1. All great actions and thoughts have a negligible beginning.
  2, self-consciousness is the mother of progress, self-satisfaction is the source of degeneration, so the conscious mind is indispensable. ——Zou Yufen
  3, it is not good to try to live forever, you will not succeed . - Shaw
  4, sorrow can rejuvenate the country, Yi Yu can die. - "New Five Dynasties History, Eunuch Preface"
  5. If pleasure lies in the pleasure of the flesh, then it should be said that the cow is happy when it finds the forage to eat. - Heraclitus
  6. When you are angry, close your mouth so as not to increase your anger. - Socrates
  7, to be gradual! The road I have traveled is a step-by-step road. - Hua Luogeng
  8, Zhizhi is not strong and the wisdom is not up to. - "Mozi Slim"
  9, one inch of time, one inch of gold, inch gold is difficult to buy inch time. - "Zengguang Xianwen"
  10, the soil is the mountain, the water is the sea. - "Xunzi · Confucianism"
  11, the humiliation did not dare to forget the country, it is still necessary to be covered. - Lu You "Sick from the disease"
  12. Any valuable knowledge I have learned is derived from self-study. - Darwin
  13. For those who want to check the hearts of others, Plato asks him to have three things: knowledge and kindness. ——Montaigne
  14, learning has no shortcuts, step by step to the peak. ——高永祚
  15. Turning language into action is much more difficult than turning action into language. - Gorky
  16, the journey of life, the future is very far, but also very dark. However, it is not afraid that there will be a road ahead of those who are not afraid. - Lu Xun (furniture advertising)
  17, the ordinary footsteps can also complete the great journey.
  18, arrogant can not be long, want not to be vertical, happy can not be extreme, Zhi can not be full. ——Wei Zheng
  19, day and day, not afraid of thousands of miles; often do, not afraid of thousands of things. - "Mottos and Deeds"
  20, we love our nation, this is our confidence in the source of the heart. - Zhou Enlai
  21, the sage can reflexive, then there is no good or bad; those who are not sage can not reflexively, the grievances for the Son of Man, and the violence for the Father. ——Yuan Cai
  22. In the real life, every great cause begins with confidence and takes the first step by faith.
  23, Lu Manman repairs far away, I will go up and down. - Qu Yuan "Li Sao"
  24. The firmness of the goal is one of the most necessary sources of strength in character, and one of the tools of success. Without it, genius will be in vain in the inconsistency.
  25, life is like chess, one step mistakes, all lose, this is a sad thing; and life is not as good as chess, can not come again, can not repent. - Freud
  26. Action does not necessarily bring pleasure, but no action is never pleasant.
  27. Obstacles and failures are the most stable stepping stones for success. If you study and use them, you can cultivate success from failure.
  28. Human expectations are like an eternal star, and dark clouds can't hide its light. Personality is on this day, peace is not an ideal, a dream, it is the desire of thousands of people. - Ba Jin
  29. Life is like climbing a mountain, but finding a way out is a process of comprehension. In this process, we should understand the stability and calmness and comprehend how to find vitality from the panic. - Xi Murong ( speaking )
  30, the day will be reduced to the big man, then people, must first bitter their minds, labor and muscles, hungry their body, empty body, do what they do. - "Under the Mencius
  31. I dare not let go of my fear of failure and will never succeed.
  32. If we all do what our potential has to do, we will really surprise ourselves.
  33. The wire saw is broken and the water drops are worn. (Inspirational Quotes - lz,) - Luo Dajing, "Helin Yulu"
  34. Your choice is to do or not, but if you don't, you will never have a chance.
  35, spring silkworms to the end of the dead silk, people will not end. To survive, you must be active and stay in the good fortune. ——Wu Yuzhang
  36. The decisive factor that constitutes genius should be diligence. ...... There is a bit of hard work and hard work is proportional, - Guo Moruo
  37. Donate to the country, and see death and death. - Cao Zhi "White Horse"
  38. We are the masters of the country and should be considered for the country everywhere. - Lei Feng
  39. Think of yourself as a fool. If you don't understand, ask, you will learn more.
  40. What is failure? Nothing, just getting closer to success; what is success? It is through all the roads leading to failure, leaving only one road, that is the road to success.
  41. If the smoke is forgotten, the heart is unselfish and wide. - Tao Zhu
  42. It will be the top of the list. - Du Fu, "Wang Yue"
  43. Life is like a book. Stupid people turn over and wise people read it carefully. Why is it because they can only read it once? - Paul
  44. On many issues, my statement is very different from that of my predecessors, but my knowledge is attributed to them, and it is also due to those who first opened the way for this doctrine. - Copernicus
  45. If we put everyone's misfortunes into a pile and divide them by everyone, most people will be willing to understand one and will leave. - Socrates
  46. ​​Success is a probability distribution. The key is whether you can stick to the moment when success begins to appear.
  47, Tian Xingjian, gentleman to self-improvement. - "Zhou Yi dry elephant"
  48. To be a man, like a candle, there is a point in the limited life to give a light, to give people a light, to give people warmth. - Xiao Chu female
  49. Those who have made great achievements in the ancient times must not only have the talents of the world, but also have the steadfastness of perseverance. --Su Shi
  50, ambition to save high. ——Zhu Geliang, “The Book of Foreigners”
  51. The unlikely event may be realized this day. It is impossible to realize it tomorrow.
  52, sincerely added, the stone is open. - "Han Han Shu Guang Wu Shi Wang Biography"
  53. At the time of the crisis, the world is ignorant. - Bao Zhao's "Generation from the North Gate"
  54. The most essential value of life is the independence of man. - Budiman (security prompt)
  55. If you want to work hard, the iron shovel is ground into a needle. —— Cao Xue, “Yongzhong Guangji·Pengshan County, Shangchuan South Road”
  56, we can't live with the grass and rot, can't be drunk and dream, die life, have something to do! ——Fang Zhimin
  57. A person will bring confidence to others unless they have confidence in themselves.
  58. A great cause is not accomplished by the speed of strength and the agility of the body, but by the power of character and the power of knowledge.
  59. Those who know half of the solution are not modest; those who know more and have the skills must be modest. ——Xie Juezhen
  60, good temper is the best dress a person can wear in social. ——Dude
  61. The world is often in a difficult state, but lost to extravagance. - Lu You
  62. Knowledge itself does not tell people how to use it. The method of application is outside the book. - Bacon
  63. One minute and one second is complacent. In this minute and a second, the self-absorption and excretion life is stopped. Only understanding the criticism can excrete all the scum of the spirit. Only absorb the opinions of others. I can add spiritual new nourishment. ——Xu Teli
  64, the industry is good at diligence, absurd. - Han Yu's "Study of Learning"
  65, less and eager to learn, such as the sun of sunrise; strong and eager to learn, such as the light of the sun; old and eager to learn, such as the light of the candle. ——Liu Xiang
  66. Learn to do anything in order, and be eager.
  67. Husbands are all around the world. - Cao Zhi, "Gifting White Horse King"
  68. Everywhere is the place of creation. Every day is the time of creation, everyone is the person of creation. - Tao Xingzhi
  69, do not be evil, and do not be small and not. Only Xiande is able to serve people. ——Liu Bei
  70. Those who have aspirations will succeed. - "Han Han Shu Bi Biography"
  71. Without enthusiasm, there is no progress in the world.
  72. The effort to learn is to learn slowly. Just like eating, you have to chew it badly, so you can digest it. Will be beneficial to the human body. - Tao Zhu
  73. All false knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance. - Shaw Bernard
  74. People are not sages. - "Training Customs Rules"
  75, less and eager to learn, such as the sun of sunrise; strong and eager to learn, such as the light of the sun; old and eager to learn, such as the light of the candle. ——Liu Xiang
  76. All true geniuses can despise slanders; their natural strengths make critics unable to open their mouths. Fear of heavy rain is just a fake flower. - "Krylov's Fables"
  77. The cold stone will be warm for three years.
  78, the stone can be broken, but not to win; Dan can also grind, but not to win. - "Lv's Spring and Autumn, Honesty"
  79, squatting and giving up, the dead wood is not folded; perseverance, the stone can be smashed. - "Xunzi·Encourage Learning"
  80. To build, you must have knowledge and must master science. To have knowledge, you must learn and study patiently and patiently. Learn from all people, whether you want to learn from your enemies or friends, especially from your enemies. - Stalin
  81, green, taken from blue and blue in blue; ice, water is cold and water. - "Xunzi·Encourage Learning"
  82. The qualitative change of any performance comes from the accumulation of quantitative changes.
  83. Let us change the pre-existing worries into pre-existing thoughts and plans.
  84. Those who fear self-suffering are already suffering because of their own fears.
  85, the ruler is short; the inch is long. There is something wrong; wisdom is unknown. - Qu Yuan "Bu Ju"
  86. As long as everything is seen lightly, there is nothing to worry about; as long as it does not exaggerate the state of affairs by anger, there is nothing to be angry about. - Turgenev
  87, reading bogey to read, dead reading horns, 矻矻 孜孜 孜孜, the book I do not belong. Live reading and transporting the mind, not for the book servants, the sand is eliminated, and the only beads are taken. ——Ye Shengtao
  88. The trick to learning a lot of things is to not learn a lot at once. - Locke
  89. I have always hated people who are planning for self-sufficiency. People are higher than food and clothing. - Gorky
  90. Even if you are in heaven, it would not be pleasant to walk alone in the great and sacred heavenly palace without a partner. - Assitas
  91, success will never love to meet the lazy, but to wake up the lazy. When the external pressure increases, the internal dynamics should be enhanced.
  92, young and strong do not work hard, the old man is sad. ——Han Yuefu Ancient Songs
  93. The biggest reason for reading is to get rid of mediocrity. One day, one more life will be wonderful; one day will be more mediocre. ——Yu Qiuyu
  94, think about it, so as not to make stupid things. Because of the sloppy movements and words, they are all despicable features. - Pythagoras
  95. The real place where true scholars are truly remarkable is that they have done a lot of great work secretly and they are not famous for their lives. - Balzac
  96. Those who have aspirations have thousands of things, and those who have no ambitions only feel that it is difficult.
  97. Fighting for the truth is the greatest pleasure in life. - Bruno
  98. Think twice about everything, but more important than thinking is to think twice.
  99, life is like that twists and turns, I love to welcome it, only to constantly surpass the ideal, can reflect the value of self! ——Wen Zehui
  100. The enlightened enemy is self-satisfaction. It is necessary to conscientiously comprehend something, and must never begin with complacency. For the self, "learning is not tired", for others, "deaf people are tireless", we should take this attitude. - Mao Zedong
  101, the world is rising and falling, the husband is responsible. ——Gu Yanwu
  102, there are three readings, that is, the heart is coming, the eyes are coming, the mouth is coming. If the heart is not here, then the eyes will not look carefully. The mind is neither specific, but only read it. It must not be remembered. It cannot be remembered for a long time. Among the three, the heart is the most urgent. The heart is not only stunned, but the eyes are not? - Zhu Xi
  103. In the field of observation, opportunities only favor the kind of prepared mind. - Pasteur