  8. Those who can seize the opportunity to walk in front of them will succeed in all likelihood.
  9. Let the hardship become a habit and water the future with sweat.
  10, as long as the doom unbeatable faith , the light of hope will disperse the cloud of despair. ——Zheng Xiufang
  11. In order to embark on the road of becoming a material, steel will never be forgotten that the steel flower is abandoned.
  12, if the fragile heart hurts too much, friends, the pursuit is the best medicine to heal your wounds.
  13, do not walk, the more the fence; not the legs, can not climb the mountain.
  14. The ideal of life is for an ideal life. - Zhang Wentian
  15. People who have self-confidence can turn small into great and mediocre as magical. - Shaw
  16. When you follow the path of others, you should step on the thorns on the side of the road, because if you go too far, you can widen the road.
  17, the horse is soft and easy to lose the hoof, people are easy to lose.
  18, treat life seriously, treat life to be lively.
  19, the same spin, the wheel does not know how much forward, the top is still in place.
  20. People who don't know what to do tomorrow are unfortunate!
  21, a person dares to expose his weaknesses, on behalf of his self-confidence and strength. ——Zhou Zheng
  22. If both feet of the compass move, you will never draw a circle.
  23. It is a sad mentality to have no ideals and indecisiveness. - Bacon
  24, courage is to control fear, not in the heart without fear.
  25. The person lying in the bed does not feel the warmth of the sun.
  26. Since you are looking for a road, why bother to find out how long it will take.
  27. The rudder that controls the fate is a struggle . Don't hold a little fantasies, don't give up a little chance, don't stop working hard every day.
  28, wearing only one pair of broken shoes a year, a broken dress is also the most confident and proud person in the world! Don't feel inferior because of material poverty! Mental poverty is the most terrible! ——Li Yang
  29. The root extends an inch in the depth, and the risk of the tree being pushed down by the wind is weakened by one point.
  30. A confidence, an effort, a success; very confident, very hard, very successful.
  31, the bird loves spring, because it knows that flying is the value of life.
  32. For climbers, it is not a pity to lose the footprints of the past. It is dangerous to lose the direction before continuing.
  33. Don't complain when you are in trouble. If you can't change the past, then try to change the future.
  34. When you are slacking, please think about the eyes your parents expect.
  35. Be confident, and then go all out – if you have this concept, everything will be successful. -- Wilson
  36. The will of those who are supported by indomitable beliefs is more powerful than those seemingly invincible material forces. - Einstein
  37, life is not a one-way line, one road can't get through, you can turn.
  38. Talent is the gold buried in the mine, and it is the miner who mines the mine.
  39. The dream of a wise man is no more beautiful than a fool's foot.
  40. In your heart, there is infinite potential. One day, when you look back, you will know that this is absolutely true.
  41. To take on the responsibility first requires self-confidence.
  42. Life is not to surpass others, but to surpass oneself.
  43. Paying, there is not necessarily a gain; if you don't pay, you will not gain anything, and you don't expect a miracle.
  44. Because the eucalyptus is rooted in the deep soil, the green shade of life will be longer and the lush scorpion will enjoy the same treatment as the seedlings.
  45. Although the light spot of fireflies is weak, it is a challenge to the darkness.
  46. ​​Lack of confidence is not due to difficulties, but difficulties arise because of lack of confidence. - Seneca
  47. If you want to be strong, you must never bypass the thorns of the road and you can't avoid the rush of the wind and rain.
  48. Persistent climbers do not have to compare their own images with others. It is important to think about whether their progress is solid.
  49. One hundred people with confidence and determination are much stronger than 10,000 people who are cautious and respectable and respectable. —— Sinclair
  50. Any point on the earth is as far away as the sun. - Burton
  51, fight a spring, summer, autumn and winter, for a lifetime without regrets.
  52. Those who are confident can turn small into great and mediocre as magical. - Shaw
  53. In the sheltered harbor, no high-spirited sails can be found.
  54. Deeply peek into your own heart, and then discover that all miracles are on your own. - Bacon
  55. Perhaps there is no more important component in personality than a firm decision. If a boy wants to be a great person, or wants to be important in any aspect in the future, he must make up his mind not only to overcome obstacles in the industry, but also to win after thousands of setbacks and failures. - Theodore Roosevelt
  56. Although the sun has black spots, it has created a glorious image in the burning.
  57. Waterfalls---In order to rush to the rivers and lakes, even if faced with the abyss of Baizhang, still whistling forward, never shrinking
  58. Whether a person has an achievement depends only on whether he has two conditions of self-esteem and self-confidence. - Socrates
  59. Be confident, and then go all out – if you have this concept, everything will be successful. -- Wilson
  60, the spirit of the glory of the people, should not be arrogant. - Zhuge Liang
  61. In addition to personality, the biggest loss in life is to lose self-confidence. ——Pelsin
  62. Sprinkle into the fertile soil of struggle, a drop of sweat is a good breed of hope.
  63. The exotic flowers and grass on the shore are the rivers that can't keep moving forward.
  64. The quickest and surest way to conquer fear and build confidence is to do what you fear until you have a successful experience.
  65. In our world, we will never award a medal to a sad laggard.
  66. The inventor relies on a great support of confidence to have the courage to move forward in the unknown world. - Balzac
  67. The long vine plant climbs upwards according to the attached branch. When it climbs to a height that is not higher than the support that supports it, it looks at another branch.
  68. Believe in yourself, then others will believe in you. -Roman Roland
  69. In the desert, only the footsteps of the past are the symbol of hope.
  70. In real life, every great cause has the confidence to start, and the first step is taken by confidence. - Augst von Schlegel
  71. If a person does not know which dock he is going to, then any wind will not be downwind.
  72. Self-esteem is not light, self-confidence is not complacent, and independence is not isolated. ——Xu Teli
  73. Happiness is a scent of the soul, a harmony of the heart of a singing voice. The most beautiful music of the soul is compassion. -Roman Roland
  74. Try to build ordinary days into a great life. ——Yu Minhong
  75. Faith can only be strengthened and tempered if it survives in positive action. - Suhomlinski