1. Don't be serious, don't be ignorant. Those who are not self-sufficient, who are not complacent, benefit.
  2, study hard, every day!
  3. The love for students should first be expressed in the unreserved contribution of teachers to their energy, talents and knowledge. ——[Russian] Zankov
  4. Teachers' love for children should be combined with reasonable and strict requirements. ——[Russian] Zankov
  5, the sword does not wear to rust; people do not learn to fall behind.
  6, do not want to read, scratching the boots. Read a book and add one wisdom.
  7, do not go forward, do not know the road; do not study hard, do not understand the truth.
  8. Knowledge is the torch of wisdom.
  9. In order to ignite a spark of knowledge in front of the students, the teacher himself must draw a sea of ​​light. ——[Russia] Suhomlinski
  10. A true teacher pointed out to his students that he was not a ready-made building that had been invested for thousands of years. Instead, he was encouraged to do the work of bricklaying, to build a building with him and teach him to build. ——[法]Stowe
  11, Taishan is not a base, learning is not blowing. The sky is not self-sufficient, and the land is not self-sufficient.
  12, the death of the existence, abolished, foolish and wise, weak and strong, well-organized, all belong to the school. [中]梁启超
  13. The teacher's speech is a tool that can't replace what affects the mind of the student. ——[Russia] Suhomlinski
  14. The art of teachers is: Never let students focus on trivial matters that are irrelevant, but constantly engage him in the important relationships that he must know in the future so that he can correctly judge in human society. Good and evil. ——[法] Rousseau
  15. School education pays attention to the sound personality of students, so it is necessary to make students automatically. ——[中] 蔡元培
  16. A reasonable punishment system helps to form a strong character of students, can cultivate students' sense of responsibility, can exercise students' will and personality, and cultivate students' ability to resist temptation and overcome temptation. ——[Russian] Macalenko
  17, buns have meat, not on the skin; people have knowledge, do not hang on the mouth.
  18, do not chew on eating, do not know the taste, do not want to read books.
  19. Wherever teachers lack love, neither character nor wisdom can develop fully or freely. ——[English] Russell
  20. The school is a workshop for people. ——[捷] Comenius
  21. Only those who are not tired of learning can teach students who are not tired of learning. ——[中]陶行知
  22. Teacher, this is the first flaw in the student's intellectual life, and then the main guideline. ——[Russia] Suhomlinski
  23, hunger without eating, not foolish when reading.
  24, make a candle to find out, read and study.
  25, although teachers should be self-respect, but also let students have the opportunity to play their self-esteem. ——[法] Rousseau
  26. Modesty is a friend of learning.
  27, the water is full, the moon is full; the self-satisfaction is defeated, self-deprecating is foolish.
  28. You should not rush to give students a score that fails at any time. Remember: The joy of success is a huge emotional force that promotes children's desire to learn. Please pay attention not to make this inner power disappear anyway. Without this power, any ingenious measures in education will not help. ——[Russia] Suhomlinski
  29. The school is certainly not the only place to create talent, but young people in the student era should make full use of the school's environment and equipment to cast themselves into something. ——[中]胡适
  30, the bee picks a hundred flowers to make sweet, people read the group to explain the truth.
  31. If you are pursuing only superficial, obvious stimuli to arouse students' interest in learning and class, you will never be able to arouse the true love of students for mental work. ——[Russia] Suhomlinski
  32. Dress yourself up with Orbs, and enrich yourself with knowledge.
  33. The early bird catches the worm, and the early worm is eaten!
  34. The position of the teacher is “Thousands of Education, Teaching and Seeking Truth”; the position of the student is “Thousands of Learning, Learning to Be a Real Person”. ——[中]陶行知
  35. On the one hand, teachers should give their own things. On the other hand, they must absorb good things from the people, life and science like sponges, and then contribute these excellent things to students. - Ouarinin
  36. The school, the place where the talents are created, also the great things in the world. ——[中]郑观应
  37. Teachers should be aware that he is responsible for the fate of every child. The school is cultivating people's reason, health and happiness, all of which depend on his spiritual accomplishment and the perfection of his thoughts. ——[Russia] Suhomlinski
  38, self-praise is self-light. Complacency is the end of wisdom.
  39. The stars make the sky dazzling; knowledge makes people grow talents.
  40, a modest person, often think of their own short; proud people, often praise their own length.
  41. Labor is the source of knowledge; knowledge is the guide to life.
  42. Grain supplements the body, books are rich in wisdom.
  43. The greatest happiness of the gentleman is to create students who deserve to be worshipped. ——[中]陶行知
  44, lush seedlings need water; growing teenagers need to learn.
  45. Make the school suitable for children – not to make the school suitable for the school. ——[英]Neil
  46. ​​A mediocre teacher is just a narrative; a good teacher explains; an excellent teacher demonstration; a great teacher inspiration. ——[United States] Wald
  47, the tree is not repaired, the length is not straight; people do not learn, no knowledge.
  48. Education should enable the students to receive as a valuable gift rather than as a hard task. ——[United States] Einstein