2018 National Day couplet
  Shanglian: Celebrating the National Day, looking forward to Taiwan's landscape; 
lowering: welcoming the Mid-Autumn Festival, toasting the flesh and blood compatriots.
  Shanglian: The people of the rich and powerful countries are now strong, laughing and welcoming the National Day; Shanglian 
: Shannan Haibei praise reform, Kabuki party grace.
  Shanglian: The bitterness of sweetness comes, how many hurdles are passed; the 
lower line: the stars move to the moon and turn to the infinite glory.
  Shanglian: Tongde with the same heart and worry, Jin 
Yu Yonggu; the next link: singing and dancing with a smile, the jade is newly opened.
: Duojiao Jiangshan is red, spring flowers are rotten; down : the great motherland cloth new and old, the years are awkward.
  Shanglian: The national flag is bright and colorful, and the five-star arch is under the Kyushu. The 
next line: the celebration is flourishing, and the people are happy with the four.
  Shanglian: Chixian Tengfei, Lixian Qunxing, Yaohui Huayu; 
Downlink: China's rise, the reward of warriors, the hardships.
  Shanglian: Sihuagan is concentric, the mighty Dongfeng Dragon is leaping and leaping; the 
next is: Kyushu Gexianzhi, Hengchang Guoyun Haiyanheqing.
  Shanglian: The future of the motherland is splendid, and thousands of sails compete for advanced; the 
next line: the blueprint of the four blueprints, and the horses are still fighting.
  Shanglian: One billion people, one billion hearts, and four hearts; the 
next: Kyushu new look, Kyushu Rising Sun, good news every day.
  Shanglian: The giants return to the sky, the four-year performance, and the history of the book; the 
next link: Qunxian to the party, see thousands of miles, and re-exhibition.
  Shanglian: Looking at China, Baiye describes the new scene, Qianzi competes for the show; the 
next line: raises the eyes of Kyushu, the four-painted and grand plans, and the horses gallop.
Shanglian: Bishui Yangbo, Yuyue   Longteng, a total of songs Guode thick; downlink: Cangshan Tucui, flowers flourish, Qi Zan party deep.
  Shanglian: sings and dances to celebrate the National Day, praises the summer and autumn colors are good; the 
next: the same heart and the same with the four, I like to see the people more happy.
  Shanglian: China has taken off, and the times have 
created talents and talents : the dragons are heads high, and the heroes create rich performance.
  The Union: to celebrate the National Day, to coincide with rice cooked Fengdeng day 
Second line: Celebrate the holiday season, a time when autumn days.
  Shanglian: Hundreds of flowers are vying for beauty, and I hope that Jiangshan will be able to 
celebrate the next few years: the people will celebrate and celebrate the motherland.
  Shanglian: Do not stay up all night, the mighty rivers and the seas under the sea 
: only fight for the night , heroes and daughters long march.
  Shanglian: In the prosperous era, the mountains and rivers leaped poetry and paintings in the 
next line: Daxing years, the people laughed and danced.
  Shanglian: China has taken off, and the times have 
created talents and talents : the dragons are heads high, and the heroes create rich performance.
  Shanglian: On the first birthday of October, the birthday of the feast, He Shouchen, the mother and children together. 
Downlink: August 15 reunion night, reunion, reunion, Mid-Autumn National Day reunion.
  Shanglian: Mid-Autumn in mid-August, the moon and the moon are bright, the moon is good, and the moon is good 
. When the cabin is active, the day is happy, the beauty is beautiful, and the composition is beautiful.
  Shanglian: Jiajie wine and good wine, wine and wine, wine, wine and wine together 
: Tianya Tiantian, film cloud, cut clouds, cut clouds
  Shanglian: The impetuous step in the morning, the suspension of the moon, the dynasty to the dynasty! 
Downlink: The sunset is full of days, the setting sun is draped, and every year is getting drunk!
Shanglian   : Wine and beauty accompanied by the side, the spring breeze is proud of the next line: the night market, the thousand lights reflected in the moon, the two people reunion
  Shanglian: A chat with each other, then talk about each other, see each other even more sorrowful, red line skillful marriage to the 
next link: thousands of miles a month, Wanli network, the end of the world is like a rule, the cottage welcomes the Mid-Autumn Festival
  Shanglian: The blue sky and the moon are all in the shadow of the flowers, the dragon lanterns laugh and dance in the middle and autumn, the 
lower reaches: the national strong people and the rich show Longwei, the colorful flags fluttering to celebrate the National Day
  Shanglian: Qiufeng Yulu, Fibre Clouds, and the courage to invite Juanjuan to the 
next line: talented and beautiful, paired with shadows, Fuqin sings