1. We all hope to be treated with gentleness in this world, but when it is not so gentle, can you still be gentle on it?
  2. If you have not traveled through the darkness and have not experienced the painful past, you will never understand the joy of seeing the stars, and naturally will not understand the meaning of the dawn.
  3, people are like this, from the ivory tower to the fireworks, not afraid of growth, only want to maintain a lively and bright heart in the growth.
  4, the power is not hard , but flexible .
  5. When a person is trying to lift his toes close to the sun, the whole world can't stop her sunshine.
  6, true dreams, not to be tall or literary fan, it is a beautiful expectation for a better life, like a person looking up at the starry sky in the dark as simple, like a flower to the sun as endless.
  7, the greatest happiness of people is to truly recognize themselves.
  8. Perhaps there is no best choice in this world. It is nothing more than after you have chosen according to your own wishes. In order to prove the original choice, you will try your best to get out of your own life.
  9. The final shaping of our gradual perfection is those difficult times. Every time we defeat, we will plant tough seeds in the depths of our souls. All the way is difficult, and it must be the force that supports us to go on.
  10. Give life to your destiny and return your life to yourself.