1. The most difficult time, that is, when we are not far from success .
  2. The unrelenting struggle is the only way to win.
  3. We all have a beastal side. As human beings, our responsibility is to be a person like a beastmaster.
  4. Be brave, the world will give in. If you are defeated by it sometimes, bravely and brave, it will yield.
  5, the highest holy character is for the sake of others.
  6. I should live as if my life existed for the benefit of others.
  7. It is not a mediocrity to be able to reduce the burden for others in the world.
  8. It is easier to find truth from mistakes than from confusion.
  9. Sometimes we learn from mistakes more than we have learned from virtue.
  10. People who have shown anything stupid in life are never as smart as he imagined.
  11. People's thoughts are remarkable. As long as they focus on a certain cause, they will certainly make achievements that surprise them.
  12, no sowing, how to harvest; no hard work, how to success; no hardship, no glory; no setbacks , no glory.
  13, Tian Xingjian, the gentleman to self-improvement; the terrain of Kun, the gentleman with virtue.
  14. The past belongs to the god of death, and now belongs to oneself.
  15. The great cause is rooted in the tenacity and constant work, and engaged in full spirit, not avoiding hardships.
  16, Shushan has a road to the path, learning the sea without a cliff.
  17. If you are interested, you will succeed.
  18. It is easier for us to admit behavioral errors, faults, and shortcomings, but not to ideological mistakes, faults, and shortcomings.
  19. Everyone has a fault, but only a fool can obsess.
  20, without a turn of the bone cold, how can the plum blossoms scent.
  21. All sciences are born with errors first, and mistakes are better than mistakes.
  22, will be strong in the optimistic advocates to consider the issue of "Nothing is impossible" outlook on life, the more we suffer tragedies and emerge stronger.
  23. A momentary mistake will not destroy a strong person.
  24. If we divide everyone's misfortunes into a pile of people, most people are willing to accept one and are happy to leave.
  25. What works in the advancement of the world is not our talents, but how we use them.
  26, the difficulty can only scare the coward, lazy, and the victory will always belong to the peak of the climb.
  27. If all the mistakes are kept outside the door, the truth will be shut out.
  28. No one can devalue us except ourselves. If we are strong, there will be no adverse effects that will defeat us.
  29. Fallacy involving certain truth factors is the most dangerous.
  30. Don't lose confidence, as long as you persist.
  31. People often take auspicious mistakes and abandon annoying truths.
  32. In addition to spreading the truth, the highest behavior of man is to openly give up mistakes.
  33. Serving people is actually paying rents that live on the earth.
  34, there is no difficulty in the world, as long as Kenden climbs.
  35. My highest principle is: Never give in to any difficulty.
  36. It is a kind of courage to insist on what you should do. It is another kind of courage to not do things that are not allowed by conscience.
  37, life goals are easy to achieve, but if you do not act, then even the realization may not.
  38. If you ask for a looser one, you will not always be disappointed; if you are strict with yourself, you will not always be depressed.
  39, the loneliness of youth is the embellishment of life, no lonely youth is sad, but lonely youth is not without happiness, but we do not understand happiness.
  40. The youth that has experienced once in a lifetime, the purpose is to listen to the sound of a flower, to see the silence of the flower, and then to the field.