1. Be cautious and positive in major events, and enjoy small things in small things. Don't be overjoyed.
  2. When deacons or business people, they often take more than they can, and they are more irritating than they can; they fly to the goal without worrying about the means and degree.
  3. Reading is so profound, debate makes people alert, and writing makes people fine.
  4. If beauty is born to a person of noble moral character, of course it is very glorious; if the person with misbehavior is in front of it, he must be self-defeating and far away.
  5, reading is not for refutation, nor is it to blindly believe in, not to find information on the conversation , but to weigh and think.
  6. Knowledge is a kind of happiness, and curiosity is the germination of knowledge.
  7. The failure in practice is mainly due to the fact that you do not know the reason. It is in this situation that people's two kinds of hopes: the hope of knowledge and strength are really together.
  8, rely on the mistakes of others to prosper themselves.
  9. The noble people of virtues, the more their virtues increase, the less chances of being detained.
  10. People who are born noble are often not very hardworking, but they are often worried about the laborers.
  11, can not let the nobility breed too fast.
  12. Repeated speech is mostly a loss of time.
  13, Live to learn , not learn to live.
  14. Reading can give people fun, elegance and ability.
  15. The root cause of the rebellion is that more poverty is more grievances. How many bankers have how many chaos.
  16. In the case of a faction, it is best to join a certain faction when rising, and remain neutral when it is high.
  17. If a country wants to be great, it must have a war-torn nation.
  18. Reading is about creating a complete personality.
  19. It is the embodiment of Shangwu that regards the military as the only honor, knowledge and occupation of the whole country.
  20, the most effective person is the most committed to the usual.
  21. It is impossible for a nation trapped in taxation to become brave and warlike. Not suitable for building an empire.
  22, miracles are mostly in the doom.
  23. When the distribution of social wealth is the most average, the country is the most prosperous.
  24. Truth is easy to arise from fallacies, and it is difficult to arise from chaos.
  25, snakes can not become dragons without eating snakes.
  26. An unfair trial is better than 10 crimes.
  27. Respect the names of colleagues and predecessors.
  28, monitoring is tireless, always vigilant.
  29, the virtues of good times are temperate, the virtues of adversity are tough, and the latter is a greater virtue.
  30, talent is like natural flowers and trees, you must use learning to trim.
  31. The wise man creates more opportunities than he finds.
  32. The upper class life is open and orderly, and it is not secretive. The courtiers of Li Xian and the guests are flourishing, which will lead people to build great achievements.
  33. Books are ships that cross the sea of ​​time.
  34. Glorious war is a real exercise.
  35. Jealousy is a sinister evil.
  36. Sitting in the workman and indoor craftsman, its precise nature is not in line with the militant mentality. Loitering, love is more dangerous than the love of the author has a certain degree of militancy.
  37. In all negotiations with difficulties, you should not hope to harvest while planting.
  38. Some books only need to be tasted, some books can be swallowed, and some books should be chewed and slowly digested.
  39. The thing of the people is to avoid and transfer the difficulty of approaching.
  40, Shang Wu can suddenly be strong.
  41. Too much emphasis on love means giving up wisdom and wealth.
  42. Reading enriches people; talks make people agile; writing and notes make people precise. History is wise; poetry makes people smart; mathematics makes people fine; museums make people deep; ethics make people solemn; logic and rhetoric make people eloquent.
  43. A false friendship is like your shadow; when you are in the sun, he will follow closely, but when you cross the shadow, it will leave you immediately.
  44, Tenda means more good and evil.
  45. Some books are available for tasting, some books can be swallowed, and a few books should be chewed and digested.
  46. ​​Status is basically a reflection of De Neng.
  47. Friendship not only enables life to come out of the stormy feelings, but also goes to the sunny and clear skies, and it can make people get rid of the dark and chaotic thoughts and go into the light and rational thinking.
  48. If friendship can adjust people's feelings, then another role of friendship is to enhance people's wisdom.
  49. Extreme patriotism and love for the Lord have always been unfortunate.
  50. If necessary, we must make up the reasons to take the initiative.
  51, the owner of the sea and air is suitable for the establishment of an empire. 
  52, reading the natural deficiency, the experience of supplementing the lack of reading. Reading is enough to be sensible, enough to be versatile, and long enough.
  53. Proverbs can reflect the creativity, wisdom and spirit of a nation.
  54. Reading can eradicate all psychological barriers, just as proper exercise can correct certain diseases in the body.