1, the first painting of the charm, on poetry and temperament. - Qing Yuan Mei "painting"
  2, the eyes of the Warring States into a stag, the talents of the sea 孰 Wolong. ——Qing·Kang Youwei
  3, the eyes can not be seen twice, the ears can not both listen to Cong. - "Xunzi·Encourage Learning"
  4, the wall reed, the top of the head is light and shallow; the bamboo shoots in the mountains, the tip of the mouth is thick and hollow. - Ming · Jie Jie · couplet
  5, in peace of mind, thinking is prepared, prepared. - "Zuo Zhuan eleven years"
  6, come and go, indecent as well. - "Book of Rites · Songs"
  7, when it comes, it is safe. - "The Analects of Confucius"
  8. Everything in the world is learned, and people are trained to be articles. - Cao Xueqin, "Dream of Red Mansions"
  9, 嘤 矣 矣 矣, seeking their friend voice. - " Book of Songs , Xiaoya, Logging"
  10, Tian Xingjian, gentleman to self-improvement. - "Zhou Yi dry"
  11, the hero is a prisoner, the heavens and the earth are also sad autumn. ——Qing Zhang Binglin’s “Zou Rong in Prison”
  12, people and no instrument, what is not dead! - "The Book of Songs, Hurricane, and the Rat"
  13, angered and forgotten, happy to forget, I do not know the old is coming. - "The Analects of Confucius"
  14, one day is not seen, such as the three autumn. ——《·诗经·王风·采葛》
  15, with the son of the, the shield of the attack. - "Han Feizi, One Hard"
  16, I smiled from the horizontal knife to the sky, to stay in the liver and gallbladder two Kunlun. ——Qing·Tan Yutong’s "The Wall in Prison"
  17, with bones to ants, the more ants; fish flies, flies get more. --"Han Fei"
  18, only because of the clothing of the unskilled man, the order of the grass to see Qixiong. - Shi Naiqi, "Water Margin"
  19, the wood of the embrace, born in the end; the nine-story platform, starting from the soil; the journey of a thousand miles begins with the foot. - "Lao Sixty-four Chapters"
  20, in today's world, who is who I am. - "Mencius Gongsun ugly"
  21, a cavity of enthusiasm and cherished, sprinkling can still turn the waves. ——Qing·Qiu Yi, “To Wine”
  22, not my person, my teacher is also; I am the person, my friend also; 诌谀 me, my thief also. - "Xunzi·Slim"
  23, will be in the process of not being brave, the soldiers are in the fine but not too much. ——Ming·Feng Menglong, “Ancient and Modern Novels”
  24, there are many people, but also fear. - "The Book of Songs · Zheng Feng · Zhong Zhong Zi" 
  25, do not anger, do not open, do not send. If you don’t take a trip, you don’t have to. - "The Analects"
  26, the body is not afraid of the broken bones, to stay innocent in the world. ——Ming·Yu Qian’s “Lime”
  27, brothers within the four seas. - "The Analects of Confucius Yan Yuan"